Stefan Schimanski

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I would love to know a bit about which plugins you used to implemented your blog at Some of it is obvious based on your list of contributed plugins, but some not. For example what did you use as the actual Blog plugin? What did you use as the theme? Thanks! -- Profiles.AdamShand

  • In fact I think everything is available at Using HansB's BlogSimple2 recipe as the basis. The theme is my own, just look at the HTML source. Otherwise I make heavy use of the categories, mainly using my ListCategories recipe and several pagelist here and there. Anything specific you want to know? Profiles.Sts

Hoping you might update ProtectEmil, especially the regex since it does not seem to offer protection for some mailto links, I just tested it on my site[1] like the comment on the recipe page and was dismayed to find my email addresses exposed.
thanks - Simon