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contributed pmwiki code:

  • AddThisWidget - social networking drop-down menu - share to facebook, twitter, et al
  • AutoLink - automatically links certain words, names, or phrases to a specified destination; recipe based on the ideas and code of several others, etc
  • AutomaticPageRefresh - added optional capability to refresh to an #anchor
  • BackupPages - added a mod allowing the download of files from a single Group
  • CleanUrls-Talk#CleanUrls-noDefaultName - added code to display url as Group/ instead of Group/DefaultName, AND to change any links in the format [[Group/|txt]] or [[Group/DefaultName|txt]] resolve to http://mysite.com/Group
  • CreateColumns - quickly divides up a list of items into separate columns within a table
  • Delicious - updated original recipe with a few extra bells and whistles
  • DeliciousPlaytagger - automatically be able to play audio file on your page
  • DetectBrowser - added a simple way to detect what browser someone is using, via PmWiki markup
  • Flash#flickr, Flash#archive.org, Flash#audioo & Flash#swfsites - added ability to embed Audioo.com audio content, archive.org video & audio content, Flickr.com video and slideshow content; and updated YouTube, Vimeo, etc markup to accept parameters; also enabled $ROEPatterns to convert pasted embed code from all of these videosharing sites; added various default setup variables
  • GoogleViewer - Embed PDF, PPT, and TIFF files in a wiki page using Google Viewer
  • GoogleVoice - Embed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage
  • HideSearchBar - added markup to permit hiding of the search bar in some skins
  • Licenses - added updated version of license markup, allowing license-condition icons, etc
  • RecipeInfoMarkupExpression - displays the current version of a cookbook recipe
  • Scribd - Embed Scribd documents on a webpage
  • ShortURLs - shorten urls using bit.ly
  • SlideshowRefresh - creates a "slideshow" by automatically loading pages within a group after a set interval of time
  • TwitterPost - php function for posting status updates to twitter

currently tracking [PITS]:

  • 01098 - Preview page text variables and pagelist templates
  • 01125 - pagelist output incorrect when using if="date YYYYMMDD..YYYYMMDD {=$Name}" - fixed in 2.2.6
  • 01126 - be able to create custom pages for ?action=attr - fixed in 2.2.5
  • 01023 - Include PTVs and values and PVs and values in pageindex
  • 00181 - Suggested change to SendPmMoney

currently tracking [recipes]: