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Comments for v.0.9.2

Here's my Categories function:

function MyMarkletCategories($pn) {
    global $MarkletCategories;
    $cats = array();
    if (sizeof((array)$MarkletCategories)
        && $MarkletCategories[0] !='') 
      foreach((array)$MarkletCategories as $c) $cats[] = $c;
    else {
      # list the normal pages in the group
      $pages = ListPages("/^$group.*/");
      foreach ($pages as $p) {
	if (!preg_match("/(GroupHeader|GroupFooter|Template$|SideBar|RecentChanges)/", $p)) {
	    list(, $c) = MarkletSplitPagename($p);
	    if ($c != '') $cats[] = $c;
    return $cats;

-- Kathryn Andersen August 04, 2006, at 09:40 PM

Comments for v.0.9.1

  • Need to fix dup bug. (By Andrew Standfield)
    • Embarassed. I should have recognized the md5() for an empty

string. I changed a variable name everywhere but the key.BenWilson August 04, 2006, at 12:40 AM

  • Want to toggle dup mark. (By Andrew Standfield)
    • Now, the duplication mark is a site-customizeable string.

I'm using Markups to allow the admin to toggle them at will. BenWilson August 04, 2006, at 12:40 AM

  • Want master bookmark dump. (By Andrew Standfield)
    • This is accomplished via (:pagelist:), so I will not

duplicate effort. BenWilson August 04, 2006, at 12:40 AM

  • Want different category approach. (By Kathryn Andersen)
    • Not exactly what you want, but I'm allowing the automatic

method to be overridden by a master category array. This will allow the site-admin to code their own behavior, or statically add their own categories (thus limiting browser-based additions. BenWilson August 04, 2006, at 12:40 AM

Comments for v.0.9

  • Er, the markup (:marklet:) doesn't work. I looked in the source and it seems that the correct markup is (:makemark:). -- Kathryn Andersen August 02, 2006, at 05:32 PM
    • I hope to have corrected this in the next release (0.9.1). Kathryn suggest a few other features that I reported on the Release Notes section of Cookbook:Marklets.BenWilson August 03, 2006, at 03:00 PM

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