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About WikiLoveSkin

WikiLove is a modification of the default skin with a nice clean look.

Features include:


Download wikilove.zipΔ, extract it into /path/to/pmwiki/pub/skins/ and add the following code to your local configuration file:

$Skin = 'wikilove';


For better hr lines, add this code to wikilove.css

    hr {
        border: 0;
        color: #043;
        background-color: #ccc;
        height: 2px;
        width: 100%;
        text-align: left;


tparlin (at) gmail (dot) com


Great looking skin, but some problems... although small fonts add to a sophisticated look, overdoing it can be a pain. I don't consider myself to have eye problems, but I really had to strain to read some of the preformatted text. Also, fixed width layout gets broken when the preformatted text extends too far. Finally, if you changed your background to 1 px wide and gif format, you could reduce the size by near 90% and it would look exactly the same! Anyways, small things aside, I like your skin a lot! Neat color scheme, simple, and looks good. Good job! {$\frac{1}{s}$}


I noticed that the "Upload" link in the footer doesn't work--it has an extra "/". Change the footer line in the wikilove.tmpl from:

      <a href='$ScriptUrl/?action=upload'>$[Upload]</a></div>
      <a href='$ScriptUrl?action=upload'>$[Upload]</a></div>


  • <!--HeaderText--> still works, but should now be replaced with <!--HTMLHeader--> (see the Release Notes for Version 2.1.16)
  • <!--HTMLFooter--> is missing altogether, and should be added just before the </body> tag -- currently, pmwiki core (see scripts/forms.php) implements some javascript code through this section (thru $HTMLFooterFmt), and so for instance, (:input e_textarea focus=1:), which automatically puts the cursor in the editform, doesn't work...
    overtones99 September 01, 2008, at 03:04 PM

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