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10-20-09: Question about using the FixFlow skin - I want to enable CMS mode for our wiki. I've looked in the cookbook and read the recommendation for doing this. Would this be compatible with FixFlow? Or problematic? I'm just starting out and don't know the road ahead. Thanks for your time.

I think it should work fine, but I have no experience with that recipe, just glanced through the code. And if there are certain action links showing, which you don't wish to show for guest visitors, you can always customise Site.PageTopMenu and Site.PageFootMenu using conditionals etc. and/or create Group versions of those. - HansB October 20, 2009, at 11:41 AM

7-15-2009: Site.Popup-EditQuickRef contains out of date links for the simple and advanced tables. The new links should be to PmWiki/Tables and PmWiki/Table Directives.

PKHG: fixflow (12 juli 2008 version) and XHTML strict... needs (at least on my site)
<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Style-Type\" content=\"text/css\"/>\n
<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Script-Type\" content=\"javascript\"/>";

Right Sidebar Not Showing

Great skin.

The right sidebar is on by default? I looked through every setting and it still doesn't show. How do I enable it?

pmwiki-2.1.27 and Camino 1.5.5

DonS July 1, 2008

Yes. But you need to create a RightBar page, either Site.RightBar or a Group.RightBar? page. See also FixFlowTips#right - HansB July 02, 2008, at 02:07 AM

Thanks very much, Hans! So by default the right sidebar is empty and we populate it with what we wish? That is great. I assume we are to study how you populated the right sidebar in the demo template so we can see how to add the skin switcher functions? - DonS (aka, total newbie), July 6, 2008

Changed "Popup-EditQuickRef"

The actual Site is IMHO a little bit crowded. Furthermore I use GuiEdit, so I do not all information in this file. Here a subtle changed one: Popup-EditQuickRef2

Apr 14, 2007 - DWin

"Close Preview" the same button as "Show Preview"

This skin is great but one point bothered me. I wished to have the "Close Preview"-Button at the same place like the "Show Preview"-Button (text is only "Preview"). To solve this problem I changed the Site.Popup-EditForm a little bit but had also to change the Showhide.php (Comments by DWin). My new Site.Popup-EditForm: Popup-EditForm2 (You can also delete the regular "Close Preview"-Buttons") (moved to separate page so this page layout is not broken. - HansB)

Feb 18, 2007 - DWin

This looks good. Maybe it can go into the skin distribution. But I think it is good to have an additional "Close Preview" button on the preview div. Sometimes it may happen that this div hides the regular buttons because of some message appearing for instance. Then having an extra button it is sttill possible to close the preview. - HansB

So, I changed the template to have the original close-buttons and the new one.

Edit: The originally "Close Preview"-Buttons don't work with this approach (at least for now) - after using them you cannot load a new preview.

XLPage strings

A few entries were missing from the localization strings, here's corrected:

### Strings for FixFlow, Gemini or Triad skins
  'Source' => '',
  'Backlinks' => '',
  'List Group' => '',
  'Group Attributes' => '',
  'Editing' => '',
  'Search Site' => '',
  'Go' => '',
  'Big View' => '',
  'Normal View' => '',
  'Text Size' => '',
  'bigger' => '',
  'default' => '',
  'smaller' => '',
  'Hide' => '',
  'Show' => '',
  'Page last modified on' => '',
  'Attach File' => '',
  'From' => ''

Feb 11, 2007 - SteP

Change content padding

Hans, FixFlowSkin is great, thank you. I'm new to PMwiki. Is it possible to remove the padding around the text body for a particular wiki group? For that group I'm embedding urls using the includeurl.php recipe, and the padding around the embedded page doesn't look good at all.

Try to add #content {padding:0;}, or your preferred values, to pub/css/SpecialGroup.css, i.e. create a .css file for your special group with the group name in pub/css/. Any css in pub/css/ files will override the skin's css, and you can have a general (for all pages) css/local.css file, and group (GroupName.css) or page (GroupName.PageName.css) specific css files. - HansB

Opera 9.02 & Internationalization

I noticed some rendering problems with font sizer and right side bar on Opera 9.02. Only on the Pmwiki site though, when I installed the skin on my site I didn't see any problems.

Please check that the terms you need translating are on a loaded XLPage as for instance 'Text Size' => 'Text Größe', etc. - HansB

Font and Layout in PageTopMenu

Hans, really like the skin, and pretty new to pmwiki. What controls the fonts and layouts in PageTopMenu, as I want to have a few lines of text in there ? I have slogged through the foreign language that is php, and cannot find anything that jumps out at me, many thanks, David 19.1.07

You can use wiki styles in PageTopMenu. The "pipelist" for PageTopMenu list items is defined in layout-main.css. Fonts are defined in the reelvant font css files. - HansB

Sidebar links

I am a newby with pmwiki, but quite enthusiastic about my first steps. But I have a problem with the Sidebar links (class wikilinks): They don't show as being active and the rollover effect doesn't work in IE (mac osX and windows). In firefox it works fine. Does any one know this problem? Whould you know how to fix it? Thanks alot in advance! ~Tania

