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AS below - Create New Topic not working! I have fresh install of pm2.2.0.beta63 and forumstyled, with no extended markups. Forum works when I manually create a post but whenI select the create new topic button it does not appear to work... nothing happens in fact. Using Firefox 2.0x. I searched GMane forums for answer with no luck. - Bouton - 7 Nov 2007

Fixed now! HansB November 09, 2007, at 11:59 AM

Hi there - I'm using pmwiki-2.1.27 an have exactly the same problem as the person below. I set edit permissions for the Forum group via the GroupAttributes page as you suggested below, but then a post - as well as the CommentBoxPlus box - was added to the GroupAttributes page! After about 3 hours, I feel beaten by this. The page representing the new topic is not being created. Can you help, please? 27/7/07 Nick Carter-Bond

New Topic = The page cannot be found When we try to create a new page, even logged into the wiki with the administrator password, we get a "The page cannot be found" error. Right now, we're getting around this by manually creating pages in the Forum group, which works. The browser line is (e.g.) "../wiki/index.php?n=Forum.NameEnteredInNewTopic?action=browse". Any help troubleshooting this would be much appreciated! — Jen Boger - 23 Feb. 2007

I think IE is overzealous in interpreting a "page not found" error, by a feature called "Show friendly HTTP error messages". In a IE browser you can turn it off under Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Browsing section -> uncheck "Show friendly HTTP error messages". - HansB
The error appeared in Firefox. I just tried in IE with the unchecked "Show friendly HTTP error messages" and get the same ambiguous 404 error for both. It looks like the page that you are trying to create when you hit "Go" for the "Create a new Topic" box is not actually creating the page name that you input...? Any ideas of what I should be tweaking?? — Jen Boger - 11 June, 2007.

Simple Forum broken? A little bug in pagelist.php has been corrected by Pm. All the methods capable to define the format of the Forum.HomePage function properly since 2.2.0b8. End of the story ? — Jean Demartini - 02 Oct 2006 - 07:30GMT

Simple Forum broken? Not at all. My apologies for many useless requests. I have read cookbook and the comments in the forumstyle.php file. I have then discovered that the "problem" can be solved very elegantly by:

  • defining a Site.LocalTemplates page
  • putting in that page the following content:
(:if equal {<$Group}:)
(:table class=forum width=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0:)
(:cell class=messagehead :)'''Topic'''
(:cell class=messagehead :)'''Posts'''  
(:cell class=messagehead :)'''Last Posted''' 
(:cell class=messagehead :)'''By''' (:if:)
(:cellnr class=messageitem :)[[{=$FullName}|+]] 
(:cell class=messageitem :){=$PostCount}
(:cell class=messageitem :){=$LastModified}
(:cell class=messageitem :){=$LastModifiedBy} 
(:if equal {>$Group}:)
  • and, in the Forum.HomePage replace:

(:pagelist group={$Group} list=normal fmt=forum:)


(:pagelist group={$Group} list=normal fmt=#forum:)

That's All Folks ! — Jean Demartini - 30 Sept 2006 - 14:30GMT

Simple Forum broken? This is due to the latest pagelist.php files of 2.2.0b3. I've downgraded to 2.1.26 and copied manually the 2.1.26 pagelist.php and now it works again. Since my php knowledge is minimalistic it would be great if someone figured out of how to adapt forumstyled.php to the new pagelist.php - Florian Fischer - 28 Sept 2006 - 16:49 GMT

It is possible to upgrade to version 2.2.0b7 but using the pagelist.php of the version 2.2.0b2 (is it the 2.1.26 version ?) I suspect the specific "forum" format of the (:pagelist group={$Group} list=normal fmt=forum:) markup used to produce the topics list. As my knowledge of Php is minimalistic too, I am not sure to progress very quickly to find a corrective patch — Jean Demartini - 30 Sept 2006 - 09:30GMT

Simple Forum broken ? Simple Forum is broken since release 2.2.0b3. The topics title are not displayed in the List of topics page. The table is correctly layed out but the cells are empty. Help required, please. Many Thanks - Jean Demartini — 27 Sept 2006 - 14:30GMT

Title of a topic page The title of a topic page displayed in the header of the page is the wiki name of the page and not the topic name defined when creating the hew topic. The wiki name is derived from the topic name by removing spaces and accented letters, then the title of the topic page is not very readable for people using a charset such as iso-8859-1. To use the topic name as a title of the topic page could be better. Many Thanks - Jean Demartini — 15 Sept 2006 - 11:30GMT

