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Summary: Discussion of ModuleGuidelines
Version: 2007-04-14

This is a talk page for improving ModuleGuidelines.

Additional base recipe components

Another useful line to add to every recipe is

# declare $Package for (:if enabled $Package:) recipe installation check
global $Package; $Package = 1;


Layout variables allow substitutions and additions to the page template.


$HTMLHeaderFmt can be used to reference external CSS files (recommended).

CSS can be included directly into the page using $HTMLStylesFmt.

For example if the recipe includes a package.css file, which is presumably placed in the /pub/css/ directory, the following lines would enable it in the page HTML header:

$HTMLHeaderFmt ['package-css'] = 
  "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='\$PubDirUrl/css/package.css' />\n";

To include the CSS file only when the recipe is used (ie not for every page of the wiki), and only once (ie not for every time the markup is used in a page), place the following in the function that is called by the Markup function

# include the CSS file in the PmWiki page if required
static $css_generated = false;           // stylesheet not added to page
if (! $css_generated) {
  global $HTMLHeaderFmt;                 // reference the PmWiki HTMLHeaderFMT array
  $HTMLHeaderFmt ['package-css'] = 
    "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='\$PubDirUrl/css/package.css' />\n";
  $css_generated = true;                 // remember the stylesheet was added to the page

Talk page for the Module Guidelines recipe (users?).