Just a comment, don't know if it should be on any reference page or anything...

  • I used PmWiki as a way to document our company products and procedures, support site, etc to a new customer
  • After doing product introductions with PowerPoint, the tecchies said they had hoped for TECHNICAL training
  • PmWiki to the rescue - because PowerPoints are "static", I couldn't update them day-by-day
  • So now, with a full "deep dive technical training" site, I can answer questions, by adding or updating pages, etc.
  • We did a webinar (multiple people around the country watching by web broadcast) in which I did "training" with the Wiki
  • From now on, people can use the wiki to find information to themselves, and with a feedback form in the left menu, can send me questions or other comments to continue to maintain the usefulness of the site.
  • Recipes - I particularly liked the following:
    • toggle - so I could present sort of an outline, and the user could expand the details as they need
      • One of the nice uses is "show me pictures" where some people are more visual - yet you don't clutter the page with pictures
      • Wish list: a "show all" for people who just want to read everything without so much clicking on [show]
Ward Christensen April 02, 2011, at 05:46 PM

FYI Your wish is already a reality. See the Cookbook:Toggle documentation, which I've updated to show how. RandyB April 02, 2011, at 08:22 PM

Lars Eighner's xxxWiki is an ADULT site, but the home page is PG at the moment. This is a 3-column source-ordered div-based layout taken almost verbatim from one of the Ruthsarian gargoyles layouts. Not all of the tables have been eliminated from all the pages (e.g. the edit help table) and group sidebar content has not been fully developed.

Hello.. alot of the links on this page are out of date.. is that OK?

The Internet evolves and some people may have dropped or lost their domains, or migrated away from PmWiki. We should probably review the links and either remove the dead ones or link to the last PmWiki-powered version on UpdateMe --Petko

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