Frequently asked questions (really frequent, and with the precise answers provided) can be useful in the main page of PmWiki documentation.

Talk pages are for "improving" the related documentation page.

"*-Talk" pages assist with review and clean-up of the documentation. In particular they assist with questions that are:

  • not-yet answered questions (where I didn't have an answer)
  • questions where I am unsure the provided answer is 100% accurate
  • non-frequent questions, but specific about some non-common installation
  • longer discussions or examples where I felt not to refactor or leave in the main page.

The answered FAQs in the main pages are shipped as documentation with PmWiki, and are all transcluded in the page FAQ. Talk pages stay only at pmwiki.org. It may be useful for a user to find the (correctly) answered FAQs at their own wiki.

Not sure where to put this ... I just want to thank the people who answered to my questions. I added comments and questions in the documentation when a specific questions about this section. The "A: To answer" is replaced each time by a helpful answer... so thank you very much. Caroline Guénette December 13, 2011, at 05:53 PM

This is a talk page for improving PmWiki.FAQ.