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tamouse November 18, 2012, at 10:32 AM: the following shows up in the $Taglist:

This is in the [[!MyCategory]] Category

This is in the MyCategory Category

But this does not:

(:Categories: [[!MyCategory]] :)

danraymond? March 8, 2010 Hi, Can you please tell me how to change colours etc of the tag cloud (where is the CSS I can alter. Thank you

gb December 22, 2009, at 08:54 PM * Hi Eemeli ! How can I do to exclude keywords from being counted as categories in the cloud ; it is said « By default Bloge-Tags assumes that page keywords, categories and tags all mean the same thing, but is configurable to believe otherwise. » In other words, I would like to restrict Bloge-Tags's process exclusively to categories (nothing else). Thank you.

xian? December 02, 2009: Remark, that - doing $LinkCategoryFmt = ' '; - one (only me?) cannot use the TagList as TagCloud, because it's tags are invisible too. Maybe they are inside die $TagList-Variable, but they are not displayed

SH 2009-10-13: Number of tags can grow very quickly. Could the count= option be implemented ? Thanks

Done. —Eemeli Aro 2009-10-13

SteP 2009-09-13: I found some issues while trying to create a tag cloud in the sidebar with just the bloge-taglist recipe, not the whole bloge bundle. I want the cloud to list all $CategoryGroup tags, for a given list of groups, regardless of which wiki page is currently being displayed. In other words, the cloud should never change as I browse the wiki; it should change only when new tags get added. Instead here the cloud changes with every visited page, i.e., Main.HomePage, Category.Category, Blog.Subject, OtherGroup,OtherPage, etc.

I tried the following experiment, which failed keeping the cloud fixed (I thought that basepage could do the trick...):

in Category.Category
(:pagelist group=Main,Blog*,Category,OtherGroup fmt=tags:)
in Site.SideBar
(:include Category/#tagcloud#tagcloudend basepage=Category.Category:)

However, if I add order=freq to the pagelist, then the sidebar cloud does stay fixed, as I want it to be. Does this behavior happen by accident or by design? How can I keep the cloud fixed without sorting it by frequency?

One more issue, without order=freq, if I edit and save Category.Category, it displays differently-sized fonts, which is correct. However, if I then refresh the page (in FF or Opera), all tags change to the same, default font size, and stay that way until the next page edit.

I'm not really sure what's happening here, and I don't have the resources just now to reproduce this, but it might be something odd with caching or other pagelist internals. So it's a bug, not a feature.

First, check that your pagelist is giving you the same set of pages on each of these pages using another fmt= value than tags. You could also try and see what happens with order=name.

In any case, Bloge-Tags now no longer passes on the sort parameter to MakePageList, as the parameter is used to sort tags, not pages. This may have either fixed your problem, stopped your fix from working at all, or done nothing. —Eemeli Aro 2009-10-13

Thanks Eemeli, the new version solved all the issues I reported. SteP 2009-10-16

SteP 2009-09-13: I would like to exclude two tags from the tag cloud computation, is it possible? Those two tags are so frequent that they push all other tags to the minimum font size, effectively making the cloud "flat" and less useful.

SteP 2009-10-13: This is one way I found to exclude a list of tags, tag1|tag2|tag3... from the cloud. Change this original code:
	foreach( $matches as $page ) {
		preg_match_all("/\b{$BlogeTag['group']}\.([^,]+)/", @$page['targets'], $tm);
		if ($tm) foreach( $tm[1] as $t ) {
			if (empty($tags[$t])) $tags[$t] = 1;
			else ++$tags[$t];
to this code:
	foreach( $matches as $page ) {
		preg_match_all("/\b{$BlogeTag['group']}\.([^,]+)/", @$page['targets'], $tm);
		if ($tm) foreach( $tm[1] as $t ) {
                  if(! preg_match('/^(tag1|tag2|tag3)$/i',$t) ) {
			if (empty($tags[$t])) $tags[$t] = 1;
			else ++$tags[$t];
This is now fixed with the tagfilter option. —Eemeli Aro 2009-10-13

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