Livre de recettes

Notes au sujet de la traduction:

Cette page est particulièrement difficile à mettre à jour. Il est prudent de se reporter à la version anglaise si possible, en tout cas tant que ce message est présent ici jdd June 04, 2007, at 03:53 AM.
Le plus simple est de laisser dans la partie "anglaise" tout ce qui n'est pas traduit, et de reporter au début, dans la partie "française" les pages traduites (y compris la page de recette correspondant).

Tant que la nouvelle présentation n'est pas définitive, il vaut mieux se concentrer ici sur la traduction des pages de chaque recette

Voir aussi une nouvelle version de la page en discussion

Bien venue au livre de recettes PmWiki! Les "recettes" du livre décrivent des additifs à PmWiki sous forme de scripts ou d'astuces qui vous permettent d'adapter PmWiki à vos besoins de quantités de façons différentes. Si c'est la première fois que vous venez dans le livre de recettes, vous avez intérêt à lire CookbookBasics?.

Note: Ces recettes concernent PmWiki 2.0, 2.1 et 2.2. Voyez pour les recettes des versions PmWiki 0.6 et1.0

N'hésitez pas à ajouter vos propres contributions au livre de recette (de préférence d'abord dans la version anglais, pour qu'elles profitent à tout le monde).

Si vous voulez écrire et distribuer des recettes dans ce livre, voyez module guidelines?. Pour éviter les duplicatas, vérifiez les archives de la liste de discussion pour le mot-clé que vous voulez ajouter.

Les propositions pour de nouvelles Fonctionnalités de PmWiki (par opposition a des solutions existantes) doivent être ajoutées au système de suivi PmWiki Issue Tracking System (PITS).

Voir aussi Cookbook-ByCategory?.

En français

Table des matières

Tâches administratives

AuthTable: Table des auteurs
Liste les attributs de toutes les pages du wiki

En anglais

Table of Contents

See also:

Administrative Tasks

List Attributes of all pages in a wiki
Auto Restore
Automatically restore page contents after a time interval
Backup Pages
Backup wiki.d directory in a compressed file
Change Time Format
Change the time format string or timezone
Compare Versions
of the same file (or directory)
Compressed Page Store
Have PmWiki save pages in compressed format
Content Type
Change PmWiki's content type or charset
Convert HTML
Converts an HTML page to PmWiki markup
Convert TABLE
Sed script that extracts HTML tables and add Advanced Table markup
CSS In Wiki Pages
Apply style sheets in wiki pages on the fly
Edit Templates
How can I establish an "edit template" for new pages?
Global Operations
Run a script over every page in a wiki
Recipe Check
Check to see which installed recipes are out of date.
Import Text
Processes a set of text files for use as PmWiki files
One Group For All
A cookbook to run a PmWiki in a 'single group mode' for 'naive' end-users
Override CSS
Override default CSS styles without editing the skin
Page Generation Time
Adds the page generation time to the bottom of the page
Performance Comparisons
Compare various wiki installations and performances
Recent Changes Excerpt
Display a list of the last n modified pages
All Recent Changes
Display each and every change
Removing HTML Styles
Remove HTML styles from the page source into a css file
ROS Patterns
Replace on save patterns
Restore PmWiki
Restore PmWiki from an archive
Shared Pages
Share pages among multiple wikis or fields in a farm
Search Results
Limit the pages displayed in search results or page lists
Skin Change
Allow users to select custom skins for viewing pages
Skin Config
Configure skins interactively
Skin Alternative
Do all skinning/formatting within the wiki itself
Simultaneous Edits
Handle simultaneous edits on servers w/o popen()
Small install
Minimise the installed size
SourceForge Servers
Run PmWiki in's Project Web Environment
Sys Diff
Use an external diff(1) program for page history
Import entries from Wordpress into PmWiki
Convert Word document to PmWiki syntax
Use Alternative Configurations
depending on server name (or some other determinant)
View Modes
Basic tools to add view modes to skins according to the Modes concept?
WikiFarm Step by Step
Step by step instruction on how to set up a WikiFarm
Wiki Farm Alternative
A simple approach to secure wiki farms.
Site Information
View site information on a Wiki page
Compressed Uploads
Store your uploaded files compressed
Two Way Mirroring with Rsync
Keep identical copies of your wiki on two systems.
PHP files management
How to handle files created by PHP modules.
A file manager integrated in PmWiki.
Automatic Change Summary
Automatically generate change-summaries for RecentChanges/rss
A collection of UTF-8 related tips and fixes for PmWiki

Content Management System Add-Ons

Break Page
Breaks pages into sections with inserted markers and displays one section at a time
Bundle 4 Blog
Using PmWiki as a blogging engine
Blog With PageList
Enhancing pagelists to handle pages named as dates
Blog Simple
Simple blog bundle using pagelists
Blog Simple 2
Modified blog bundle allowing multiple groups
Fox Blog
A simple blog built with Input? and Fox?
Kind-of Blog?
Simple blogging for PmWiki
Tbs Dynamic Content
Insert dynamic contents in pmWiki pages using the TinyButStrong template engine
CMS Like
Another recipe for adding CMS behavior to PmWiki
AuthUser CMS Like
How to have CMS behavior whilst using Auth User
PmWiki as a CMS
Using PmWiki as a CMS (Content Management System)
Export HTML
Export PmWiki pages as "static" HTML
CMS Mode
Adds some customizations for a non-wiki (or hybrid) type installation.
CMS Bundle
Some scripts and instructions you can use to deploy a CMS-type installation.
Using PmWiki as a CMS without exposing it to normal page visitors
Provide a simple guestbook
A very simple forum
Simple Forum
A simple but styled forum
Fox Forum
A simple forum build with Input? and Fox?
Select Query
Display one or more records from a MySQL database
Tell a Friend
Send page by email
Dynamic PageActions
Show/hide actions to logged-out users
Blog Pingback support
Google Blog Ping
Ping Google Blog Search Service
A full featured, flexible, threaded, commentable issue tracking system. Uses ZAP.


Auto Group Pages
How to create a number of pages for a new group automatically
Chart Director
Add bar charts (or any other kind of chart) to a page
Edit On DblClick
Edit a page by double-clicking on it
Emacs PmWiki Mode
Opening/editing/saving PmWiki source from within Emacs, also known as pmwiki-mode for Emacs (Unix/Linux, etc.)
A tool for editing PmWiki pages using your preferred text editor.
Display the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges
Confirm Edit Not Saved
Confirmation dialog asking users to confirm leaving an edit page without saving
Excel Paste
Paste and convert spreadsheet (Excel) data
Gui Edit
Adding buttons in the edit window
Add Newline
Always add a newline character to get better diffs
[Cookbook/GuiEdit DateButton]]
Adding a date button to the guiedit toolbar
PmWiki Draw
Edit a drawing in your browser
Positioning Cursor In EditForm
How to position the cursor at the end in the edit form
Rich Edit
Use a word processor-like rich text editor for WYSIWYG document editing.
Spell Checker
Adds spelling checking to PmWiki Editing.
Edit Title
Adds a Title input field to the edit form.
SubEthaEdit PmWiki Mode
Mac text editor plug-in for PmWiki compatibility, with a Safari-compatible script.
User Configurations
Add edit form configuration option for users.
Connect to PmWiki using an XML-RPC interfaces such as the Blogger API
A simple vote tally recipe
Rye Voting
Radio button votes with output graph
Plug-in for star-based page ranking system
Include With Edit
Add an edit button to edit the included page / section
Section Edit
Split a wiki page into editable sections
Table Edit
Edit interactively tables

Form Tools

Compare Forms Recipes
Provides an overview of various form recipes
Store and retrieve data within the wiki--plus *many* other features!
Build Forms
Create HTML forms with Wiki Markup
Create input forms in wiki pages (part of PmWiki)
Form processing extension for adding and deleting posts using templates and input markup
How to pre-fill a "textarea" input control with a value? (From the wiki page or from a script).
Use the wiki's View and Edit commands with ZAPdata pages
Form Guide System
Make Wiki Pages into dynamic forms
PayPal Cart
Create "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons for use with PayPal Shopping Cart
[Cookbook/[Mail Form]]
Send mail without exposing your own email-address
Send mail without exposing your own email-address; More options for email
A single wiki page mail form with feedback; yet another mail form
Automatically generate forms and pagelist templates for displaying and editing database records.
Update Form
Add or edit a record in a MySQL database using simple form markup
Wiki Forms
Like PITS, extended to support: defining the form using a wiki page; updating entries as well as creating them
Form Validation
Validate forms in wiki pages.
Dropdown widget that persists its selected value between pages
Comment Box
Adds (:commentbox:) markup
Comment Box Plus
modified Comment Box with extra features
Comment Db
Adds paginated and RSS-syndicated comments to pages.
Fox Comment Box
Form to post comments built with Input? and Fox?
Fox Page Management
Several forms for page creation and copying and creating new groups built with Fox?
New Page Box
Provide a form to create new pages (simple)
New Page Box Plus
As NewPageBox with additional options
New Page Form
Adds a new page using a form (more advanced)
Add Page Form
Add pages without having to place their name on another page first
New Group Box
Provide a form to add new groups
Fox Voting
Forms to create voting lists built with Input? and Fox?

Functional extensions

Add Delete Line
Insert a line into a page using a form and delete it by clicking a link
Add Delete Line2
Insert a line into a page using a form and delete it by clicking a link (version 2)
As Spaced function in UTF-8
a fix for {$Groupspaced}, {$Namespaced} and {$Titlespaced} for sites in UTF-8.
List pages which link to current page
Perform code and syntax highlighting in wiki pages
Bibtex Ref
Use a bibliography in your pages
Perform Cut & Paste, resource-sharing and template-filling across pages
Count Glyphs
Adds {$Glyphs} and {$Words} markups to display the number of characters and words on a page.
Display the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges
Dynamic Trails
Create WikiTrails with pagelist
Glossary Plus
Add an integrated glossary with tooltip definitions
Trace Trail
Trail history of the last (default=5) visited wiki pages
Fast Search
Make Searches, Pagelists and Categories pages load significantly faster
Comment Page Link
Easy way to create a comment page
Discussion Tab
Wikipedia-like discussiontab/talk feature
Another commenting engine, stores comments in separate files
Yet another commenting system, very lightweight and minimal.
Source Block
An other code and syntax highlighter (supersedes CodeBlock).
Google Analytics
Use Google Analytics to analyze site traffic
Google Sitemaps
How to submit a pmwiki site to Google sitemaps
Handle MS Word
Converts page text to (modern) MS Word format.
Multi Language
How to manage multiple language translations within a single page
Output Compression
Compress the output and achieve major load speed improvements
PayPal Buttons
Add PayPal merchant's "Buy Now Button" markup
PayPal Buttons 2
A more flexible PayPal "Buy Now Button" markup
PageList Extensions
Many pagelist enhancements: groupcount=, pergroupcount=, blank=, {$$option}, {$PageTotal} and {$GroupTotal}
Pagelist Template Samples
Advanced Pagelist template samples.
PageList WikiTrail
Use Pagelist markup for WikiTrails
Generate a PDF file by one click in your site
Backup your entire site in PDF format
Publish PDF
Typeset any wiki page collection as a print-oriented PDF
Generate PDF
Generates a PDF file from the current Wiki page using htmldoc.
Slide Show
Slide presenter for any wikipage.
Adding Google Map support to a web site.
Publish WikiTrail
Create a printable view of the pages on a WikiTrail as a single page
Simple Page Counter
Count number of hits to a page
Current Visitors
Count the number of visitors currently surfing on the site
Visitors Logging
Create a daily log of PmWiki activity and delete old logs automatically
The PmWiki Issue Tracking System
Google Search
Add a searchbox to search site or web using google.
Search Extensions
Add page jump, search quick reference, search publish and category publish capabilities
Search HighLight?
Highlight searched item
Search Terms
Another version of the above that doesn't require skin modifications
Xajax Search
Provide preview of found pages
Sort by Score
Sorts search results by score, and displays fragments of pages, containing searched items.
Watch lists
Display a list of user-chosen most recently modified pages
Action Log
Keep a trace in a Pmwiki page of all actions performed on the site
Mark For Delete
Mark pages for deletion and collect them for review
Total Counter
A statistic counter: counts page views, users, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots.
Merge Meta Tags
Merge multiple (:keywords:) and (:description:) in the rendered HTML to be more search engine-friendly.
Search Cloud
Gives you a list similar to a tag list with the search terms used on your site.
Inserts a set of flags with links to Google's translation service.
Badges for social bookmarking sites (digg, reddit etc.)


Create inlined graphs using GraphViz.
Add Image Type
Add other image extensions such as .ico, .bmp, etc.
Attach Icons
Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension
Display of PNG images with 8-bit alpha - including in Internet Explorer.
Images AutoResizing
to resize images and create images links
Easy Gallery
How to create a gallery without additional scripts
Generic tool, automates EasyGallery? techniques
Embedded Gallery
How to embed the Menalto Gallery inside of PmWiki
Flickr Album
Display images dynamically from Flickr
Php Quick Gallery
Using an external gallery script with includeSite tag
Picture Gallery
Display uploaded pictures and automatically create thumbnails for preview.
Image Sets
User friendly simple galleries, independant of single wiki pages.
Simple Gallery
Adding a simple gallery (photo/picture album) to pmwiki
Tiny Web Gallery
Integration in pmwiki of this refined gallery
Wiki Gallery
automatic easy to use fully integrated gallery extension for PmWiki
Thumb list
A very simple and lightweight picture gallery, for one or many thumbnails.
Background Images
Adding background images to divisions, tables and table cells
Goal Meter
Create a thermometer or column showing goal and current value.
Image Map
Adding image map markup to create image maps with clickable areas.
Relative Urls
Display images using relative URLs.
Rotate Markup
Enable "rotating" markup (images) in wiki pages
PHP Images
Display a PHP built graphic on the fly using PHP Image functions
Scaleable Vector Grafic (:.svg) in wiki pages
Img Pop Up
Scales down images and open them in a new window with upload link.
Panoramic images in wiki pages.
Thumbnail Link To Image
Use (:thumb <imge_filename>:) to link to a full-size image, which links back to the page.


Attach Delete
Enhancement to attachlist to allow the deletion of uploaded files
Attach Links
Change the formatting of Attach: links
AttachList Sort
Sort list of attached files based on name, date, size
Attachlist Enhanced
List missing or orphaned attachments
CSV Include
Import csv-files into PmWiki tables
Insert linkrolls and tagrolls and tag clouds
Download Manager
A simple download manager which shows how many times a file has been downloaded.
Google AdSense
How to create quick markup for your AdSense ads.
Online Status
Show your status in IM tools such as YIM, AIM, or Skype.
Inserts a random fortune cookie.
Number of Articles
Inserts the number of articles in the wiki.
Random Page
Insert a random Wiki page from a list of pages.
Random Quote
Inserts a random line from a text file.
Recent Uploads
How to list all uploaded files in the RecentChanges pages
Inserts Java applets in wiki pages
Short list of files that were changed
Include Url
Include external html pages in your Wiki Pages
Include Site
Include external html pages in your Wiki Pages with styling
Include WikiPage
Include wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 web sites.
Include XML
Transform XML with XSL in your wiki pages (RSS,...).
Include a pmwiki page into a php script page.
Include Field Page
Include a page from another field in a farm.
Include File
Includes an external file.
Include Upload
Includes an uploaded (attached) file into a Wiki page.
Pass parameters to included Wiki Pages.
Update Attachments
Have every attachment appear with an "update" link
Upload Groups
Change attachments to be organized on a per-group or sitewide basis
Upload Types
Add/remove upload extensions

Layout modifications

All GroupHeader
Create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups
Message After Posting
Give users message after a posting and /or prompt them to notify relevant people.
Custom AuthForm
How to customise the authentication form (login form)
Dict Index
Get page listings in a "dictionary index" format
Option Menu
Get page listings as an option menu selector
FAQ Toggle List
Adding toggle buttons to a definition list
Add a Favicon to your website
Fill Template
How can I create pages that use different templates at run time?
Film Script
Adding Film Script Styles
Font Sizer
Add-on skin module for easy change of font sizes
Get Rid Of Main
Get rid of "Main" group, makes PmWiki Main group pages appear to be at the wiki root
Group HomePage Change
Changing a group's default HomePage
Remove Question Mark
Remove the (annoying) question mark beside empty/newly created pages
Link PageCreateFmt Tooltip
Adding a "tooltip" to a link of a non-existent page
Publish FAQ
How can I automate the creation/formatting and maintenance of FAQ documents?
Random Title
Randomise browser titles using $WikiTitle
Show Hide
Toggle buttons and links to show/hide page sections instantly
SideBar Name Change
Changing the SideBar name
SideBar Special
Setting up special-use SideBars
Farm SideBar
Using a single sidebar template for a wiki farm.
Superscript Line Spacing
Fix line spacing of superscripts and subscripts
Printing With Style
Printable view using stylesheet only

