Hi, could someone please tell me how to not have a sidebar in edit mode. huge advantage it would be. One could fit window in a smaller desktop space when working with other windows at the same time.
Maybe a permanent way and a way to quickly select and deselect for it...
Pierre Rousseau. Nov 25, 2021.

Yes, you can place the directive (:noleft:) in the "edit form" page. For most skins, the page is "Site.EditForm" which you can edit like any other page on the wiki. Some skins may need to use (:noright:) instead. Very rarely, a skin or a recipe provides a separate/custom "edit form" page, and you should edit that page instead. See PmWiki:PageDirectives. --Petko November 25, 2021, at 07:45 PM

Can we get a list page directory of wiki's powered by pmwiki similar to Sites using mediawiki?

See Success stories, Failure stories, and PmWiki users. --Petko December 09, 2020, at 05:45 AM

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