Is this an older verson of IE, like IE 5.2? I think I never got it right for this browser. To get more help otherwise please ask on th epmwiki user mailing list, to get response from others! Thanks! - HansB

Sidebar links

Bug1? When I use something like [[Page1]] [[Page2]] (both links on the same line) in the SideBar page, the links are on two different lines in the sidebar but on the same line when you look at the Siedebar Page. Same source but two different presentations!

links like [[Page1]] [[Page2]] are actually appearing side by side, if they are short enough. Only links which are list items like *[[Page1]] will occupy a whole line in the sidebar. This is by design, as they function like rollover buttons. if you open the sidebar and look at it as page content , you will of course have a different stylistic representation, as the sidebar styling is quite special and different from the page content. HansB

I think I understand what you mean but I think that one should be able to use something like * [[Home]] - [[Contact]] in one line in the sidebar if there is enough place on one line... someone like me for example ;-)

To do so would mean not to treat links in lists as block elements, i.e. get rid of the button-like "rollover" effect of links in the sidebar. This is a major change in the skin, affecting all the css colour schemes. - Why not write [[Home]] - [[Contact]] instead, have the links not as a list? And if you don't want the underline on those links, use in local.css: #sidebar a {text-decoration: none;} HansB

One other thing is that when you use something like * [[Home]] - ([[Contact]]) (note the parenthesis), this time you obtain one line for * [[Home]], another line for the first parenthesis, another for [[Contact]] and another one for the last parenthesis. I think that this behavior is not very logical ;-)
Thx for your attention. -- jpg November 29, 2006

This happens because the second link is inside the list, which started with the star. All links inside the list inherit its css properties. The HTML goes like <ul><li><a..>..</a> <a..>..</a></li></ul>. So both links are treated the same, as block elements, to take up each the sidebar width. and i would not know how to include the brackets outside the link into it. Best to write them inside: [[SideBar?action=edit|(edit)]]. HansB

Thx for the help. --jpg

Bug3? The button of the searchbox is translated when it is for example in the top menu but it is not the case in the sidebar.
--jpg November 28, 2006

Will be fixed in the next release. Thanks! HansB

Is there a fast hack for IE7, like if IE7 switch to Pmwiki skin? Tant pis for them, but nevertheless.
Damien October 31, 2006, at 01:54 PM

Not yet. When I get a chance of testing IE7 I will try to accomodate it. But I won't install it on my own machine, because I need IE6 for testing, and MS allows only one, so I need to test IE7 on some other machine when I get the opportunity. And I am not looking forward to face all the problems, as sure there are. HansB

Hans, what's with the WikiWords on the FixFlow Cookbook page? Aren't WikiWords supposed to be turned off by default, and on Yet WikiWords are being marked as links (unless they are escaped with a backtick) on Cookbook/FixFlow. Pico September 05, 2006, at 10:23 AM

I turned it off now. There was markup (:linkwikiwords:). Hope all links are in brackets. HansB

Just downloaded. Great Skin. One minor problem: The fontsizer doesn't appear. I checked that the enable, and load once in skin.php are there, and there is nothing (in local/config.php anyway) to turn it off. It does come up on your demo page. Safari, and Firefox, MacOSX, both an Intel and G5.

      Vince 30 Sept 20006 

Feature request: fixed headers and footers I just checked out a demo of fixed headers and footers here and it is so simple: just absolute positioning; works with IE. I think this could be a great option for skins, not just for the thumbnail navigation idea I mentioned earlier, but for any skin where the footer and or header contains navigational links that really should always remain visible (why should you have to scroll to the top, or bottom, or a long page to locate the basic action links, for example?) Think about the edit screen and the links that are never onscreen when you are working. In fact, fixed headers and footers may make more sense than fixed SideBars if you consider the fact that header and footer information is horizontal, which means that a single wrapped line doubles the number of horizontal links that can be displayed, while a vertical (SideBar) rarely adds more than a single link for each new or wrapped line. Now, where is that save button... Pico August 30, 2006, at 02:43 PM

Well it's doable, but Fixflow will never have it. A fixed full width header and/or footer did not work with the way the sidebar is fixed. In fact I try to avoid absolute positioned divs, since they usually will give some problems. For instance by having a user defined header and menus one cannot say how high the header will be, which will make it difficult in placing the content or the sidebar. And I like the menu on the sidebar and enjoy more vertical space for content, unhindered by a fixed header or footer. - Save button: If you would use Site.Popup-EditForm or Site.Gemini-EditForm you would always see a SAVE button, in fact I see two: above and below the textarea, on my 1024 by 768 screen. :) ~HansB

Wanted to download thew latest Fixflow - page for download seems to be hacked Frank Nicholas 20 Aug 2006
Works for me. Try again please. HansB August 20, 2006, at 04:59 AM

Problem with tonite's update. The fix for the ShowHide installation error does not appear to work: I downloaded update (renaming old folder to FixFlowHOLD), uncommented my ShowHide include line in config.php and received the following error: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare showhide() (previously declared in /Users/picobenamotz/Sites/pmwiki/cookbook/showhide.php:27) in /Path/to?Site/pmwiki/pub/skins/fixflow/showhide.php on line 31"Pico August 19, 2006, at 10:44 PM

