PmWeekly, September 27, 2017

Update for PmWiki activity September 11 - September 27, 2017: documentation, internationalization, 20+ recipes and 60+ skins updated or discussed, discussions about blog features, URL approvals, skin testing, replace-on-save patterns, and databases as a page storage (MySQL and MongoDB), cookbook bug reports and patches.

Subversion changes to the core

Change log. You can get the latest, yet unpublished PmWiki code from Subversion or download as a ZIP archive.

  • Fix bug with WikiWord links.
  • The documentation was updated, see below.

Documentation, Internationalization

The documentation pages Functions and Custom Markup were updated to specify that the PSS() function need not be used with the new style markup rules with callback functions.

The German documentation was updated. You can download it here.


On the mailing list:

  • A thread about an external link that fails to be approved (the link comes from an included page, so it must be approved on that original page).
  • A thread about testing skins from the URL. On, one can add "?skin=name" to view the current page with a different skin, or "?setskin=name" to change the skin for the current session. The recipe SkinChange does this and can be installed on other wikis.
  • A thread about a custom $ROSPatterns function.
  • A question should the recipes SelectQuery, DataQuery, and DataPlates be updated by their developer.
  • Can PmWiki pages be populated using a database like Mongo DB? (yes, write a custom PageStore class, examples).

In the PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System (please comment, vote):

  • BlogFeatures (This is a follow-on to PITS:00028, requesting blog support in PmWiki) Scheduling with automatic publication should be considered as a potential feature.

Cookbook (addons, modules, skins)

Recipes updated:

  • Ape: Automagical PmWiki Embed (Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages) by Petko : Added as a provider Google custom maps (including satellite photos). Added notes about privacy and dependency concerns when embedding content from external sources.

  • Fox (Form processor to add, replace, copy, delete content plus upload files and send email notifications using templates and Input markup) by HansB : Updated external links to documentation and downloads.

  • GoogleSitemaps (How to submit a complete list of web pages to google) by XES : Improved documentation.

  • XESBlog-Talk (Provide blog application functionality for one point installation.) by XES : Attached a version of the main script compatible with PHP 5.5-7.2.


  • BlogIt-Talk (Provides a complete blogging system, using in-built PmWiki features -- additional features are supported through existing cookbooks.) by SaidAchmiz : Added code when $ScriptUrl doesn't include a protocol which breaks some sidebar icons.

  • CMSBundle-Talk (Some scripts that add features useful for a CMS-type installation.) by XES : Note that CSS display:none still outputs HTML.

  • JumpBox-Talk (A pull down menu that can be used for navigation) by Armin : Added sample code to open jumpbox links in new browser windows.

  • ShortCutsMarkup-Talk (Gives easy access to creating some types of custom markup.) by XES : Added section Use Case: Dialogue and complex wikistyles with that recipe.

  • SimplePieDisplay (Add an RSS feed to a page using SimplePie) by XES : Reporting missing files in package.

  • TextExtract-Talk (search, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression.) by Frank : The recipe works fine when the custom page store class is enabled.

  • Toggle-Talk (Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page) by Simon : Reporting a possible bug when the "hide" message is empty.

  • VideoAttach-Talk (Handles Attach: videos, provides a video directive and optional support for popular Video Upload sites.) by XES : Suggestion to make the markup configurable so that it be used on existing wikis that have markups from older recipes.

  • XMLRPC-Talk (How to communicate with PmWiki via the XML-RPC protocol) by XES : Note to review other APIs like JSON, and the editors that support those.

Skins and recipes reviewed and/or updated and marked compatible with PHP 7.2


  • Academian A tan skin with a gradient red header and brown highlights by Ian MacGregor
  • Alalike Loosely based on the A List Apart site by
  • Barthelme A minimalist skin where white space and margins can show culture and aestheticism, ported from the Barthelme Wordpress theme by
  • Blue Freedom A White skin with a blue header by
  • Blog Skin A blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills by
  • BlueBerry xhtml 1.1 and css 2.0 conform blue skin by Ingo Reimund
  • BlueFur Blue Fur skin has kind of a 60's feel, rounded and reminiscent of bad shag carpet by
  • Bluehead Elegant looking white skin with a dark blue header and grey background by
  • Blues This skin has the blues by
  • Boira Boira skin by simkin
  • BS-001 PmWiki skin This is a dark theme intended to be a 'gaming' theme. It was converted from a php-nuke theme by
  • Bs-002 Bs-002 Skin - This is a theme is ported from a php-nuke theme for use with pmwiki. by None
  • Cinnamon Clean skin with red, brown and gray highlights by
  • Evolver a skin that demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate both UserAuth and CMSLike, based upon the OSWD Evolver design by
  • Flckr Tabless skin, inspired by the layout and colors of the site by CarlosAB
  • Grayness Aa blue and gray skin that is easy on the eyes in most lighting conditions by
  • JH Tabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home by
  • JHMP More tabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home with Mac-like images by
  • Kaylen Kaylen is a dark and modified version of the default PmWiki skin. by
  • Lean A clean, minimalist skin that was created with usability in mind by
  • Leaves A skin using light tones of orange, gray and white by
  • Lens Super customisable skin with most skin furniture, such as the footer and action list, stored in wikipages by
  • Lines Skin for a website where PmWiki is used as a CMS-System for easy website maintenance, not be easily seen that it's based on a Wiki by
  • Lt9602 Finnish design, idealistic, "Clean", compact and simple skin inspired by Lean and by
  • Marathon A lean and clean ski with a TopNav bar by
  • Marble A dark marble background with a semi-transparent appearance for the wiki content by
  • Mobile Plain vanilla PmWiki responsive template that is compatible with mobile devices. by XES
  • Mouse an HTML5 skin using wiki pages to define page elements by
  • Neat tableless skin with blue and gray colors, inspired by sinorca and roundflow skins. by CarlosAB
  • Neutral A 2007 proposition to be the default distribution skin for 2.2 by
  • NewsPaper WordPress skin adapated for PmWiki. by CarlosAB
  • Night A dark skin with green highlights by
  • Not2Simple fork of already excellent NotSoSimple skin which adds a new CSS based multi level popup menu by
  • Notebook-NT Simple div (no table) version of default PmWiki skin. by V.Krishn
  • NotSoSimple The 'simple' skin with the added width to 900px, and Site.SideBar on the left side by
  • Papyrus A simple skin, inspired by Parchment. Responsive / mobile-friendly. by Said Achmiz
  • Parchment A tan skin with brown hilights and mimics aged papyrus for its background by
  • PhpNet The look, shamelessly modified version of Lean skin by
  • Plain A skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills by
  • PmWiki-Divs pure css based skin in the style of the pmwiki default skin by Henrik Bechmann (
  • Pmwiki-dt (A simple tableless skin for PmWiki) Simple div(no table) version of default PmWiki skin. by V.Krishn
  • PmWiki2Bars This skin is a simple extension of PmWiki's default skin to add another side bar on the right side. by Laszlo Szathmary -> mailto:jabba [period] laci [snail] gmail [period] com
  • PmWikiV1 The skin used in PmWiki version 1 and the PmWiki version 2 beta series by
  • RedBerry xhtml 1.1 and css 2.0 conform blue skin by Ingo Reimund
  • RoseTrellis Skin A CMS-style skin. Action links are hidden. by Sandy
  • Rounded A blue and white skin which is great for blogs by
  • Royale A light skin with a gradient purple header and gold highlights by Ian MacGregor
  • SchlaeferTwo Originally developed for by
  • Simple Sidebar accessible available through popup menu to save valuable space, minimal menu by
  • SimpleTab For a website with menu tabs for groups without making it look like a conventional wiki by
  • SimplyImpact SimplyImpact provides a two column layout based on the blueprint-css-framework, which has to top navigation list and a tab for socialmedia buttons. by MatthiasGünther
  • Sinorca Tableless skin, based on sinorca skin by Haran. by CarlosAB
  • SkinChange change skin via query or cookie setting by Petko (original author: Pm)
  • Skin Guidelines A set of tips for skin design and packaging skins for distribution by Hagan Fox
  • Soma A colorful, simple and functional skin, using tables and css by
  • SomethingCorporate crossbrowser CSS layout from oswd by
  • SsofbJoomlaRhuk A CSS based skin with a choice of six colors, based on a Joomla template. by AndyG
  • Stripped A skin intended for hunting bugs in HTML generation by
  • Technobabble tester on graphic web design template by Maurizio 'Napo' Napolitano
  • Textpattern4 a textpattern style theme by z
  • Trish A white skin with a gradient blue header, blue highlights and a fancy background by
  • UselessTuesday A bit narrow, dominated by dark blue by
  • Vector Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010) by Said Achmiz
  • WikiLove A modification of the default skin with a nice clean look by

(total: 64 pages)


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