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From: Mateusz Czaplinski <czapkofan (snail) gmail (period) com>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 01:57:53 +0100
Subject: Re: PmWiki addons
To: Petko Yotov <5ko (snail) 5ko (period) fr>

Hi Petko,

Please be welcome to do whatever you wish with them as long as it fits the
license. I don't participate actively in the PmWiki community since quite
long ago already; I'm happy you still consider those plugins useful. From
what I remember from older time, it was customary for people to fork
abandoned plugins to improve them in various ways, which I'm OK with. I
don't plan to review the changes you sent, as I'm not using PHP since long
ago, so I don't have even a slightest idea what's new in PHP 7.

Thanks for the politely contacting me nevertheless.
Best wishes, good luck and keep up good work!

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Petko Yotov <> wrote:

> Hi Mateusz,
> Thanks for your PmWiki addons.
> Someone asked me if we could update for PHP 7 your recipes SortByScore and
> Excerpts.
> Please see the attached files. If you're OK with the changes, we can
> publish them on the cookbook.
> Thanks,
> Petko

My Cookbook recipes:

More ideas for Cookbook recipes:

For WikipediaSuite:

  • WPLang? -- a pseudo-subgrouping mode for different language versions of a site. See Wikipedia for what I mean.
  • CategoryLinks? -- like backlinks, but collecting only those links which are on separate lines/something like that (so that pages referencing a category are not counted as pages being in that category).
  • in the preview: it's certainly better when the editing window shows under the previewed contents.
  • note about the $LinkPageSelfFmt variable (see bottom of this page -- in comments).



(for Visitors to fill)

Hi, how would you test that some parameter in Template EXISTS/not exist? For example, I'd like to use

* Name: {{{name}}}
* Title: {{{title}}}

and make title field ONLY appear when parameter actually exists. I've tried

* Name: {{{name}}}
(:if {{{title}}}:)* Title: {{{title}}}

but this does not seem to work..

  -- Zarhan
~HansB: Self-links have a class .selflink for possible styling. They are not usually unlinked, but can be by for instance including this in config.php:
                 $LinkPageSelfFmt = "<a class='selflink'>\$LinkText</a>";
thx a lot! that should do it!

include: see PmWiki.IncludeOtherPages for features.
Ha, thats where you asked the question! Sorry, parameters are limited to what part of the page should be included. Hans

In Excerpt cookbook, line 100 has some PHP that seems to require a newer version than the PHP required by PmWiki... since i'm using PHP 4.2, i'm having trouble. But this cookbook seems exactly what I need. Is there any workaround?? --dm