Summary: List pages with links to a target
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Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.0.0
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Maintainer: Petko (from Pm)
Discussion: Backlinks-Talk
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  • How do I list the pages that link (backlink) to a certain page?
  • How do I find the pages that are linked to the current one?
  • How do I implement Wikipedia's "What links here" feature?
  • Can this list of backlinks show at the bottom of every page, automatically?


PmWiki implements backlinks using the pagelist directive and its link= parameter. Here's an example showing the first ten pages that link to the main Cookbook page:

(:pagelist link=Cookbook.Cookbook count=10:)
Backup /
CookbookBasics  Explains what the cookbook and its recipes are.
Cookbook /
AddPageForm-Talk  Talk page for AddPageForm.
AddToWatchlist  Add or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click (beta)
ASCIIMath  Display MathML rendered ascii formula into PmWiki 2.x pages (Stable)
AttachLinks  Get Attach: links to display by default without the "Attach:" prefix
B3  Easy to install and use wiki blogging system (Experimental)
BreakPage  Breaks pages into sections with inserted markers and displays one section at a time (Stable)
CookbookBasics  Explains what the cookbook and its recipes are.
DebugMessages  Capture recipe debug messages for display by the messages directive (In use)
DynamicPageActions  Dynamic PageActions

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Here's a way to create a simple list of links back to the current page:

(:pagelist link={*$FullName} fmt=simple:)

If you place this directive in a GroupFooter page, it will appear in all pages of the same WikiGroup.

Here is a link you could include in your SideBar or as an "action link" in one of your skin's menus, as done on this site with the Gemini, FixFlow, and Lens skins. You can get a list of pages linking to the current page with just a click:

* [[{*$Name}?action=search&q=link={*$FullName} | $[Backlinks] ]]

To include such a link in a skin template which does not use wiki pages for configuration of action links, you can add the following code to the skin template:

<a href='$PageUrl?action=search&q=link=$FullName'>$[Backlinks]</a>


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See discussion at Backlinks-Talk

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