Can PmWiki be installed using Composer?

PmWiki does not have dependencies from other PHP libraries or projects, there is no need for a dependency manager to install or maintain it. No automatic updates are officially supported, administrators are advised to read Upgrades and Release Notes before upgrading. --Petko September 22, 2018, at 03:50 AM

Are not 'pmwiki recipes' dependencies for pmwiki?

The PmWiki core doesn't depend on recipes to function. If anything, PmWiki is a dependency (is required) for most cookbook recipes.

In some cases, it may be needed to extract files with an additional p switch:

  tar -zxvpf pmwiki-latest.tgz

This document needs some clarification. At one point it says to create an index.php file with the text:

 <?php include('pmwiki.php');  

A few lines down, it says to create a file with the text:

 <?php include_once('pmwiki.php');  

I'm unsure which is correct.

Both will work exactly the same way in this case. In other cases, like recipes in the Cookbook, we use include_once(); . --Petko September 07, 2009, at 04:16 PM

You could also use require() or require_once() the same way, for an error message if pmwiki.php is not found. --Fatman? October 01, 2010, at 07:51 AM

To make pmwiki.php the default page for the pmwiki/ resource, it is not necessary (well, sometimes, see below) to rename pmwiki.php or add a malformed index.php. Instead, add a file named .htaccess with the content:

 DirectoryIndex pmwiki.php

Much cleaner. However this does assume that the web host allows you to create .htaccess files, is running Apache and will honour the DirectoryIndex command in .htaccess files. --Fatman? October 01, 2010, at 07:46 AM

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