Links/Page handling

Create bookmarklet link on a page
AddLink Bookmarklet
Fast add ref. of any current web page to a given Wiki page
An easy-to-use, categorical, bookmark management system.
Alternate solution for links with @ prefix @Page
CSS Popups
How to create tooltip & other link popups with css
Popup Window
Create popup windows.
email obfuscation add-on for PmWiki
Limit WikiGroups
Restrict the creation of new groups
External Links
Cause external links to open in a new window by default
Lazy WebLinks
Cause markup text beginning with "www." to be automatically converted into a link
Automatic Links
Automatically creates links for parts of the wikitext
Rename Page
Add ?action=rename option to rename a wiki page from a browser, either within groups or across groups
Delete Action
Delete page (password-protected) via ?action=delete
Expire Diff
Remove a page's history (?action=expirediff)
Page Attic
Store backup files of deleted pages in a separate directory
Custom Redirects
Modify the behavior of PmWiki's redirect markup
Relative links
Create links using relative urls
Other Bookmarklets
Browser Toolbar bookmarks to edit a page, browse diffs, etc.
Add the ability to support full-featured multilinks
Add free tags to a wiki site
List Categories
Use categories as tags
Link Titles
Add "title" attribute to links
Watch lists
Display a list of user-chosen most recently modified pages
Publish pmwiki pages as static pages
As Spaced function in UTF-8
a fix for {$Groupspaced}, {$Namespaced} and {$Titlespaced} for sites in UTF-8.

Markup changes

Abbreviation Plurals
Prevent plural abbreviations from being formatted as a wikiword
Advanced Table Directives
Add directives caption, head, row and more.
Simplified Advanced Table Directives
Change table directives syntax
Chess Markup
Display chessboards using PGN and FEN notations
Embed ChordPro-formatted song sheets
Conditional Extensions
Extend conditional markup
Conditional Markup Samples
Some sample definitions of PmWiki/ConditionalMarkup
Enable CREOLE markup (
Make Columns
Split a block of text into two columns
Make Many Columns
Make Many columns in your page
Turn lists into tables with multiple columns
Display music scores from various ascii notations (abc, abctab, asciitab, tab)
Enable HTML
Allow html tags in wiki pages
Embed (static) JavaScript in pages
Create/edit JavaScript in wiki pages
Show fragment of a page surrounding selected word
Search Query Variable
How to add a Create page link in search results.
More styles, including rollovers and call-outs.
Literal White Space
Preserve white spaces, tabs and extra lines
Formatting Simple Tables
A number of ways to automatically style Tables
Add markup to display license information in pages
Link titles
Add "title" attribute to links
Linux Tex
Embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages (full LaTeX installation necessary)
Markdown Markup Extension
Use Markdown markup
Site-/Group-wide integration of Markdown.
Markup Extensions
Adds a wide range of markups
Media Categories
Impliments trouble-free markup similar to Media Wiki.
Mime TeX
Embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages
More custom page variables
Additional page variables
Outline Lists
Use ordered lists for outlines (I. A. 1. i. etc.)
Custom Bullets
Use custom bullets in lists
Dynamic Wiki Trails
Add pages to multiple trails, a page's current trail becomes URL dependent
Numbered Headers
and table of contents
Page Table Of Contents
Automatically generate a table of contents for a wiki page
Quick Page Table Of Contents
Add a clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing.
Handy Table Of Contents
Add a client-side table of contents; handy for included pages.
PostIt Notes
Yellow Stickies
Quick Replace
Define Acronyms or Replace-On-Save patterns in a wiki page.
Reverse Headings
Reverse the weights of !, !!, !!, etc.
Source Code Horizontal Lines
Allow horizontal lines made of dashes ("-------") in PMWiki page source code
An advanced page text lookup grammar.
Wiki Smileys
Additional markup used for displaying smiley graphics.
Progress Bar
A visual indicator showing percentage of something; rendered using CSS only.
Additional and useful wikistyles
WordWrap Preformatted Text
Prevent long lines of text from stretching beyond the window edge
WP Categories
Wikipedia-like Categories-links processing.
Adds many useful markups to your wiki, including basic math, php, captcha, an alternate form of directives, group count, and flexible time handling.

