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Hello again,

Another point about horizontal scrolling in trio mode.

If I have a (simple) table which is too large for the body width:

  • without specification of the table width, the left sidebar masks the body text (an horizontal scrolling bar appears, useless in this case);
  • with specification of a 100% width, the table shrinks all right between the sidebars, without scrolling bar. However, it might be useful to have one for a too narrow window, or a too wide table.

Jean-Pierre, 12/02/2010

I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. Having a table too large for the body width is likely to cause problems in any event.

Kathryn Andersen February 19, 2010, at 04:38 PM


I find this skin very easy to use and efficient to build up a fresh CMS. Thanks a lot!

I created two instances for two different sites, and I have a different behaviour that I can't explain: using trio/team I changed the background color of the wikileft and wikiright columns all right, but in one of the instances the color goes down to the footer, and in the other it stops at the bottom of the longest of the right or left side menus, then returns to black down to the footer. I compared the .css and .tmpl files carefully without understanding, or recollecting what I had done in the first instance to make it work...

One of the sites used pmwiki-2.2.6, the other pmwiki-2.2.10

Jean-Pierre, 12/02/2010

Thank you!

I've sometimes had that problem myself, but I can't recall what the solution is either!

Kathryn Andersen February 19, 2010, at 04:38 PM


I like this skin quite a bit, but would like to change the font to sans-serif fonts rather than the serif fonts current used for page content. I've managed to do so for fonts used in the sidebar and breadcrumb menu, but I don't see where to do this in the CSS to change the font used for main content. Also, would it be possible to make the header area larger in order to accommodate a bigger logo? I am looking at transferring a website to a wiki, and would like to keep the logo i currently use on the site, which is 677px wide by 100px in height. I would need to increase the amount of space below the breadcrumb menu, but again, don't see where this would be done in the CSS.

Thank you,

Joanne 22/01/2008

Thank you!

If you want to alter the font for the main content, simply use the "body" tag for the CSS. Most of the themes in Bonny don't actually override the default for the body font (though "tricolore" does).

As for the logo, just use the bigger logo. You don't need to change the header size, it will grow bigger automatically to accommodate the logo.

Kathryn Andersen January 22, 2008, at 03:06 PM

Thanks for the reply. I've been messing about with the layout and have managed to customize it quite a bit. I was wondering, however, if it is possible to deactivate the BreadCrumb?

Joanne 27/01/2008

The BreadCrumb is defined in Site.BreadCrumb -- if you want to disable it, then just edit that page in the wiki and make it empty. I think that will work.

Kathryn Andersen January 28, 2008, at 04:11 AM

Thank you again. You've been very helpful.

I've noticed one thing - in IE7 (it's the only version of IE i have access to), the footer doesn't stretch the full width of the page. I thought it might be due to something i changed in the CSS, but then realised it does it on your site too. You can see an example of what i mean on my site [(approve links) edit diff]. I only noticed today at work since i have to use IE at work.

Joanne, 28/01/2008

Alas, I can't see it, because I don't have access to IE7 (I don't use MS-Windows). It doesn't surprise me, though; IE is always broken. Every time they bring out a new version, it is broken in new and different ways.

Kathryn Andersen January 29, 2008, at 05:14 AM

Sadly, the majority of people out there still do use IE, and it really does look daft in IE at the moment. Any ideas on how to fix it? I tried adding a width=100%, but that didn't work. I really can't leave it the way it is now.


I'm sorry, I can only suggest googling for someone with similar problems in IE 7. I have no way of debugging it myself. If you do find a solution, I would be delighted to incorporate it in the official release of Bonny.

Kathryn Andersen January 29, 2008, at 01:53 PM

I'm using this skin and for the most part I love its flexibility. However I'm feeling a bit daft as I cannot figure out how to get it to use a specific right bar for a specific page. I know I'm missing something obvious, but cannot figure out what.

