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The marker <!--HTMLFooter--> is standard and required for the skin template -- if your skin doesn't have one, please add it before the last </body> marker near the end of the template.

Thanks Petko, This got me started to make just what I needed!

2020-09-26 I added Markup to Create Toggle-Text and to select your Toggle-block

to use directly from the Editor - Please see the ClassTags recipe.

This adds Markup to select a block of content to toggle, and then another Markup to insert toggle-text immediately before that.
There is also a variation Markup to insert a small icon (really an image, with the 'toggle' class) to use instead of the Toggle-Text.

Width of the toggle button

Hello, I've tried to use Un Toggle with images (as a "button" object) and everything works fine but the "switcher" instead of using only the image perimeter goes along the screen width range of the image height (working example:http://zapgun.pt/wiki/index.php/BroccoliTeste/HomePage - pass(also to edit):tomita).
In the 3rd image of the above link I've used a "div" with the width of the image.
Is this recipe designed to work with images as "toggle" switchers?
Tank You, Tomita June 17, 2009

No, the full >>toggle<< region is the switch, in this case it is 100% wide. But you can have >>toggle width=321px<< to reduce its width (or style the "div.toggle" element in your pub/css/local.css file for all your pages). Look at how I modified your -Draft page. --Petko June 17, 2009, at 05:37 PM

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