Markup writing

This is information for those who wish to write recipes for markup changes.

Custom Markup?
Basic information
Functions for the markup writer (for module writers, too)
Cookbook/Parsing Markup Arguments?
Writing markup that takes parameters
Markup Ruleset Debugging
Show more information than ?action=ruleset
Regular Expressions
Tips & tricks for regular expression usage
API to create external pages dependent upon text in a wiki page

Menu Tools

Expanding Menus
Creating expanding Sidebar menus with conditional markup
Expanding Menu
Creates a menu that expands to show only subpages in the current section
Horizontal Menu
Turn lists into horizontal menus
Horizontal Vertical Menu
Multilevel horizontal/vertical menu within wiki markup or e.g. Main/SideBar
Tracking Menu
Highlights current page
Trail Menu
Creates a tree menu from a trail
Tree Menu
Creates a tree like menu
Links Tree Menu
Hierarchical menus for PmWiki Groups and pages
Site Maps With Options
Site map listing groups - user has option to list pages by created date, modified date, or all pages.

Multi Media Tools

Insert "Flash" (:.swf) movies in wiki pages
Embed QuickTime files
Embed Windows Media Player
Flash Media Player

Page Naming Schemes

Alternate Naming Scheme
using underscores
As Spaced function in UTF-8
a fix for {$Groupspaced}, {$Namespaced} and {$Titlespaced} for sites in UTF-8.
Clean Urls
Get pmwiki to use "clean urls" (w/o pmwiki.php)
Html Urls
Add ".html" extension to the end of page urls
Open Urls
Allows automatic creation of $ScriptUrl for Clean Urls, with HTTPS support
Page Paths
Allows pages to be shared among multiple groups
Group Title
Enable alternative group titling.
Title Spaced
Capitalization and wikiwords
Title Cased
Grammatically correct title capitalization.
Zero Master Group
Shorter URLs by introducing an omittable master group
Hierarchical Groups
What about Hierarchical groups?
Subgroup Markup
Adds one level of subgroup to PmWiki's Group.Page structure
Create a hierarchical groups like effect on your wiki
Cluster groups together

Page Lists / Searching

Pagelist markup explained with all the options.
Pagelist Notes
Notes and Questions about Pagelist markup.
Custom Pagelist SortOrder Functions
Custom functions for custom page sort orders
Pagelist Template Samples
Custom templates for pagelists formats
Dict Index
Get page listings in a "dictionary index" format.
List pages which link to current page
Recent Changes Excerpt
Display a list of the last n modified pages
Custom Recent Changes
Create a Recent Changes page for selected groups
Search Results
Limit the pages displayed in search results or page lists
How to exclude certain pages from the search results
How to allow more time for searches
Author Contribution
Show all pages a specific author contributes to.
Search Extensions
Add page jump, search quick reference, search publish and category publish capabilities.
Search HighLight?
Highlight searched item.
Search Terms
Highlight searched item (without requiring skin modifications).
Google Search
Add a searchbox for site and websearch using google
Provide a better way to show search results

Page Variables

Page Variable Extensions
Set variables to be used in pages using the {$var} notation. This variables can later also be used in (:if test:) statements.
Http Variables
Insert GET, POST, COOKIE, and SESSION variables in your pages
As Spaced function in UTF-8
a fix for {$Groupspaced}, {$Namespaced} and {$Titlespaced} page variables in UTF-8.

