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Summary: Talk page for DropShadow.
Maintainer: DaveG
Categories: Skins, Discussion

Use this page to report issues, ask questions, or make suggestions for future improvements. If you-d like to leave a quick thank you, or would like to leave a rating, please do that on the ratings page.

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Open Questions

Unordered lists broken

After nearly 10 years of usage, I upgraded this skin to the most recent version, which broke all unordered lists. I think style.css should read:

#contentleft ul{ 
    list-style-type: square;
    margin: 0 0 0 20px;
    padding: 0 0 10px 0;
/*  float:right;  */

Regards, Heinz

Dmitry Khramov. This skin is great! But I have one problem with it. I place some code in my wiki in [@...@] environment. After Drop Shadow installation characters '\n' in code are replaced by 'n' after saving. How can I repair it?

Closed Questions

vspace margins

Status: Issue fixed 2.2.1

Farvardin, 27. July 2011:: Hello, this a great, clean theme. I'd suggest to add into style.css this:

.vspace { margin-top:1.2em; }

This way lists which had been separated by users with an empty line, will look so, i.e.:

  • my list
  • second item
  • another list (which shouldn't be close to the first one)
  • another item
  • and a last one.

27-Jul-2011 DaveG: Added to the issue list.

CSS fix for different colors

Status: Issue fixed 2.2.1

Thibault Helleputte, 29 March 2011 Hello Dave, thank you for this very cool skin. I noticed that in color-green.css, color-orange.css, color-red.css and color-yellow.css, the last definition should be changed to:

#sidebar li.sfhover, #sidebar li:hover, .headerright a:hover

as it is already the case in color-blue.css. Without this fix, only the strings in the menu ar backlit, not the whole cell. Thanks.

27-Jul-2011 DaveG: Added to the issue list. (Sorry I didn't respond earlier, must have slipped past me.)

Set $WikiText-empty-bug

Status: Issues resolved

MatthiasGünther, 31 August 2009: Hello Dave: I want to set just a Page-Logo without the $WikiText but if I'm doing this, the Page-Logo goes away. If I set some text in $WikiText everything works, but I don't want the Page-Logo with the text. One solution is a css-hack to set the color of the $Wikitext black but it's no good solution. Do you have another idea how to solve this issue?

31-Aug-2009 DaveG: I think you mean $WikiTitle, rather than $WikiText? If so, pretty much the only way right now is to:

$WikiTitle = ' ';

I'll implement a more robust solution in a future revision.

MatthiasGünther, 31 August 2009: This works fine, thanks for your help.


Status: Fix implemented

IDB, 2 April 2009: Hi Dave: I have just found that DropShadow doesn't have the <!--HTMLFooter--> directive included, introduced in v2.1.16:

This release introduces a <!--HTMLFooter--> directive into skin templates, which allows recipes and local customizations to insert output near the end of a document using a $HTMLFooterFmt array from PHP.
I only found this because my Google Analytics results returned nothing for the last month.

Could you include this in the skin.tmpl file next time you do an update of the skin? This way, I won't overwrite my customisation of your skin. :-)

DaveG, 2-April 2009: Oddly enough I'm working on a new skin, and came across this yesterday as well. I didn't realize there was a new directive. Thanks for the heads-up, and I'll add it to the next release.

IDB, 7 April 2009: Ta muchly. It's a minor thing (not really a bug), but useful to have

How do I add another Sidebar?

Status: Problem closed

26-Mar-2009 RGS?: Hi, can you tell me how I can add another SkinSidebar below the default one? Thanks

26-Mar-2009 DaveG: DropShadow will search for three types of side bar in this order: {$Group}.SideBar, then {$SiteGroup}.SideBar (usually Site.SideBar, and if neither of those are found, the it will use {$SiteGroup}.DropShadow-SideBar, either the one that comes with DropShadow, or one that you've edited or modified.

26-Mar-2009 RGS: Thanks for the input. I was referring to Site.SkinSidebar. I was able to modify it, but failed to add the "extensions"that appear in the screenshot above. Do you follow? Thanks!

28-Mar-2009 DaveG: Sorry, I'm not following you; it sounds like you got it working though. If not, give me a little more info, and I'll try to help out.

CSS Syntax Error

Status: Fix implemented

IDB, 4 March 2009: Have found a slight error in the dropshadow/style.css file. Around lines 335-338, you have

	margin: 0;
	padding; 0;

I think the semi-colon after padding should be a colon.

DaveG, 4-Mar-2009: You are correct, thanks for letting me know. How'd you find that?!

IDB, 4 March 2009: using Firefox with the Web Developer extension: I got a list of errors up for my Website, which highlighted various CSS problems, one of which was to do with DropShadow. :-)

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