PmWiki /
SiteAnalyzer  Analyse PmWiki security and software versions
CreatingNewPages  How to create a new page
BlockMarkup-Talk  This page covers discussion about the BlockMarkup character combinations
Blocklist  Blocking IP addresses, phrases, and expressions to counteract spam and vandalism.
PageListTemplates-Talk  Discussion of PageListTemplates
DocumentationGuidelines  Broad guidelines used for writing PmWiki documentation
Installation  Obtaining and installing PmWiki
DeletingPages  Removing wiki pages
CustomMarkup  Using the Markup() function for custom wiki syntax; migration to PHP 5.5
SitePageActions  how site page actions work
ReleaseNotesArchive  Version 2.0.devel releases to Version 2.0.13 (2005-11-10)
LineMarkup  Start of Line wiki markup
DebugVariables  variables useful for debugging
Chat  IRC Channel: #pmwiki on irc.freenode.net
InitialSetupTasks  First steps following a fresh installation
FilePermissions  PmWiki's settings for file and directory permissions in a typical Unix environment
Skins  Change the look and feel of part or all of PmWiki
LinkVariables-Talk  Discussion of LinkVariables
GroupAttributes-Talk  Discussion of GroupAttributes
Troubleshooting  Advice for troubleshooting an installation, keywords: deprecated, preg_replace, crypt, blank pages, headers, .flock, upgrade, create_function
CharacterMarkup  inline markup character combinations summary
AuthoringPhilosophy  Patrick Michaud on the reasons behind Author variables
FAQ-Talk  Discussion of FAQ
ConditionalMarkup  The if directive allows portions of a page to be included or excluded from rendering
Version-Talk  Discussion of Version
Glossary  Terms related to PmWiki
WikiGroups  Redirects to Wiki Group
SimultaneousEdits  Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously
InterMap  Interwiki links definition and use
MailPosts-Discussion  Redirects to MailPosts-Talk.
CondExpr  Details of the CondExpr? function
Internationalizations-Talk  Discussion of Internationalizations
LayoutBasics  Deprecated, see Skin Templates
Subversion  How to get the latest pre-release from the version control system
WikiGroupMotivation  Explanations about WikiGroups? given by Patrick R. Michaud on the [pmwiki-users] mailing-list
OtherLanguages  PmWiki internationalized in other languages
TableOfContents  Basic automatic table of contents and numbered headings
FAQCandidate  Frequently asked (and answered) questions that may move to the FAQ page
PmWikiPhilosophy-Talk  Discussion of PmWikiPhilosophy
UpdatePage  Technical notes on the UpdatePage?() function. It is updated as of 2.2.0 Beta65.
EditVariables  variables used when editing pages
FeaturesAtAGlance  A short listing of PmWiki features
Variables  Variables available for local customisation
Features  A listing of PmWiki features
PageLists-Talk  Discussion of PageLists
BasicVariables  core variables
FmtPageName  Documentation for the PmWiki internal function FmtPageName()
Upgrades  How to upgrade an existing PmWiki installation
Forms-Talk  Discussion of Forms
References  References to PmWiki media coverage
RoadMap  Possible 'future states' for the next few releases of PmWiki
CondAuth  Documentation of the internal function CondAuth
WYSIWYG  Notes about WYSIWYG support in PmWiki
WikiPage  Wiki page information
PathVariables  variables used to specify various locations on the server
ChangeLog  Log of changes made to PmWiki by Release
DocumentationIndex  PmWiki documentation index
ChangesFromPmWiki1  features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated in PmWiki 2.0
LocalCustomizations  Customize your PmWiki installation through config.php and local.css
GroupCustomizations  How to customize a subset of your wiki
OtherVariables  Variables not yet classified
WikiElements  An introduction to PmWiki page elements and features
CustomPagelistSortOrder  Setting custom sort order for page lists
UTF-8  Enabling UTF-8 Unicode language encoding in your wiki.
FunctionList  A simple list of the functions provided by PmWiki
Search-Talk  Discussion of Search
SkinTemplates-Talk  Discussion of SkinTemplates
SetupHTTPS  Setup PmWiki for HTTP over Transport Layer Security
CustomActions  Make PmWiki respond to custom values for url parameter ?action=...
DesignNotes  Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions
UrlApprovals  Require approval of Url links
Forms  How you can embed input forms into wiki pages

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 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.01 00.01 config end
 2: 00.20 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
 3: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: Chain begin
 4: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateLoad
 5: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateDefaults
 6: 00.21 00.21 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePageList
 7: 00.21 00.21 MakePageList pre
 8: 00.21 00.21 PageListSources begin
 9: 00.21 00.21 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
10: 00.22 00.21 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
11: 00.23 00.22 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
12: 00.23 00.22 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
13: 00.23 00.22 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
14: 00.23 00.22 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
15: 00.23 00.22 PageListSources end count=311
16: 00.23 00.22 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=random
17: 00.23 00.22 MakePageList items count=311, filters=
18: 00.23 00.22 MakePageList post count=311, readc=0
19: 00.23 00.22 PageListSort begin
20: 00.23 00.22 PageListSort sort
21: 00.23 00.22 PageListSort end
22: 00.23 00.22 MakePageList end
23: 00.23 00.22 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrg
24: 00.23 00.22 MarkupToHTML begin
25: 00.23 00.23 MarkupToHTML end
26: 00.23 00.23 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateSliceList
27: 00.23 00.23 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateFormat
28: 00.30 00.28 MarkupToHTML begin
29: 00.33 00.32 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
30: 00.34 00.32 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
31: 00.37 00.35 MarkupToHTML end
32: 00.37 00.35 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrgPostFormat
33: 00.37 00.35 FPLTemplate: Chain end
34: 00.37 00.35 MarkupToHTML end
35: 00.37 00.36 MarkupToHTML begin
36: 00.39 00.37 MarkupToHTML end
37: 00.39 00.37 MarkupToHTML begin
38: 00.39 00.37 MarkupToHTML end
39: 00.39 00.37 now
Peak memory: 4,898,120 bytes