Hi, could someone please tell me how to not have a sidebar in edit mode. huge advantage it would be. One could fit window in a smaller desktop space when working with other windows at the same time.
Maybe a permanent way and a way to quickly select and deselect for it...
Pierre Rousseau. Nov 25, 2021.

Yes, you can place the directive (:noleft:) in the "edit form" page. For most skins, the page is "Site.EditForm" which you can edit like any other page on the wiki. Some skins may need to use (:noright:) instead. Very rarely, a skin or a recipe provides a separate/custom "edit form" page, and you should edit that page instead. See PmWiki:PageDirectives. --Petko November 25, 2021, at 07:45 PM

Can we get a list page directory of wiki's powered by pmwiki similar to Sites using mediawiki?

See Success stories, Failure stories, and PmWiki users. --Petko December 09, 2020, at 05:45 AM


I have a question related with storage. I would like to have like a "hashmap"/"table" to store some information about my users and then access that info from the wiki. Is there something like this in PmWiki??

Thanks a lot!! Trini

You can probably use PageTextVariables with userpages in the Profiles/ WikiGroup. This is an advanced feature but allows quite powerful things using PageLists, templates, conditionals and expressions. --Petko June 24, 2014, at 02:49 PM

Hello Petko!

I created a file calle Bioinfo.example.d which contains just:


And then I tried to load this variable from my wiki like this:

Bioinformatics.UsersExperiment$:tram? and

But I don't have the number 1... Any idea??



Hi Trini - I suggest you read about PageTextVariables - they are not stored in a file such as the one you created, but rather in a page that you can access via markup. So if you created a new PmWiki page called BioinfoExample and on it put the text trm:1 at the beginning of a line, you would be able to use this markup on any page: {BioinfoExample$:trm} to see 1

RandyB June 26, 2014, at 09:26 AM

Hello Petko,

The problem is the tree directory I guess, I mean I don't know from where I have to start the path to call the file, I have the wiki in a server and inside the server /www/wiki/wiki.d/BioinfoExample.users.d I have tried full path but I doesn't work...

Thanks a lot!!


You don't edit files in directories, you browse your wiki installation with your browser and edit pages in the browser, like you've edited this page here. The hashmap/table data is text in your wiki "page" (not "file" - let PmWiki manage the files). --Petko July 01, 2014, at 02:48 PM

Hello Petko,

I found out, that a link to the Skins-Group [[Skins/Skins]] -> Skins works fine in the, but if you browse a downloaded page (such as pages from the PmWikiFr group) in your local wiki, this link appears to be broken, i. e. with this little superscript question mark. I found a workaround: [[(]] -> Skins, but it would be easier, if there is another entry like


in the intermap.txt file, so you can write [[Skins:Skins]] as you do it with the cookbook an its recipes -- and perhaps the same for other special groups.


When trying to go to, Norton Antivirus gives me a warning that the page might be dangerous: (I am using a text-based browser on Linux now, which I assume to be fairly safe.) Can anybody confirm if or if not there are threats present on this page? Thanks methom

Thanks for your message. As we have open uploads to some sections of the wiki, there may be some unsafe uploaded file. Unfortunately the Norton website does not specify which exact file/url is unsafe. I'm reviewing it right now. --Petko March 30, 2014, at 03:59 AM

There was indeed one infected DOS executable in a zip archive attached to the Cookbook -- it could be dangerous if extracted from the archive and launched. It was not linked to by any page, and now it is deleted. There were also 4 PHP exploits targeted at our server (trying to attack us, not our visitors), but as we don't allow execution of uploaded files, that wouldn't work. These were also not linked to by any page, and are now deleted. Moreover, we now have a notification system allowing us to review all recent uploads as they come so such a problem shouldn't happen again. Thanks. --Petko April 13, 2014, at 04:08 PM

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