Ok, if I also update ShowHide, then it works. So this issue will diminish as fewer people have the older version of ShowHide, but it may take a long time to disappear. Maybe the recipe should keep a note about ShowHide in the installation section (I added a note the other day, and then took it out when you issued the update). While you are thinking about this, what about version dependent functions in the future. Lets say you introduce something else in ShowHide that you use in FixFlow and I have a prior version of ShowHide installed. Will FixFlow see the ShowHide and skip FixFlow's (updated) version, or will it receognize that the installed version is prior to required update version?Pico August 19, 2006, at 10:57 PM

Hans, after spending too much time customizing skins to get the results I want and endless tweaking to take into account various browser quirks, I took second look at your skins (FixFlow and Gemini) and the underlying code and I have decided that I would be better off if I stick with your skins. The results (and underling coding) are beautiful. Thank you for your appreciation! H. So, now, one problem:
I can't get the right bar to appear on FixFlow. I have a Site.RightBar page with pagelist content that works. (I double checked the page name by using your link from the skin configuration page). ShowHide is working (I had the recipe previously installed, which caused an error, so I commented out my prior include, tested some markup and confirmed that show hide works, and added a note to the installation instructions of the main recipe page). Of course, I used the links on the skin configuration page (Site.Gemini-Configuration with a link to FixFlow with links to Right Bar: Wide, Normal, Narrow, Hide). Note that there is no link to "Show." Clicking on the Wide, Normal, etc has no effect. Manually setting ?action=setrb1 etc does not do anything. Any suggestions? Pico August 18, 2006, at 10:34 AM

There is no righbar displayed by default. An author can use markup (:showright:) on a page or GroupHeader to have a rightbar displayed for the page or group. If you wantto change the default and have a rightbar displayed for all pages, then change in skin.php the value 0 in line SetTmplDisplay('PageRightFmt', 0); to 1. After this change an author can still disable rightbars with markup (:noright:) for individual pages etc. ~HansB

Thanks. I'll check the main page and if that is not mentioned, I may suggest a short statement and delete the above, for housekeeping, if you don't obbjects

Does >>lnav<< exist for FixFlow: I would like to use PageTopMenu for a NavBar that starts on the left (after the logo, lined up with SideBar, around 140px or whatever number causes left link to start after the SideBar vertical border. (Wishlist: a PageTopMenu that accepts CSS so that authors can try out various NavBar CSS dropdown menus, i.e. AListApart, GRC's new CSS Menu and countless other interesting recipes and examples.)

Not at the moment. Added for the latest release 2006-08-19!! You could try and modify the layout-main.css file and add to the action section:
#topnav .lnav { float:left; width:49%;
                 padding:0; margin:1px 0 0 0px; text-align:left;  }
* html #topnav .lnav { width:auto; }
#topnav .rnav { float:right; width:49%; 
                 padding:0; margin:1px 3px 0 0; text-align:right; }
* html #topnav .rnav { width:auto; }
which will give you .lnav and .rnav classes as the Triad skin uses. Note that the topnav div cannot span the whole window width, but can be only as wide as the main content, due to the nature of the fixed sidebar. As for your wishlist: the topmenu is generated entirely with css styling, so any other kind of menu, like css drop-down menus, will need to replace some or all of this css styling (all in layout-main.css apart from colors used). I personally don't like drop-down menus, that's why I have not developed any for my skins. ~HansB
Thanks. Out of curiousity, if you wanted drop-down lists that could be customized, or swapped one for the other, how would you approach it? Would you split that portion out of the main css and create some alternative sidebar css files and provide links to switch from one to the other as you have with the color and font schemes?Pico August 19, 2006, at 06:46 AM
I would change the class for the topnav div in the skin template (i.e skin=fixflow.tmpl) from class=nav to something like class=topnav and then define the css attributes for .topnav in layout-main.css. At the moment the skin uses class=nav for topnav, footnav and sidebar nav lists. ~HansB
Thanks again. I'll look closer at your various lists before I tinker. As for the lnav, I wanted to provide an absolute position in pixels to force it to line up with the line that divides the SideBar from the body, but then realized that would be no good if the SideBar is moved to the right. If it possible to have it both ways (a conditional)? Pico August 19, 2006, at 11:06 PM

left SideBar breaks line on two link pagelists. I have a pagelist that has two links one each item: a view and an edit, where the view displays the fullname and the edit displays "ed". It works fine on other skins, and even on the SideBar page view. But in the SideBar itself, the "ed" always appears on a separate line, no matter how shorth the fullname is. Pico August 18, 2006, at 08:35 PM

The sidebar menu uses some intensive css styling of the list items, so they are clickable as wide as the sidebar itself, with a mouse hover effect (background color change). So list items always take up one row. You can make links without them being list items, so that they can apear side by side. For your pagelist you would need to edit the fmt used, so it does not use *[[list item links]] ~HansB
Sure, "list items always take up one row", but I'm not using a separate litem item for the edit. I have one list item with two links separated by a single space, as in "*[[{=$FullName}]] [[{=$FullName}?action=edit|ed]]" Does that change your answer? Was your suggestion to use "[[{=$FullName}]] [[{=$FullName}?action=edit|ed]]\\" to avoid the slight indent, or simply let them all wrap with "*[[{=$FullName}]] [[{=$FullName}?action=edit|ed]]" and hope that ever pair wraps together. Pico August 19, 2006, at 06:46 AM

  • I love the skin but am having some issues with backlinking and haven't figured out what the problem is so far. Any help is appreciated, since my knowledge of the subject is limited.

