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TestPageDirectives  Tool for easy testing of your skin under various directives (stable)
TextPattern  A skin for sites that use rather small text areas such as poetry, short stories, etc, inspired by TextPattern
Textpattern4  a textpattern style theme
Triad  Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout with full-width header and footer (Stable)
Triad-RightBar  skin subpage
Triad-Talk  Talk page of Triad
Triad-Users  User notes for the Triad recipe.
TriadTips  Tips for using the Triad
Trish  A white skin with a gradient blue header, blue highlights and a fancy background
TwitterBootstrap  Adapted PmWiki skin to use Twitter Bootstrap
TwitterBootstrap-Talk  Talk page for TwitterBootstrap.
TwitterBootstrap-Users  User notes for the TwitterBootstrap recipe.
UselessTuesday  A bit narrow, dominated by dark blue
Vanilla5  Vanilla5 is a simple HTML5 compliant skin for PmWiki v2+
Vanilla5-Users  User notes for the Vanilla5 recipe.
Vector  Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010) (maintained)
Vector-Talk  Talk page for Vector.
WikiLove  A modification of the default skin with a nice clean look
Yaml132  Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout (optional css hiding of any column) based on YAML framework (Stable)
Yaml132-Talk  Talk page for the Yaml132
YAMLForth  Highly configurable skin with fixed-width 2-column layout based on the YAML 3.3 framework (Stable)
YAMLForth-Talk  Talk page for YAMLForth.
YAMLForth-Users  User notes for the YAMLForth recipe.

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pmwiki/apple'apple' in the PmWiki group of pages
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apple -pie'apple', omitting those containing 'pie'
food -"apple pie"'food', omitting those containing 'apple pie'
apple "-pie"the words 'apple' and '-pie'
apple - pie'apple', '-', and 'pie'
"pie:"the word 'pie' with a colon
"pie=tasty"the phrase 'pie=tasty'
pmwiki/all pages in the PmWiki group

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