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Hi! Bravo for this skin colorimetry, really nice and beautiful.

Open Questions

Capital letters in titles

Hi. I am trying to use this very nice skin, but I have a problem with capital letters in Headers and Titles. I cant get upper cased letters there. I tried to use different skins and no problem there. Could you please help me?

You can add the following code in your file pmwiki/pub/css/local.css:
h1, h2, h3, #sidebar .sidehead {   text-transform: none; }
Petko September 22, 2013, at 12:53 PM

Thanks a lot! First I was confused, becouse I couldn't find that file. But after creating it, everything works prefectly. Thanks again, great job man!

Text and background contrast

I'm not sure if it is my computer only, but large sections of this page are not very readable (green letters on gray background, light-gray letters on white background, the table of contents title looks white on white background). Even worse for the ?action=diff display which may need an override of the core styles $HTMLStylesFmt['diff'] from pagerev.php. --Petko September 27, 2011, at 05:18 PM

DaveG 27-Sep-2010: Yep, some of the styles are messed up:

  • green letters on gray background; light-gray letters on white background: Not related to the skin itself, but due to 'global' styling I use across pmwiki not working very well with this skin. I added an override on this page to correct this, which hopefully makes things midly better.
  • table of contents title looks white on white background); even worse for the ?action=diff: Added to the issue list.

Bullet and number lists

Status: Bug

swissc4 7-Jan-2010: One issue I'm facing using colorimetry: it appears that all bullet forms are not working properly: When I prefix a line using "#" or "*", there's no transformation of theses in numbering / pure bullets. Any idea?

DaveG 7-Jan-2010: Bullet and numbered lists work on my test site; you can also see them on the main cookbook page?. What do you mean by no transformation? Perhaps another cookbook is causing a problem -- test by disabling the skin by commenting out the line $Skin='colorimetry'; in config.php -- do the bullets now work?

swissc4 8-Jan-2010: Thanks for your answer. When I'm commenting the skin in the config file, "#" and "*" are correctly transformed into bulleted lines. As another test, I've changed the skin to another one (skittlish) by simply changing the $Skin line. Same result: "#" and "*" are OK. How to find out if another cookcook is interfering with colorimetry? By the way, does a skin regarded as a cookbook? "Cookbook" is a generic term for all sorts of customizations? Sorry for my silly questions, I'm a bit tyro on Pmwiki. Thanks again for your support.

DaveG 10-Jan-2010: The fact that the problem is resolved when using the default skin, or Skittlish, does suggest a problem with Colorimetry. It would be pretty unlikely that another cookbook is interfering with Colorimetry, and not also interfering with Skittlish, so I think we can rule out other cookbooks. A few other things to confirm:
  • Have you made changes to colorimetry, by editing the files?
  • Do you have an css files in pub\css?
  • Do you have any lines in config.php that change/add $HTMLStylesFmt?

Can you post a screen shot of what you see, or even better, point me to a url where I can take a look?

In PmWiki language, a skin is classified as a cookbook.

swissc4 11-Jan-2010: I did not altered colorimetry files; /pub/css is empty and my config.php does not contain any $HTMLStyleFmt reference. You can have a look at my site in the tab named "sandbox". I've left an example for you that you can edit using "test" pwd. Thanks again for your help.

DaveG 11-Jan-2010: As far as I can see the demo site shows bullets and numbered lists in action, working fine. As a test, I copied the first part of your wiki page over to BulletTest? -- the results are the same on both pages. What differences do you see? What browser/OS are you using? Are you able to post a screenshot?

swissc4 12-Jan-2010: Bingo! I forgot that browser side-effect! I'm using IE 7.0 at work, and this browser is causing this issue. I've just tested with Firefox and all bulleted lines are working fine. I'll check later on Safari & Firefox on Mac at home but it should be probably OK. Starting to adapt something for IE is a begining of a nightmare I presume?? If you want to close this point I won't blame you ;-) Thanks anyway, I have an answer to my issue now.

Closed Questions

Additional Classes

Status: Issue addressed in 1.1.0

SH 17-Oct-2009: sidebar's button class/style should be reusable everywhere

DaveG 17-Oct-2009: I'll add a class ".button" which can be used to style page elements in the same manner as the search button.

Fluid Layout

Status: Issue addressed in 1.1.0

SH 17-Oct-2009: when editing, a full width windows (body + sidebar) should be used

DaveG 17-Oct-2009: A fluid or user-specified width is a possibility with this skin, but it will be skin wide, rather than specifically for the edit page.

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