    Say I have created a Clients page, with the following path:

    (1) When at the Departments page, the backlink correctly goes to Main.
    (2) When at the ClientServices page, the backlink correctly goes to Departments.
    (3) When at the Clients page, however, the backlink correctly shows Client Services, but when trying to access that page, it displays a Page Not Found message.

    -> Georgi

I am at a a loss to understand what you mean by "path", and what kind of "backlinks" you employed. could you be a littel more specific please? ~HansB

  • Sorry about that. Here's a link to a screenshot of the way it's currently laid out:
    Screen Shot

    So, Client Services is a sublevel of Departments, and Clients is a sublevel of Client Services.

    As you can see, at the main body of the page, the skin automatically generates a link to CLIENTS and a "backlink" to its parent folder CLIENT SERVICES.

    So, we have the following example: an employee wants to access the list of "Clients". He would first click on "Client Services," which is a subfolder of "Departments", and then click on "Clients". Once the employee is done browsing the "Clients" list, he would want to go back to the "Client Services" main page, but when clicking on that automatically generated link, it leads to an error message.

clicking "Client Services" should take you to a page called ClientServices.ClientServices or ClientServices.HomePage, so make sure you got that page, to be used as an index page for this group. you can give it a different title with the (:title:) directive, or suppress the group link with (:nogroup:) directive (special to fixflow).

I haven't really done too much reading, but it seems that PmWiki only supports two levels of linking, i.e. Departments.ClientServices would work fine, but once you add the third level and you get Departments.ClientServices.Clients, you get a problem.

In essence, here's the hierarchy I am trying to employ:

I. Main
1. Departments
A. Client Services
a. Clients

I suggest you create a page Main.Departments as an index for the various departments, pointing to the various group homepages. So some groups are listed under Departments, and other groups under Products etc., to overcome the restriction of no sublevels past the group level in pmwiki. On each group homepage you can have aprominet link at the top back to the higher level index page like Main.Departments. And make Departments etc in the sidebar also a link.

When at "Departments" page you should be able to go back to "Main". When at the "Client Services" page you should be able to go back to "Departments" and so on. Once you go past the second level though, that link to the previous level displays fine, but does not work, so I am a bit perplexed.
I haven't really had experience with PmWiki before and was kind of given a project, which I am not greatly familiar with...but I didn't have problems until the linking and sublevels became a little deeper and more complicated.
I just realized that PmWiki does not actually support sublinks and sublevels deeper than 2 levels... oh well :(

  • Very cool! I think this is how wiki should be normally, because the side bar space is wasted otherwise when you scroll down. One problem: when I scroll, I get sort of a page-shear effect. I'm trying to attach a picture of it here. Is this a problem with Firefox? Is it because the "flutesong" wanders across into the scrolling area? (Russ Fink)
The logo on the image is not the logo which was intended, I fixed this now. It was too wide. In Firefox if the logo is wider than the sidebar (if you narrow the window for instance) then the image will overlay the right main page content. In IE6 it will be cut off. I have not seen such weird shear effect. But I noticed in Firefox that when the image is too wide the scrolling affects the page display and a "wobble" appears. Firefox needs to do a lot of computations to get the overlay right while scrolling. ~Hans

  • I like this skin, but I'm getting horizontal scroll bars for the main body text (when viewing this page). In FireFox 1.0.1 on Windows XP SP2, the browser window must be at least 780 pixels wide to avoid a horizontal scroll bar. I think that's okay. For IE 6, though, the magic number is 941 pixels, which I think is a bit high. Is this an IE thing? -Jefferson
    Fixed in version 1a. Note that IE can show double vertical scrollbars when one resizes window. A page reload gets it back to normal. Not sure if this is fixable. The fixed sidebar depends on a css attribute position:fixed, which IE does not recognise. So I had to trick IE in appearing with a static sidebar by manipulating scrollbar attributes. ~Hans

  • Also noticed a script error for action=edit; FireFox's JavaScript console reports:
Error: document.getElementById("sidebar") has no properties
Line: 68
Not sure whether this is skin-related or somewhere else. -Jefferson
Not sure if this matters in any way. I don't see this error. It refers to a tiny bit of javascript which is needed to stretch sidebar backgrounds to the window bottom. The current colour schemes don't use it, but I want to preserve the option of giving a different background to the sidebar. Hans

