Current Sites

Here's a list of sites I've helped set up or maintain using pmwiki:

  • http://www.placentiabay.ca - placentiabay.ca has been set up for the citizens of Placentia Bay Newfoundland to post community and event info. Lot's of activity on the Merasheen section, with evolving interest in the Events section. Looking to promote in my hometown of Placentia Newfoundland :)
  • http://www.laval.k12.nf.ca/pub/ - a pmwiki install on my school's website
    • Here's a link to my 'Teacher Page' - I did a lot of Academic work related to wikis, and used pmwiki to publish a lot of my work (this formerly could be found on the William Gillett website - which for some reason cannot be accessed!)
  • http://www.sae.k12.nf.ca/ - helped install pmwiki for St. Anthony Elementary