Brand new user, as of December 2005.

Housewife, mother of two, former professional engineer and technical writer. Hobbies include fanfiction writing and crafts. Started advertising Onebit Websites in early 2008.

I spent ages looking for a CMS system for my personal site. They were either dead projects, too new, too large, or for people who were willing to edit the core code to get the functions they wanted. Or they had too many chiefs.

Then I discovered wikis, and tried a few of them. PmWiki impressed me because there is a clear vision which matches what I'm looking for. No one recommends changing the core files to get the features I want (totally ignoring the pain when the core files are updated). More than enough addons, of the types I'm looking for.

The user group is active and helpful. There is always someone else who has solved a similar problem.

My first professional site was for the kids' playschool, before I discovered PmWiki.

Formerly known as Susan.

Pages I monitor: