If you want to set the upload directory to be the pmwiki/pub/images directory instead of pmwiki/uploads, you can use this:

$UploadDir = "pub/images"; # on both Windows and Unix

If you want anyone to be able to upload images to any page while editing as easily as possible, you can consider these settings:

$EnableGUIButtons = 1;
$EnableUpload = 1;
$UploadPrefixFmt = '';
$UploadDir = "pub/images";
$FmtPV['$Imagedir'] = "'http://putyournamehere/pmwiki/pub/images/'"; #This line may not be necessary, try it if it does not work otherwise
$UploadMaxSize = 500000;
$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = '';
$DDMUEnableDropzone = 1;
include_once ("$FarmD/cookbook/ddmu.php");  #Make sure you download and add these cookbook entries as well.

PHP itself has two limits on file uploads (usually located in /etc/php.ini). The first is the upload_max_filesize parameter, which is set to 2M by default. The second is post_max_size, which is set to 6M by default.

after not finding /etc/php.ini on my site, and looking around online for clues, i discovered that putting the following code in your .htaccess file at your website's root allows you to knock up your upload_max_filesize (the max size limit of a single file you're uploading) from 2MB to 8MB (running PHP 4.4.8):

          <IfModule mod_php4.c>
          php_value upload_max_filesize 8M

overtones99 July 10, 2008, at 03:19 AM

How can I find orphaned or missing attachments

For older versions of PmWiki, see Cookbook:Attachlist enhanced "How to list missing or orphaned attachments.",
for version 2.2 or higher see Cookbook:Attachtable "Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references."

How can I prevent hotlinking of my uploaded images

See Cookbook:Prevent Hotlinking Prevent hotlinking of uploaded files

I have limited the max upload size to 8 MB in config.php, however only files smaller than 2MB can be uploaded.

Check your php.ini for upload_max_filesize

upload_max_filesize = 8M

If you cannot access your php.ini directly try to soften server limits in the root .htaccess file:

php_value post_max_size 63M
php_value upload_max_filesize 62M
php_value memory_limit 64M
php_value max_execution_time 600
php_value default_socket_timeout 600

How can I upload multiple files at once?

See the following recipes: DragDropMultiUpload, MultiUpload, UploadForm.

Is it possible to eliminate the "Name attachment as:" box so the uploaded file uses the same filename and the selected file?

Yes. Put the following code into you config.php file:

$PageUploadFmt = array("
  <div id='wikiupload'>
  <h2 class='wikiaction'>$[Attachments for] {\$FullName}</h2>
  <form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='{\$PageUrl}'
  <input type='hidden' name='n' value='{\$FullName}' />
  <input type='hidden' name='action' value='postupload' />
  <table border='0'>
    <tr><td align='right'>$[File to upload:]</td><td><input
      name='uploadfile' type='file' /><input type='submit'
value='Upload' /></td></tr></table></form></div>",

In my lan-only pmwiki, how can I authorize ANY upload, without any size nor type checking? At the moment, I force my lan-only fully-trusted users to use a container such as .tar... Mhhh... Not that nice.

Is there anyway we can get the MS-Office 2007 extension types (docx, xlsx, pptx) put in as defaults in upload.php for the next release? This is easy to fix, and I do fix it, but it seems like these ought to be in the base distribution.

I want to separate uploaded files (pictures) in a per page subdirectories structure.

However all uploaded files are landing in my /uploads directory independent of the value of $UploadPrefixFmt (intended to be $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group/$Name';) In addition, if I manually create a subdirectory like /uploads/Group name/Page name and copy some files into it I expect fx. the Mini:*"|TEXT" command to create at galley of the files in the appropriate directory. How to control the uploading process to the intended directory and to get access to the intended files in the gallery?

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