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I'm trying to make a wiki web site for my gaming community to replace our forum... wow, ambitious ^^
I have no experience with php at all.
Here is the adress if you want to visit

  • 14 May 05
    ok, let's start with it. I put my pmWiki online, and chose the Evolver skin. Up to here, very easy !!!
    -->I don't want my users to lose their way within the Groups, so I tried to have everything in one unique group which I renamed 'Forum'. Mostly, I struggled with the SideBarNameChange.
    In the end, I managed to change the names of the $DefaultGroup, the $AuthorGroup and I also had to rewrite evolver.php so that the sidebar belongs to the same Group.
    I was able to include a "recentchange" button on the top right of the skin which I found was missing.
    1. To add the 'Recentchanges' button, I added 'nouveautes' => '<td bgcolor="#6C856C" class="action" align="center"><a class="navlink" href="">derniers messages</a></td>' under the $CmsLikeMenuItems variable, and the $CmsLikeMenuItems['nouveautes'] in the CmsLikeMenuFmt function in evolver.php
    2. To change the default sidebar name and groups, I replaced <!--wiki:$Group.SideBar Main.SideBar--> in evolver.tmpl with <!--wiki:Forum.Menu $Group.Menu Main.Menu-->
  • 16 May 05
    All Skin and Group issues once resolved, I turned to customizing my WikiDDA. I loaded the french translation cfg, as well as the XL page. Basically everything seems fine except the color styles which remain in english. As it it a small issue I havn't tried to fix it yet
  • 17 May 05
    More customization : I added the following Cookbook recipies :
    1. Forum2 (perfect)
    2. Dictindex?
    3. Simuledit? (was getting a blank page when simultaneous editing - havn't check with this addon yet)
    4. Menu? (they are fine ! except that they dont' work well in the SideBar. Therefore I don't use them. Also, it wasn't possible to include a list of Recentchanges in the hmenus -> Suggestion)
  • 18 Mai 05
    Installed the WikiSmileys. I added about 40 smileys !!! But somehow, they just corrupted all the pages :( In the end I had them all work fine except that they conflicted with the # numbered list symbol. So I turned back to the original smiley.php file, and after I found it also conflicted with (:markup:), I had to add a nose :-) to all of them.
    After so much efforts, I was disappointed but at least they seem to work without conflict now !
  • 03 June 05
    1. I've added the MarkupExtensions to be able to create a WikiForm. This automatically added some changed to my wiki pages, noteworthy : the sidebar link is now highlighted (I don't like the color of it but I don't know where to change it) and wikiwords were spaced (I could fix it by commenting some lines in the code). The WikiForm is a nice tool, but I'm so limited in my php knowledge that I cannot use it for my purpose. Mainly, I would like to be able to set the name of the new pages as I wish (not a number set by the program).
    2. I've added a 'backlink' button in the skin with [[Main.SearchWiki?q=$FullName | Backlink]].
    3. I've got an error message with the search and pagelist markup :
      Warning: No ending delimiter '!' found in /web/client/ on line 620
    This line shows up about a hundred times, followed by :
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at
    /web/client/ in
    /web/client/ on line 704
    I would like to fix it...
    Done ! At last... it was a mistake in the config.php... a "!" was missing after one of the variables...

(You can edit anything under this line ^_^)