(Present only when the in-built AuthUser username/password functionality is used). An array of different authentication mechanisms to be used for user authentication. Array keys are a tag for the mechanism; values are a function callback that will be called with the properties $pagename, $id, $password, and $pwlist. Oh... could someone else make this make sense, please?!

How about the following:

(effective only when the built-in AuthUser functionality is enabled). This is an (associative) array used to define custom authentication mechanisms. The array keys are names (a.k.a. tags) of authentication methods, and the values are authentication callback functions. Authentication callbacks are functions that take five arguments $pagename, $id (username), $password, $pwlist, and $authlist, and return boolean values: true if authentication succeeds and false otherwise. To configure custom authentication mechanisms, add an entry to $AuthUser using the authentication method's name as array key; the value is passed as the $pwlist argument to the authentication callback. For example, if a custom authentication method is configured using $AuthUser['custompw'] = '123' (in local/config.php), then during the actual authentication process the function $AuthUserFunctions['custompw'] is called with arguments $pagename = name of the page from which login is initiated, $id = username submitted in the login form, $password = password submitted in the login form, $pwlist = ['123'] (this is auto-converted from the value specified in the config to an array). I'm not sure what $authlist does (I know it's there from reading the authuser.php source code, but it's unclear what purpose it serves).

What is the difference btwn $HandleAuth & $AuthCascade?

overtones99 June 22, 2008, at 02:18 PM

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