Create New Topic not working! I have installed this and it seems to be working if I manually create a post (by inserting a page in the Forum group), however the new topic button does not appear to work, but rather than just taking to a page where the topic can be entered, it says Page cannot be found. I am running this alongside BlogSimple and UserAuth. Is it possible that there is a conflict or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks - David Maude - 14 Sept 2006 - 11:57GMT

Is there a way to put the mesgs/posts in ascending or descending order of date? I see that by default the new mesgs are all placed below the old. Can we have it the other way round (new posts on top)? -Dey 18th August 2006 18:50 IST

Move the commentbox markup from the GroupFooter to the GroupHeader and change it from (:commentboxchrono:) to (:commentbox:), or delete (:input hidden order chrono:) if you use (:input:) markup to generate the commentbox. ~HansB
Thanks HansB, now its ordered the way I want it to. But the posted messages don't leave a space between them. All posts are merged with the other below. I tried tinkering with the php code but was not successful. Any help here too? -Dey 25th August 2006 16:27IST
In commentboxplus.php change the css value for .messagehead, .journalhead from margin:0; to margin:1em 0 0 0; in var $HTMLStylesFmt[commentbox]. Or if you have the css styles located elsewhere for the commentbox, do it there. And it should really be $HTMLStylesFmt['commentbox']. I will update the script.~HansB
Thanks a lot HansB again. This is indeed turning out to be a very useful recipe. It would be nice if we can set the order using a global variable/parameter in the code. May be part of the next release! :-) Thanks again. -Dey 28th August 2006 16:56 IST

Is there a way to edit the code so that new topic pages automatically link back to the forum home? The skin I'm using doesn't display path names, and it's inconvenient to keep retyping the URL.

You can adda link to the GroupFooter (I done that, below the markup for the commentbox), or GroupHeader, or even use a template page for all new topic pages, which you can adda link back to the Forum HomePage. ~HansB
Thanks, that worked perfectly! I'm using [[{$Group}]] '''[++&raquo;++]''' [[{$Name}]]\\\. CatMarieS

Bug? Spammers still spam the forum ...

I have following problem: I "closed" some pages, I added (:nogroupheader:) so that there is no comment box. The edit attribute of the group (all pages) is @group. So nobody beside some users may edit this site. But, I still get spam... What could be the reason? A bug? flox July 10, 2006, at 09:19 AM

sorry, I do not quite understand. Is the group edit protected? Is the commentbox markup enclosed in conditional markup: (:if auth edit:)(:commentbox:)(:if:) ? ~HansB

No Post column and truncate question mark

I got SimpleForum up and running beautifully, but how do I add the Post column? My forum has only three columns (topic, last posted and by). Lastly, I can not include a question mark in the topic title. It automatically get truncated from the topic once I clicked post. Thanks!
Make sure you got the latest forumstyled.php, it got the postcount column built in by default. you cannot include question marks as part of as topic name, since topic names are wiki page names, and question marks are not permitted in the name, since they represent the start of a query, like ?action=edit. HansB

Problem with existing Pages and newforumtopic

I have some problems with creating new topics. This happens if a Page or Group exists with the same name of the choosen topic. If I create a topic 'Main' I will be redirected to Main.Homepage MarcSeibert
Fixed now. HansB March 24, 2006, at 05:15 PM

Problem with truncating of author field defaults

It seems the SimpleForum author field truncates the author name to the first space in the name. "Firstname+space+lastname" is accepted when you first enter it, but after the first "Submit", the author field both in SimpleForum and in the rest of my wiki defaults to "Firstname" only. Probably a non-issue in most communities, but in our company intranet real names are the standard. (Including the spaces, both for legibility and because people would never learn to leave out the spaces :-) Is there some way to configure SimpleForum so that the author name is not truncated (except for leading and trailing spaces, of course)? Thanks in advance! --Henning February 06, 2006, at 09:25 AM
Thanks for making me aware of this problem! You can fix it by editing the forum GroupFooter page and replace the (:input:) markup for author with this:
          (:input text author '{$Author}' class='inputbox':)
Note the addition of '..' marks around {$Author}, which will preserve multi-word names. ~HansB
Thank you for the solution! :-) --Henning February 21, 2006, at 07:11 AM
This is now part of the custom GroupFooter referenced above. --Clayton Curtis March 31, 2006

Problem creating new threads

Hello, What are the minimum permissions required on forum.GroupAttributes for this to work? I think I have something wrong, as nobody can create a new topic, although anyone can reply to an existing topic. Any ideas? (1/17/2006 - mpw)
I had the same problem. Try to add any markup to the yet empty new topic page (via editting the page). This will result in that page "accepting" the first reply/entry. In order the added markup not to show up you may use eg [[<<]] which will just add a new line. --Michael 1/17/2006
I updated the script. I also had the demo forum locked by accident, so no new topic pages could be created without a password. You need your forum users to have edit permission for the forum group, otherwise they can't create new topic pages. ~HansB

Is there a way to limit who can post, perhaps making use of authuser?