  • The skin looks great with Mozilla on WinXP. Also, I like how the sidebar disappears while editing. (If this is not intentional, please be aware that this is what happens on Moz 1.7.3 on WinXP!)
    The fullscreen edit window is intended. It could be changed within file altforms.php if the sidebar is wanted in edit mode. ~Hans
One caveat is that when you fix the sidebar (not scrolling), and the sidebar contains a lot of information, there is no way that I have found to navigate down and see items towards the bottom of the sidebar. Of course, I just need to set sidebar to scrolling, and viola.
That was my thinking when I first got the sidebar position fixed. So I developed the option of having it scrolling as normal. ?setmenu=fixed and ?setmenu=scroll changes it. This can be put into any link like [[{$Name}?setmenu=scroll|Scroll]]. And you can substitute an image for the label 'scroll' (as on RightBar). ~Hans
If you're taking suggestions, is there a way on the template to add a little graphic icon to the sidebar itself that toggles between fixed sidebar and scrolling sidebar? It'd be just like your link on this page but actually be embedded as part of the sidebar. (Maybe it could have a tooltip that says what it does for newbies). A suggested graphic would be the linked chain/broken chain. Sorry if this sounds nitpicky, but this is a great skin concept and worth being picky over. (Russ Fink)
Of course this can be done in the template. But my design philosophy was (and is) to take out predetermined settings as much as possible from the template, and make them configurable from wiki pages instead, to give more options, better customisation, group customisation of page action links etc. So we got now several pages linked into the template: SideBar, RightBar, PageTopMenu, PageFootMenu and PageFooter. Each can take any kinds of links. I would like a scroll/fixed toggle on the sidebar, but I prefer if it is added to the SideBar page rather than the template. - I am working on removing the searchbox from the template as well, because it can be added whereever one wants with (:searchbox:). I just have to sort out the styling, so it fits neatly on the sidebar... And suggestions are always welcome! ~Hans
I was using gemini before, but I like the flexibility of this skin - great job. I'm using the RightBar to display the calendar for my site on certain pages - looks really sharp. (Jason Counsel)
  • I have been playing with using your skin for a presentation wiki that I am setting up. Your predetermined settings philosophy works out nicely with the wiki page configuration to this end. What would be really helpful, though, is if there was a way of changing font size dynamically so that one could choose a style option and still have a higher default font size. Unless I'm missing something and there is a way of doing this throughout the wiki or group without using [+text+] all the time, or without having to edit every one of the css files. SkinConfig is useful for this kind of thing, but it's really not meant obviously for use with this skin. Would this be just too much work to put together? - Jon
    I will look into this. I have not given it consideration as it is so easy to change the text size using the browser's built in tools, especially with FireFox where you just type Ctrl-+ or Ctrl--. The SkinConfig approach does not really work for FixFlow. So at the moment you could edit the font-...css file(s) used. Atth e top is a list of master size settings for the major parts of the layout, which are easy to edit (as admin). It could be done using $HTMLStylesFmt[] in config.php, which would have an effect on all font-schemes used, for instance:
               $HTMLStylesFmt[] = "#content { font-size:110% }";
To provide buttons to click for increasing and decreasing the font size I need to add a cookie setting routine. where particularly you look for bigger font sizes? Just for the page content, or generally for everything including menu text? ~HansB
Hmm-- I tried the $HTMLStylesFmt[] setting, which does work out fairly nicely. The menu text size would look better if somehow the menubar were slightly bigger (was it bigger with the previous release?) but it certainly does work that way. What would be nice is if you could change the setting "on the fly" such that you could edit the pages while it looks "normal" and then when you're ready to give the presentation you could set it quickly to the bigger sizes, but as you said, maybe this could be done using the browser tools. The only thing is, as you can see below, making the size too big makes the whole thing messy. IE won't let you get to this point, but IE won't really let you make it big enough. Maybe something about the size of the sidebar could change as well as the font when you are clicking the button to increase/decrease font size? Again, is this too complex? Or, am I really the only one thinking about doing anything of the sort? Oh yes, and for a presentation, it would be best to increase ALL of the sizes - including the sidebar, top & bottom menus, etc., so that people could read it on a big screen, but even better would be if you could increase one or another thing separately so that if the wiki itself isn't part of the presentation you could actually just increase the content size. - Jon
Jon, I wonder if for your purpose it would not be simpler to create a new font-scheme for presentation purposes: start with the one you like, make a copy under a new name, say font-presentation.css, in the skin directory. Then add to the array list $PageFontList in skin.php a line like:
         'presentation' => 'font-presentation.css';
and edit the font-presentation.css file by changing the master font sizes till you get a satisfying result for your purpose. Then you can switch to the new presentation font scheme quickly by ?setfont=presentation, or make a link somewhere like [[{$Name}?setfont=presentation| Big Text]]
I fixed the width of the sidebar with this latest release. Before it was variable (still is in Interent Explorer), but I thought it was better to restrict the width, because otherwise it quickly ate away too much page content width when enlarging the font size through the browser. ~HansB
As I was writing my last response, that is what I started thinking. Thanks, I'll put together a new font-scheme. Maybe I can figure out how to adjust the width of the sidebar just for use in that scheme. If you know of a way, let me know. - Jon ~ UPDATE - I created other layout-schemes as well called layout-presentation-left and layout-presentation-right. It works in Firefox, but I think I'd have to do a lot more to get it to work in IE (because I'd have to somehow let it know that it needs to use another IE fix...) Kudos for such an easily extendable skin - Jon
Yes, for changing the sidebar width you need to edit the layout-left.css and layout-right.css files, but to accommodate IE6 you need to edit four more IE6***.css files, and to make that switchable it also needs changing some of the switch logic in skin.php, which I have not tried. Providing alternative layouts is not a trivial matter. Providing alternative colours and fonts is easy compared. But the layout was really seriously tricky to achieve, and especially IE is a headache to accommodate! - Please post me your alternative schemes if you don't mind, maybe it wil be good to add to the distribution. ~HansB
PS: If you do create different layout fixes for IE6 you can just create another codeblock similar to the one in skin.php titled # IE6 css hack switch:, and specify your new presentation layout keywords and the relating IE css files, there is simply one each for left scroll, left fixed, right scroll and right fixed layouts (I say simply, but it is not nice to have to use four seperate hack files :-)). ~HansB
I don't think I'm going to write the IE6 fixes, at least not yet. The more I think about it, I think it'd be best to incorporate the font size somehow as another option, but it's more work for sure. Also, if I just do "a bit bigger" font sizes, they still look okay in IE with the usual layout-left and layout-right; it's only if you want the REALLY BIG font sizes that you really need a bigger sidebar -- and for some reason Firefox draws them bigger anyway, but it's easier to handle the fixes there as we've already said. As for the alternative schemes I just changed in font-presentation.css the following:
#content { font-size: 139%; }
#rightbar { font-size: 100%; }
#sidebar { font-size:110%; }
#topnav { font-size:100%;}
#footnav { font-size:100%;}
#pagefooter { font-size:100%; }
And in the layout-presentation-left.css (and right) I changed these:
#sidebar { width: 21%; }
#main { margin-left: 21.5%; }
- Jon? May 07, 2005, at 09:50 AM