Sledge Feb9, 2008

To use a right bar:

  1. Set $BonnyLayout to 'trio' or 'roomy_trio' in your local/config.php file
    $BonnyLayout = 'trio';
  2. If you want the layout to only apply for a particular group, set that in the local/MyGroup.php file instead.
  3. If you want the layout to only apply for a particular page, set that in the local/MyGroup.MyPage.php file instead.
  4. The actual contents of the RightBar are first looked for in the MyGroup.RightBar page. If that doesn't exist, it uses the Site.RightBar wiki page.
  5. If you want the right bar to be different for a specific page, you'll need to test inside the RightBar page, something like this:
    (:if name MyPage:)
    special content here

Kathryn Andersen February 10, 2008, at 01:30 AM

Thanks! Very much appreciated. :D

Sledge Feb10, 2008

Hello Kathryn, Bonny Skin is working wonderfully in my application, but I have a couple of minor problems. The first is that it does not seem to use Site.PageHeader and Site.PageFooter. Is this intentional, or am I doing something wrong? (I actually find this behaviour useful, since I can customize the use of different skins, and the workarounds are easy, but still, I would like to know).

The second is that using BonnyCMS and the hover dot, on short pages, where the page background color does not go all the way to the bottom, bringing the cursor near the bottom left corner where the dot is causes an entire line to appear across the screen, with the login button in the corner. On longer pages, the login button is about 90% below the screen. (Firefox and Safari -- I also do not have access to I.E.). This is only a minor problem, but on short pages when moving the mouse near the dot, the blinking is quite noticeable.

The last question is how can I shrink the width of the sidebar a bit. Thanks,


It is correct that Bonny does not use Site.PageHeader and Site.PageFooter; this is a non-standard feature. Doing a search on the pmwiki site indicates that the only skins which use this feature are the Triad, Gemini and FixFlow skins (which all have the same author).

I'm not sure how to fix the hover dot problem; I no longer use it myself, since it doesn't work in IE, and I need my sites to be usable for IE.

How to shrink the width of the sidebar? You would need to override the CSS, which can be done by using a local.css file (see PmWiki.LocalCustomizations)

To see which values need to be overridden, look in the pub/skins/bonny/css/layout_common.css file.

Kathryn Andersen August 02, 2008, at 05:28 PM

Thanks Kathryn


Great skin! I've found the css to be well-laid out and easy to cusomize.

Unfortunately, I have an IE issue I need to resolve. It seems that when resizing a page having a left sidebar in IE7, the left sidebar will begin to float to the right over the main page when the window become less than some critical width. Reloading the page corrects the formatting. Does this ring any bells?


I'm afraid I don't have access to IE7, so I cannot correct any problems with IE7.

Kathryn Andersen August 08, 2008, at 11:17 PM

Can you tell me how to edit the Right Sidebar? When I try to edit it, a password is required.

If a password is required, it is because the Right Sidebar is defined in the Site.RightBar page, which, depending on how your PmWiki is set up, may require an administrator password in order to edit it, because it is in the Site group. You need to double-check how your site is configured.

Kathryn Andersen May 10, 2009, at 09:26 PM

Like everyone else, I really like this skin. I'm using it in CMS mode, and generally works wonderfully.

However, I opened this up at work, where they only have IE 8 ... and the left sidebar has disappeared! It works in Firefox, and IE7 (and less, I'm assured). Anything can be done about it, or is this an IE problem?



Thank you!

I don't have access to IE 8, but I have an idea you could try out.

In the bonny.tmpl file, there is a section in the HEAD part which is like this:

 <!--[if IE ]>
  <link href="$SkinDirUrl/css/layout_ie.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

Change it to this:

 <!--[if lte IE 7 ]>
  <link href="$SkinDirUrl/css/layout_ie.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

And please let me know if it works.

Kathryn Andersen August 13, 2009, at 05:54 PM

Yes! It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!


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