PmWeekly, June 19, 2017

Update for PmWiki activity last week: Core, Documentation about upcoming PHP version 7.2 and the need to update some modules, i18n, 65+ recipes and skins updated or reviewed.


PmWiki entries at Wikipedia and WikiMatrix were updated.

Subversion changes to the core

Change log. You can get the latest, yet unpublished PmWiki code from Subversion or download as a ZIP archive.

  • Update Wikipedia InterMap entry to secure https.

Documentation, Internationalization

Custom markup: Important information for recipe authors and local customizations: the Markup_e() function is deprecated and may not work as of PHP 7.2. New recipes should not use this function, but should pass a custom "function name" as a 4th argument to the Markup() call. Existing recipes and customizations should be migrated to the other format. See Custom markup.

Update to the page PmWiki.UTF-8 about rtl and ltr classes. Update PmWiki.Internationalizations with how to select a language based on the language of the visitor browser.

Update to the page PmWiki.Functions about the function Qualify, and added entry for $QualifyPatterns.

Update to the German translation. Added PmWikiEl.XLPageCookbook (Greek language interface for some recipes).


In the PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System (please comment, vote):

  • 00932 Make UTF8 the default encoding (It is not trivial to enable UTF-8 on existing wikis.)
  • 01410 SimplePageCounter version statement (Script file has different date than SimplePageCounter recipe page.)
  • 01412 integrated developer platform (Is GitHub better integrated than for PmWiki development?)

Cookbook (addons, modules, skins)

Recipes updated:

  • Adapt Skin (A mobile-friendly skin that adapts to suit the display size.) by HaganFox : The logo logo views are brought up-to-date in demodviews script. (Also updated on

  • Amber (responsive mobile-friendly skin for all devices) by HansB : Added full RTL (right-to-left) language support (added skin-rtl.css). Added $EnableRTL variable, added MultiLanguageViews support to set $HTMLTagAttr and switch to RTL if needed. Added (:nofooter:) and (:nochrome:) markup definitions. (Also updated on

  • B3 blog (Easy to install and use wiki blogging system) by Petko : Bugfixes; add default author name "Your Name", listing arguments trail, perpage, newpostform=2, hide comments for hidden posts.

  • Captcha (Use captchas to prevent automated systems from modifying pages) by Petko : Add $EnableCaptchaImageDataURI, set to 1 to embed the picture directly into the page.

  • SpamFilters (Automatic blocking of some spambots) by Petko : Added Backtick escape character to Summary filter.

Skins and recipes reviewed and/or updated and marked compatible with PHP 7.2



  • 2016 skin Responsive skin very close to the default skin by Petko
  • Amber responsive mobile-friendly skin for all devices by HansB
  • Triad Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout with full-width header and footer by HansB

(total: 66 pages)

1 comments on "PmWeekly, June 19, 2017"

  • HansB: 2017-06-15 13:03:12 -0500
    Note to all recipe authors:
    PmWiki functions PCCF() and PPRE() are also deprecated, besides Markup_e(), as they will not work with PHP 7.2. PPRE() was a simple way to migrate calls to preg_replace with /e parameter. PPRE() calls PCCF(), which in turn calls PHP's create_function, which is deprecated and no longer working as from PHP 7.2. Instead PPRE() one could use PHP's preg_replace_callback(), but passing on more than the $matches argument can be tricky. We can try to document this elsewhere.

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