In real life my name is Gilles and I speak French. Here on PmWiki, my name is Gb and I write broken English.
Using PmWiki at, about French language (mostly slang).

Recipes I use


Remove nofollow | /$group and not /$group/$group | Bookmarklets for all sites using PmWiki | Get a title for internal existing links | Have template for new page using $EditTemplatesFmt

Code I use

  • Get revision number rxx ; page created is numbered N ; included in resume (from Petko)

    #---------------COMPTEUR DE REVISIONS-----------------------------
    $FmtPV['$RevCount'] = '$page["rev"]';
    #---------------REVISIONS DANS HISTORIQUE-----------------------------
    array_unshift($EditFunctions, "NumeroRevision");
    function NumeroRevision($pagename,$page,&$new)
     global $EnablePost, $ChangeSummary, $Now;
     if (!$EnablePost) return;
     $rev = intval(@$page['rev'])+1;
     if($rev==1) $ajout = "N";
     else $ajout = "r$rev";
     $new['csum'] .= " $ajout";
     $new["csum:$Now"] .= " $ajout";
     $ChangeSummary .= " $ajout";
  • Have blockquote markup (

    function HTMLBlock($block, $name, $attr) {
      global $MarkupFrame;
      $attr = PQA($attr);
      $name = strtolower($name);
      $key = preg_replace('/end$/', '', $name);
      $out = '<:block>'.MarkupClose($key);
      if (substr($name, -3) == 'end') return $out;
      $cf = & $MarkupFrame[0]['closeall'];
      $out .= "<$block $attr>";
      $cf[$key] = "</$block>";
      return $out;
    Markup('blockquote', '<block',

Good looking sites using PmWiki

(I still suggest a dedicated page to show some good and/or modern sites using pmwiki, for style, for inspiration and for how-to. Sort of showcase).