Summary: Recipes that support publishing wiki pages in some other form, such as printed or PDF

  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
BibtexRefIntegrate bibtex bibliography into PmWiki site, display, manipulate and easily cite references ( 2004/12/23 )Layout Publishing
CSVActionAdds a ?action=csv capability to pmwiki to output tables as a CSV (20140720 stable)Administration, Publishing, Tables +1
EPUBCreationAssembles wiki page collections into an EPUB e-book file (2.2.45 of Publish PDF (released for beta testing 2014-08-08) EPUB output is ready for beta testing)Publishing, EPUB, PHP55 +2
EtherpadInclusionThis recipe describes a way how to include data stored in collaborative documents in Etherpad-Lite via IncludeXML into PmWiki. (2011-12-28 experimental)Editing, Publishing
GraphVizSitemapProvide a GraphViz format for sitemap (2009-05-08 alpha)Administration, Menus, Publishing
JustHypClient-side multilingual text hyphenation and margin filling (full justify). (0.1.0 (14-Nov-2012) Active, alpha)Layout International Publishing
LinuxTexEnable TeX markup ( )Markup, Publishing, Math
Microdata InjectionGenerate extra <meta> tags useful for Facebook, Twitter, Google... ( working - evolving)Publishing
PmWiki2PDF-v2Generate a PDF (2011-02-15 Stable)PDF, Publishing, Administration +1
PrintGroupExport WikiGroup pages to one large HTML file, and/or to PDF (20170717 Experimental)Administration, Publishing, PDF, Security, PageList, PHP55, PHP72
PrintingWithStyleHow to create a style for printing ( )Publishing, CSS
PublishPDFTypesets wiki page collections into PDF (finalist: New Zealand open source awards 2008) (2.2.47 (released 2016-01-06) -- see release notes, EPUB and `DocBook output, custom book styles, book glossaries and minor fixes and improvements Stable, reliable and substantially complete, php 5.5 compliant)Publishing, PDF, EPUB, Bibliography, Equations, Glossary, Custom PageStore PHP55 +1
PublishWikiTrailProvide the ability to publish the pages of a wiki trail as a single web page, formatted for printing (2.0.6 )Publishing, Administration, WikiTrails
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.