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Arnaud - 04/12/2010 Hello, thank you for this recipe !

I try to combine the two recipes : AdvancedTableDirectives and TableEdit but they don't work together. The recipe I include first in the config.php file is enabled. The other doesn't work.

Example : include_once("cookbook/advancedtabledirectives.php");

include_once("cookbook/tabledit.php"); >> AdvancedTableDirectives is enabled


include_once("cookbook/advancedtabledirectives.php"); >> TableEdit is enabled

Thank you in advance


I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I keep getting the following error:

      "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started 
      at /home/<MySite>/public_html/pmwiki-2.1.26/cookbook/AdvancedTableDirectives.php:195) 
      in /home/<MySite>/public_html/pmwiki-2.1.26/pmwiki.php on line 884"

I have tried this with an existing wiki and a clean install (no other cookbook recipes installed).
Any ideas? I will be happy to supply more information if needed.
Thank you!
Kevin Jackson 09/15/2006

I could not duplicate this behavior. I would suggest you update to the latest version of AdvancedTableDirectives and (if you are also using) SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectives. If the problem persists please contact me via guru [snail] gnuzoo [period] org

Thanks, that did it! Kevin Jackson 09/19/2006

Very nice recipe, thank you! H. 26/10/2006

This recipe clashes with ZAP : I was in trouble when trying using this really nice recipe with zap forms ! Adding : $RecipeRunAction[$RecipeName][]='zap'; in the php file did the trick (or seemed to ..). I suspect that the same kind of clash will occur with every package that adds an action to the list. Alain Castera 03/08/2008

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