Summary: List skins installed on a site
Version: 20171115
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.56, SkinChange
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Petko
License: Unknown
Categories: Skins PHP72 PHP74
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Discussion: SkinList-Talk


How can I get a list of skins installed on a site?


The skinlist.phpΔ recipe provides a simple (:skinlist:) directive to do this.

In your local/config.php file, include the line:



This recipe adds a (:skinlist:) markup, which displays a list of available skins for a site.



The $PageSkinList array may contain custom skins to be included or excluded from the listings:

  $PageSkinList['goodskin'] =  1; # add a skin the recipe doesn't seem to find
  $PageSkinList['baadskin'] = -2; # do not list this skin even if available

Unlisting skins is possible since version 20171115.


This recipe requires SkinChange.

Release notes

  • 20190903 Update for PHP 7.4 (Petko)
  • 20171115 Update for PHP 7.2, document $PageSkinList, negative numbers will delist a skin (Petko)
  • 20160407 Update for PHP 5.5 (Petko)

See Also


  • Maintainer: Petko
  • Original author: probably Pm


See SkinList-Talk

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