PPS: I will try and add another layout option for a wider sidebar with the next release, and perhaps incorporate font-size options as well. ~HansB May 07, 2005, at 02:15 AM

  • With at least Firefox 1.0.4 on linux the theme does strange things with the action links in the left menu bar. All action links seem to have a a line break added before and after. So for example if you add a new link you get the link, then the next line you get the "?". The default menu with the "Main.Sidebar (Edit)" ends up with "Edit" on it's own line and the next ")" on the following line, ie three lines altogether.
Update: Aha - seems to be due to the "display: block;" parts of the CSS in the H1 and li tags (Ed W)
Yes, this is not a bug, but normal behaviour. Every link does take the whole sidebar width. This makes it possible to see a button-like effect when rolling your mouse over, i.e the background of the line changes colour. I designed it that way. Links with question marks are links to pages which do not exist yet, so once you created the page the question mark (and the extra line it is on) disappears. The SideBar - edit links are two links on one line in the pmwiki default skin, but gets treated by FixFlow as two links on two lines. I avoid such double links by writing [[Main/SideBar?action=edit| Edit SideBar]], i.e leave out one link. ~HansB
PS: You can place two links on the same line in the SideBar if you do not make them into list elements, i.e. prefix with *, but as plain text. Then the background rollover effect will not show, and the links show as underlined links. ~HansB
  • I'm trying to put a button 'show right bar/hide rightbar'. However, the status of the rightbar (0, 1, 2 or 3) is not remembered when loading a new page. Only the variables PageRightFmt and $DefaultRightbar are taken into account. Is it possible that the status of the rightbar has some 'memory', that is : when a user decides to have it hidden, it stays hidden and when he decides to show it, it is apparent, and this would be remembered when loading a new page ?
You just need to change the links on the sidebar which set the width. Here is a markup example, which gives links as a list:
          * [[{$Name}?setrb=3| wide]]
          * [[{$Name}?setrb=2| standard]]
          * [[{$Name}?setrb=1| narrow]]
          * [[{$Name}?rb=0| off]] 

The last line could also be setrb=0, to remember the state, but then when going to another page you won't see it, so you may need another link somewhere else, perhaps in the PageTopMenu, to show the rightbar again. That was my main reason to just change the rightbar width, without setting a cookie to remember the setting. But the functionality is there if you want it. And of course you can set a different default width in skin.php. ~HansB Great ! thank you !! jmi
  • When $DefaultRightbar,'off', the markup does not show the rightbar, and when $DefaultRightbar,'on', then the actions ?rb= have no effect.

