I use PmWiki:

  • for a personal wiki for odd-and-ends at on my home PC and laptop (synced with unison)
  • as the Wiki for our intranet at work (which I administer)


Recipe Page Discussion Version # Summary
Cluster Cluster-Talk 2017-06-21

Group-clustering recipe.

FauxTrail FauxTrail-Talk 0.01

Enable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail

HandyTableOfContents HandyTableOfContents-Talk 2023-03-20

Handy Client-side Table of Contents

IncludeUpload IncludeUpload-Talk 20190126

Include an uploaded (attached) text or HTML file into a PmWiki page

Tagger Tagger-Talk 2017-06-21

Easy tagging into multiple category groups.