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It no longer works with the current pmwiki...

Why use markup expression markup, i.e.

{(video attachment-path.mp4 //<option>=<value>//)}

rather than standard directive markup? e.g.

(:video attachment-path.mp4 <option>=<value>:)
simon May 19, 2017, at 04:28 AM

Newer? Better? MarkupExpr has more batteries included. Less work. ccox May 19, 2017, at 05:21 PM

Thanks for the answer. I feel that while your recipe is great, the markup is not in fact, a markup expression, and is therefore confusing. See also PmWiki philosophy, that is I see making it easier to produce content. I would be happy to help you create a directive version.

simon May 19, 2017, at 04:28 AM

My only concern is the presence of many named "video" directives out there (feel free to suggest a name). For now I created a simple wrapper at my demo site, just a wrapper around the MarkupExpr. ccox May 23, 2017, at 05:24 PM

That's not a concern in some ways it could be a feature -- many older video handlers are "dead" and need either updating or a complete overhaul. I'd love for example (:youtube CODE:) that actually works and supports HTML5, and I could just swap a recipe rather than update every instance of markup code. If the markup changes I have to go overhaul about 25 PmWiki websites and all their content hunting down instances of embedded flash or youtube or vimeo videos -- a little intelligent programming and you can auto-detect different types and compensate for them (i.e. (:youtube CODE:) is easy to parse. .flv is easy. etc.) -- this will help handle flash->html5 support for YouTube videos for example. That would be a wonderful thing. Best thing is, the admin doesn't have to use a plug-in they don't like or (in my case) be migrating servers from php5-> 7.0 overnight and have to fix dozens of websites. :) Just 1 plug-in all the sites could share (and hopefully "just work") --that would be lovely. Here I go hunting down a fix to the old flash plug-ins... because this one isn't ready. :/ Worry less about using the same markup, or make it configurable (you can do that with PmWiki!) so that admins can decide whether to have this recipe replace current processing markup or use something new. The default could be (:va:) (for Video Attach) and allow it to be an SDVA so I could make it (:youtube:) on this site or (:vimeo:) on another etc. depending on what a client used. If it's an array, one could create multiple markups to run the same recipe. That may be beyond what you want to do -- just saying don't worry as much about it being markup that might overlap. I want 1 recipe to "rule them all" as far as videos go. XES September 22, 2017, at 07:11 AM

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