(This is a really nice skin by the way) jmi

$DefaultRightbar just gives a default width. Using ?setrb=x will change that default to a different value, by setting a cookie. If a rightbar is displayed everywhere or not, as a site default, is controlled in skin.php with SetTmplDisplay('PageRightFmt', 0); value 0 or 1. Markup (:showright:) and (:noright:) on a page will override this default by resetting the SetTmplDisplay value. This determines if the rightbar section is included in the page. The rb and setrb and $DefaultRightbar settings determine which stylesheet is loaded for the rightbar, i.e determines the look of it (even if one look rb=0 means display=none). ~HansB
  • I've been away... I noticed in version 3f that the link for Cancel on the Page History yields an invalid URL. I am not using CleanUrls.This can be fixed by prefacing "window.location" with "javascript:" in the following file: skins/fixflow/skin.php. Actually, a slightly nicer piece of code is to use the replace() method so that the back button bypasses the last screen:
<p>\$DiffMinorFmt - \$DiffSourceFmt - <a href=\"javascript:window.location.replace('\$PageUrl');\"> $[Cancel]</a></p>";
Hope this helps. -Jefferson (27 July 2005)
Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I think the following will suffice, with no java script involved:
      $PageDiffFmt = "<h2 class='wikiaction'>
         <a href='\$PageUrl'> \$FullName</a> $[History]</h2>
         <p>\$DiffMinorFmt - \$DiffSourceFmt - <a href='\$PageUrl'> $[Cancel]</a></p>";

