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SectionEdit-Talk  Talk page for SectionEdit.
SectionEdit-Users  User notes for the SectionEdit recipe.
SecureAttachments-Users  User notes for the SecureAttachments recipe.
SelectQuery-Users  User notes for the SelectQuery recipe.
SerialPageNames  Markup expressions to create serial page names (stable)
ServePageByJSON  Serve a page by JSON (presumably for AJAX) (Working)
SharedPages-Users  User notes for the SharedPages recipe.
ShoppingCartProposal  A proposal for how to develop a shopping-cart add-on for PmWiki. (pre-alpha)
ShortCutsMarkup-Users  User notes for the ShortCutsMarkup recipe.
Shoutbox  Display sidebar shoutbox (tested)
Shoutbox-Users  User notes for the Shoutbox recipe.
SignalWhenMarkup-Users  User notes for the SignalWhenMarkup recipe.
SimpleAjax  Allow a simple ajax interaction within forms, usually via WikiSh (Backup of Development version)
SimpleChem  Simple markup for chemical formulas in PmWiki 2.x pages (Experimental)
SimpleForum-Talk  Talk page of Simple Forum
SimpleForum-Users  User notes for the SimpleForum recipe.
SimpleMAINlink  Add a link to your Main Home Page (beta)
SimplePieDisplay-Users  User notes for the SimplePieDisplay recipe.
SimpleSiteMap-Users  User notes for the SimpleSiteMap recipe.
SingleSign-On  Use Windows-Logon for Authentication on pmwiki (Stable)
Sisterly  Lets wikis on a farm access each other as easily as accessing other pages within a wiki (beta)
SiteInformation-Users  User notes for the SiteInformation recipe.
SlideShow  Create slide presentations with skin support (Stable)
SlideShow-Users  User notes for the SlideShow recipe.
SlimTableOfContents-Users  User notes for the SlimTableOfContents recipe.
Snotes-Users  User notes for the Snotes (Styles for general purpose notes/boxes) recipe.
SortableTables  Create tables which can be sorted instantly by javascript (stable)
SortableTables-Users  User notes for the SortableTables recipe.
SortByScore  Sorts (:pagelist:) search results by number of matching words found in page + displays fragments of page near the word. (beta)
SortByScore-Users  User notes for the SortByScore recipe.
SourceBlock-Users  User notes for the SourceBlock recipe.
SpamFilters-Users  User notes for the SpamFilters recipe.
Sparklines  Easily embed sparklines inside wiki pages (works)
SpellChecker  How to enable spell-cheking on a wiki
SQLite-Talk  Talk Page for the SQLite recipe
Standalone  Allows PmWiki to run in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver such as Apache
Standalone-Users  User notes for the Standalone recipe.
StarRater-Users  User notes for the StarRater recipe.
StaticPages  Allows pmwiki pages to be published as static pages
StoredAuthName  How to set a stored author name to an authenticated user (Stable)
Styles  Practical examples of CSS Style use (with some explanation) (currently just a placeholder...)
SubgroupMarkup-Users  User notes for the SubgroupMarkup recipe.
Svg-Users  User notes for the Svg recipe.
Syntaxlove-Users  User notes for the Syntaxlove recipe.
SysDiff-Users  User notes for the SysDiff recipe.
SystemLimits-Users  User notes for the SystemLimits recipe.
TableEdit  Interactive table editor (first version)
TableOfContentsPortion  Inserts a portion of external table of contents into the page (Alpha)
TagPages-Users  User notes for the TagPages recipe.
Tags  How to have tags (like Flickr)
Tags-Users  User notes for the Tags recipe.
Template-Users  User notes for the Template recipe.
TemplateMarkupTricks  Various ways of using templates to facilitate the creation of new pages (using standard PmWiki markup)
Text2Tbl  Provide a way to convert arbitrarily structured text to table markup and provide conversion of simple tables to advanced. (alpha)
Text2Tbl-Users  User notes for the Text2Tbl recipe.
Textarea  How to create textareas pre-filled with content
TextCaptcha-Users  User notes for the TextCaptcha recipe.
TextExtract-Users  User notes for the TextExtract recipe.
ThumbList-Talk  Talk Page for ThumbList recipe
ThumbList-Talk-archive  ARCHIVE Talk Page for ThumbList recipe
ThumbList-Users  User notes for the ThumbList recipe.
ThumbnailLinkToImage-Users  User notes for the ThumbnailLinkToImage recipe.
TimeZones-Users  User notes for the TimeZones recipe.
TinyWebGallery  Integration in PmWiki of the refined gallery TinyWebGallery (Stable)
TitleCased  Site customizeable title case of titles. (stable)
TitleCased-Users  User notes for the TitleCased recipe.
TitleSpaced-Users  User notes for the TitleSpaced recipe.
Toggle-Talk  Discussion of Toggle
Toggle-Users  User notes for the Toggle recipe.
ToggleHide  Add links to toggle display of html block elements (Stable)
Toolbox-Users  User notes for the Toolbox recipe.
TotalCounter  A statistic counter - counts page views, users, languages, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots
TotalCounter-Talk  Talk page for TotalCounter recipe
TotalCounter-Users  User notes for the TotalCounter recipe.
TrackChanges-Users  User notes for the TrackChanges recipe.
TreeMenu  Provides additional markup for creating a tree-like menu
TrueLatex-Talk  Talk page for TrueLatex.
Twitter-Talk  Talk page for the Twitter recipe
Twitter-Users  User notes for the Twitter recipe.
TwitterBootstrap-Users  User notes for the TwitterBootstrap recipe.
TwoWayMirroringWithRsync  How to keep identical copies of a wiki on two systems, one hosted and the other local
Txt2tags-Users  User notes for the Txt2tags recipe.
Txtdb  Txtdb (A simple csv based database) (Active/Alpha)
UnToggle-Users  User notes for the UnToggle recipe.
UpdateForm  Easily create forms to display, add, and update records in a MySQL table. (updated 8/20/2017. Live demo at
UpdateForm-Users  User notes for the UpdateForm recipe.
UpForm-Users  User notes for the UpForm recipe.
UploadForm-Users  User notes for the UploadForm recipe.
UploadGroups-Users  User notes for the UploadGroups recipe.

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pmwiki/apple'apple' in the PmWiki group of pages
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apple -pie'apple', omitting those containing 'pie'
food -"apple pie"'food', omitting those containing 'apple pie'
apple "-pie"the words 'apple' and '-pie'
apple - pie'apple', '-', and 'pie'
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