Personal Information Management (PIM)

Personal Information Management
overview of PIM concept/recipes
To Do
Manage a list of to do items
Very Simple ToDo
An alternate to-do list implementation striving for simplicity
Create a query / answer quiz with pmwiki
Easy to theme calendar designed for PmWiki
Wiki Calendar
Creates a calendar, where each day is a wiki page
iCal Export
Exports wiki entries to iCal format
AJAXified side bar calendar
List Categories
Use categories as tags
Getting Things Done
How to use the GTD system on PmWiki

RSS Tools

Feed Links
Add feed links to html headers for browser's rss bookmarking
Rss Improved
Improves feed compatibility, customizable -- includes support for Podcasting/enclosures.
See All RSS Changes
Solving problem of unrecognized changes when using 3rd-party-software
Rss Feed Display
Display RSS feeds in a wiki
RSS Simple?
Create a simple blog-alike wiki page with rss feed for this page
Include RSS feeds inside of PmWiki.
Allows insertion of an RSS feed's contents into a PmWiki page.


See also PmWiki.Security

PmWiki's user based password authentication system
Block postings based on content or IP address
Get notification by email about page edits
Auth User
Require username and password when accessing protected pages (user authentication).
Authuser Database
Use database from another program or standalone username & password information for PmWiki authentication.
Audit Images
Check to see what images have been uploaded to your wiki.
Author Contribution
Show all pages a specific author contributes to.
Blocklist Helper Scripts
Parse blocked post content for relevant information to block
Block Crawler
Show different web crawlers special pages to prevent indexing
Use captchas to protect the wiki from spambots
Credits Block
List all contributors to a page on the page
Controlling Web Robots
Adding robot control meta-tags to pages
Des Crypt
Provides client-side DES and 3DES encryption.
Hide email address
Extern Auth
Autheneticate outside of PmWiki by setting PHP Session Vars
Protect Email
email obfuscation add-on for PmWiki
Farm Security
Making Farm installations secure
Fix short sessions
If you keep getting asked to enter your password after saving edits
Making password requests explicit
Tells user the type (edit, upload, etc.) of password required
Private Groups
Create and secure private groups on a public wiki
Require Author
Require an author name when saving edits
Require Category
Require an category name when saving edits
Stored Auth Name
Automatic author naming for authenficated user
Secure Attachments
Safeguarding attachments from public access on protected pages or groups.
Use Windows-Logon for Authentication on pmwiki (no login/password required)
Switch To SSL Mode
Use HTTPS instead of HTTP to serve your wiki's pages.
User Auth
User based authorization
Presence Awareness
User based authorization, online users list and more
Presence Awareness Light?
Online users list for UserAuth addon
Htpasswd Form
Simplemachines Integration
Registered forum users based authorization
UBBThreads Integration
Registered forum users based authorization
Use vBulletin for a user login/password base, and to borrow PmWiki groups.
Add-on to AuthUser enabling many powerful member management features.

System Tools

My PmWiki
Access to mysql
View, list, and edit database records as if they were wiki pages.
Per Group SubDirectories
Organise files in subdirectories for each group
Run PmWiki in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver.
How to automatically archive your wiki using CVS.

Wiki-to-Wiki Conversion Tools

Convert UseMod
Convert pages in a UseMod directory to PmWiki
Wiki Markup Conversion
Helps to convert other wiki markup to PmWiki
Convert Word document to PmWiki syntax

Superseded recipes

A full featured, flexible, threaded, commentable forum. Uses ZAP.
XESAuthUser Database
A stand-alone database authentication approach with validation.
Block postings based on content or IP address-old version (deprecated)
Add a formatting toolbar (superseded by 2.0.beta16)
Missing pithy explanation
Layout Edit Modified
Modify the edit page layout
Preview Top
Move the edit preview box to the top
Main Group Change
Changing the Main group
Removing left content
(removing the SideBar)
No Space Pre
Remove the leading space from <PRE> blocks.
Authenticated As Conditional
Conditional that depends on what the user is authenticated as
Move a page?
to a different group, or rename it obsolete, see RenamePage?
Cookbook/Pagelist Explained (don't exist anymore)
Pagelist markup and its options explained.
PageList Templates
Define the layout of pagelists using wiki syntax from a wiki page
Compact PageList
Making output of a long pagelist compact.
Login Logout
Provide login and logout mechanisms with removing session and author cookie
Add properties to wiki pages

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