Also the cancel button is not really necessary, since the page title is a link back to the page. I'll fix the code for the next release. ~HansB
  • I really like the fixflow skin. Thanks for your hard work. One issue I've had is with the search text box in the sidebar. In Firefox 1.0.4 whenever any search text is typed the cursor does not scale correctly to the right-most character. So it ends up on top of characters that have already been typed. It doesn't make a difference what font you're using and the problem doesn't exist in IE6. In my case I'm running both browsers in Windows XP w/ SP2. Thanks again for the nice skin. Loren (2 August 2005)
Yes, this is a very weird bug. It shows when the sidebar is fixed (not when it is scrolling), and it only shows with color schemes which have no left padding set for the sidebarbox (not in red-gold, green-gold, and the parchment schemes). I am investigating this. It must be connected with a real bug in Firefox. I let you know when I get to the bottom of this. You can try a temporary fix, by adding to layout-main.css:
                      #sidebarbox { padding-left:5px; } 
This will stop the cursor shift in the sidebar searchbox, but it shifts the sidebar to the right in some colour schemes. I hope to find a better solution yet. ~HansB
Your fix works great. Thanks.
I found a better solution by putting into layout-main.css:
                     #sidebarbox { padding-left:5px; margin-left:-5px; }
and adding for the 'boxed' color schemes (red-gold, green-gold, pink and parchment schemes) margin:0; to the #sidebarbox declaration. I think this is the best I can do for this Firefox bug. I will put it into the next skin release. ~HansB
  • Hans, I noticed your recipe for ViewModes. I want to implement something like that in FixFlowSkin, but if you are planning on doing it, I will happily wait for the next version. :-) -Jefferson (9 Aug 2005)
FixFlow and Gemini are easily configurable for view modes using (:if view ...:) markup in the menu pages etc. For that there is no further skin development necessary. You just install the ViewModes recipe script and start using the new variables and markup. At this point I am undecided how I may incorporate any view mode features further. As a first step it would be nice to have some sample pages for PageTopMenu and PageFootMenu which use ViewModes. But an admin can start using ViewModes right away. ~HansB
  • Hans, in IE, when hitting a page with ?action=edit, I get a script error on approx. line 83. I think it is because there is a reference in a javascript function to SideBar, but on the edit page (at least as I have it configured), there is no sidebar. Can you add a "dummy" SideBar div to the edit page to suppress this error? (Or if I have missed something obvious, which is very possible, please let me know.) -Jefferson (9 Aug 2005)
thanks for pointing this out to me, Jefferson. This script error is of no consequence, but still an error in the script. I will adjust the script function, so it checks first to see if a sidebar is there, before trying to use metrics of it. This bit of javascript is helping to get the sidebar background styling right. ~HansB
  • This probably will not affect many pages, but when I edit and save `Site.Gemini-EditForm, the link after the word "Preview" is misinterpreted to refer to Site.EditForm. Here's a screen shot:
Since my knowledge of PHP is very limited, I'll just note this FYI. -Jefferson
Thanks! Fixed for next update. It needs a change to Site.Gemini-EditForm: the line after (:if preview:) should read:
              !!$[Preview] [[{$Name}?action=browse|{$FullName}]]
  • Hans, I'm sorry to impose on you for what might not be a skin issue, but that mailing list scares me. ;-) On Site.Search, unwanted <pre></pre> tags appear around the :searchbox:, unless I put a little bit of text before it. This is illustrated in the following image:
I just cannot figure out where those <pre></pre> tags are coming from, and I don't remember seeing this problem before uploading version 3i tonight. -Jefferson
I fixed a bug in the search fmt which crept into the last version. Please update to latest version (v3l). ~HansB
I still have the problem with v3l, but by deleting the five spaces before <form.../> in skin.php, it is fixed. Maybe pmwiki was applying the standard markup rule that leading spaces mean <pre>? Not sure why no one else is seeing this, perhaps no one else is using List Group. -Jefferson
Thanks Jefferson! That's just it! I was not too clever for putting spaces there in the code, I just wanted it to look neat :). I updated both and ~HansB
If your website is of the busy type, with 1000+ visitors each day, or thereabouts, it is always best to strip any and all loaded code of production level php/html/scripts from every trailing tab or space that's in there -doing nothing but "look neat"-. Live production code doesn't have "looking neat" as its purpose or goal, it has speed, performance and minimalism as its requirement! So what I do is use shell scripts to remove all secondary spaces and tabs from all *.php/*.htm*/*.js etc. This works really well, just with some RegExp and perl in a bash script and you're done. One could also consider offering two separate packages of the pmwiki- and skin-releases, one as minimal as possible (not looking neat) and one as it's currently done. ~ JuliusThyssen
  • I find it distracting when the background graphic for the sand skin moves behind the sidebar. Suggest this markup change:
    body {background-color:#DDDDBB; background-image:url(images/sand-bg.jpg); background-attachment:fixed; }
or, more compactly,
body {background: #DDDDBB url(images/sand-bg.jpg) fixed; }
(I have a strange sense of deja vu in posting this, so sorry if it's a repeat!) -Jefferson
Its not a repeat! Thank you for the suggestion! I'll implement it, but not in the color.css files, but conditionally via skin.php, since I like to keep as many css files the same in both fixflow and gemini skins. ~HansB
  • I wanted to include a JavaScript file in my site, which led me to edit the .tmpl file, which obviously complicates the process of updating. Is there another FixFlow-specific or PmWiki-approved way to include a JavaScript file? The format is simply <script type="text/javascript" src="/pub/somefolder/somefilename.js"></script> (apologies for any dumb typos, since I'm not copying from the real page).
Try in config.php:
$HTMLHeaderFmt[]="<script type="text/javascript"     
Hans, thanks, this is excellent! Sharing your inclination toward tidy HTML output, I ended up with this:
  <script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"\$FarmPubDirUrl/somefolder/somefilename.js\"></script>
(Trying to understand what PmWiki is doing with this array reminds me that I need to learn PHP. ;-) -Jefferson
you are right, the "" inside the " ... " need to be escaped with pre-fixing \ ~HansB
  • I don't understand CSS well enough to know why the h3 properties are overriding the .wikimessage properties, but the result is that I don't really notice the message. Suggest adding the !important declaration to the layout-main.css file so that, for example, the "An authorname is required" message stands out more. Sample:
      .wikimessage {color:blue !important; background-color:yellow !important; 
          text-align:center !important}
Thanks! Fixed for the next release. I just use .wikimessage { color:red !important } in layout-main.css ~HansB
  • Been away... hope all is well. Just playing today I noticed that the hover bar on the <p class="sidehead"> links in the sidebar did not extend all the way to the left. The fix for this is to change one line in layout-main.css as follows:
    OLD .sidehead { padding:0.5em 0 0.1em 0em; }
    NEW #sidebar .sidehead { padding:0.5em 0 0.1em 0em; }
    OR: #sidebar p.sidehead { padding:0.5em 0 0.1em 0em; }
    These look all the same to me. I would be interested in a solution though! Hans
The result in Firefox 1.0.7 (using the Web Developer Extension on the FixFlowSkin page) was that the lower case italicized p in stuck its descender perhaps a bit too far into the left margin, but I'm not sure how best to address that. (There is a similar issue in the color files, with the line beginning 'p.sidehead a:hover' but the fact that it has no effect doesn't matter in the color schemes I use.) -Jefferson
Sorry, I was a bit thick! Try this in layout-main.css to get a better hover effect:
          #sidebar p { margin:0; padding-left:0.5em; }	
          #sidebar .sidehead { padding:0.5em 0 0.1em 0.5em; }
          #sidebar .sidehead a {  
		     text-decoration: none; 
  • It seems that when you open up FAQ in Internet Explorer using the fixflow skin that the left sidebar ends up on top of the FAQ text instead of on the left. If the markup is edited and >>faq<< is removed then everything behaves normally. The same problem does not exist when viewing the page in FireFox or when using the default PMWiki skin in IE. Any ideas? I can't duplicate the behavior on because it doesn't look like fixflow is one of the skin choices on the site, only on my local install of PMWiki.
I managed to duplicate this behaviour and found it is caused by a bug in the (:markup:) markup. This markup creates a table but inserts a closing </div> tag before the end of the table, if there was a previous >>div<< markup. The incorrect html shows also in other skins, but perhaps does not throw them as badly as fixflow in IE. ~HansB
  • What would be the best way... to place a different background-image in #content for a specific group (e.g., $Group = "Archive")? I notice that PmWiki inserts lots of style information just after the HeaderText directive (e.g., CommentBoxStyled styles), but I can't puzzle out where to put the instruction needed to accomplish this. Thanks. -Jefferson 2006-01-08
check out Cookbook.Background Images if you wish to add markup to insert background for divs. Otherwise make friends with pub/css/ and create a Group.css (name of your specific group) and put any special css code there, like #content { background: ...}. Same goes for the styles for commentbox: put them in pub/css/local.css and disable them in the commentboxstyled.php script. In fact I disabled more or less all pmwiki injected styles and put them in local.css, to get cleaner html pages. - HansB
  • When you choose the top "Preview" button then choose the top "Close Preview" button there is a button that appears with no caption. This only happens when you choose the top Preview and the top Close Preview button. --GNUZoo

Fixed now. Thanks for alerting me! HansB

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