A simple solution: You could require people to login first. In the forum GroupFooter enclose the input form elements or the (:commentboxchrono:) markup with
(:if auth edit:) ..input form or commentboxchrono markup..
(:if !auth edit:)To post on this forum please 
[[{$Name}?action=login|'''log in''']](:ifend:)
That way the input text form will only show if you are logged in, i.e. have edit permissions. And a message is displayed and provides a link to login. For the latter it requires an action=login installed, see LoginLogout. ~HansB 11/9/05

How can I customise the pagelist of topics?

You can set the html attributes of the table in config.php using some variables: $FPLForumIFmt for the topic list (table) items, $FPLForumGFmt for the table headings. See forumstyled.phpΔ for the current values.
Alternatively if you want to customize this using a Pagelist template, there is already a forum template.

Is there a way of having multiple boards without resulting to having multiple groups? I.E. Would it be possible to have an OffTopic board and an OnTopic board running off the same group? zard @ 22:11GMT 6th December 2005

No, to get different boards you need to set up a forum group for each. you can of course create a page somewhere which lists topics (pages) of both forums. ~HansB

Can we prevent editing while still allowing people to post? Currently anybody can edit anybody else’s post using the Edit button. -- JLuk 10-Mar-06

If the whole wiki is password protected for edits than you don't need to do anything, the forum topic pages will be protected as well, but it will be posible still to post with the comment box (it is designed for this). Otherwise just set an edit password for the whole forum group via GroupAttributes?action=attr. ~HansB
Works great - thanks! -- JLuk 11-Mar-06

Is there a graceful way to delete threads, either selectively or en masse (as when starting over after experimenting)? I tried just deleting pages at the linux level, but that left traces. -- Clayton Curtis 31-Mar-06

There is no special method, just the normal ways to delete wiki pages. For mass deletions I use FTP, but it leaves a trace in RecentChanges, which could be edited, if one needs to got to the trouble. HansB
I would suggest to create a group TestForum for experimenting. Finally I would copy the content of the TestForum.HomePage to the HomePage of my NewForum an delete the whole group TestForum. rakno April 10, 2006, at 04:30 AM

How do I get my topics to display unconcatenated in the list? (New Topic vs. NewTopic). I thought i copied the recipe correctly, but did I mess up the title formats somehow? Example ~Steve June 6, 2006

I think I may have figured it out. I changed the line in the PageListTemplates from this:
(:cellnr class=messageitem :)[[{=$FullName}|+]]
to this:
(:cellnr class=messageitem :)[[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]]

Needless </table></div> when opening a forum page with no topics It seems that the script produces an html failure when viewing an empty forum (forum with no topics). The closing </table> tag is redundant in my opinion. Am I right? I tried to fix it by putting "\n<h3>Topic Index </h3><table class='forum' width='100%' cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>" in line 131 right after the div tag. It seems to work. Arne June 13, 2006

Viewing forum pages with actions "view" or "browse": no ability to create topics When I view a forum main page with the action "view" or "browse" I'm not able to create a new topic. It just happens nothing when hitting the "Go" button. Can the script be modified in a way that this works? I need this feature. Arne June 13, 2006

Can I add a few items to the wishlist?

  • Support topic names with MIXed case and some punctuation
  • Hit counter for threads ("Viewed" nn times)
  • Preview post before adding to thread / creating thread
  • (Optionally,) Display thread starter's name in addition to last poster's name

I'd like to get around to helping implement these features someday, but for the time being would like to record the ideas here. -- JLuk (updated 1-Jul-2006)

German version: For German people the pagelist has to exclude Kürzliche Änderungen:
(:pagelist group={$Group} name=-Kürzli* list=normal fmt=forum:)
I also cant create new topics and there are no editpassword on the site, Page seems to be created,
but not written to the filesystem -can this be? - so the redirect cant find a page to browse.
Is it necessary to have a page template???

 I now simply took this:
(:newpagebox value="neues Thema" template=Main.ForumTemplate 
base=Forum  focus=true save=true label=Thema anlegen button=left size:50:)

after installing newpagebox the option save is doing it (even not necessary) and so I can integrate "Please introduce this topic!"
Maybe it ist also possible to change the action=browse to edit in the function HandleNewTopic
--hufnagel 1. Juli 2006 hh(at)

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