pmwiki fan (from Switzerland), developer and webmaster of several pmwiki 2.x platforms.

Test wikistyles try to assign a class

markuptext assign class or id
markuptext assign class or id
markuptext assign class or id
markuptext assign class or id
both generate a<span class="pogbox"/> before the <pre>

would also be locical

Stange Display prob in page-list #description:

seems to be by purpose.

strange cases / bugs?

Test case: pmwiki-2.3.35my
EMi2008-05-21?conversion of date in linko.k
A Word? / not M$? o.k be "Ornament_(music)"o.k. (was err) ascii valueslink ok
<a href='{$ScriptUrl}'><img src='$PageLogoUrl/%green%pmwiki-32.gif%%'...Colors, inside [=o.k

Correct Group? seems correct after save, in other groups, too:-)
PatrickOgay October 15, 2007, at 06:07 AM

pmwiki platforms

my private pmwiki platforms know how collection some open groups linux topics linux installation hints (clean URL) - will probably be a mirror of ddy linux related isses

If somebody ist interested in sharing information about the deployment of open source software everybody is welcome.
My aim is that I can maintain custumors linux installations

music platform (coral collections, chorus, choir directors, musicians, places, events, ABC, music theorie) some documentation an ABC notation and online-Examples with (:music:) my coral collection SATP (ABC notated, pdf, midi and mp3 generated server sided)

if somebody would be interested to collaborate on the ABC based coral collection everybody welcome.
I'm also thinking about to implement lilypond.

pmwiki based websites template: rose trellis template: based on rose trellis (looks totally different). - Project for a hamam in basel

pmwiki platforms of a friend

Some topic

Shared Data
[] Footing, GlobalSideBar, documentation - share group for wikifarm


  • [ok] doesn't jump to default Group (seems to be a conflict in farmconfig.php)
    sequence problem with multilanguage.php
  • [~ok] multi language
  • [] group/AnypageDe, correct call (I8n)

search box (easy include page, and css, kind of "modules")
footing, others

to clarify

  • default-user for surfer (assigned in farmconfig)
  • Function for publishing content, stages of content
    • publish: change auth-group (would be nice)
    • freeze a stage for display
    • Global assignment of "rights" for a groups
    • local+global assignment of users - (works with .htpasswd, can be assignd on local wiki)

At the moment I use pmwiki as my private notebook, but I like to extend it to a real project and communication platform:

  • open platform for collecting know how (Open Source, computer, IT-topics)
  • project platform
  • helpdesk (incoming mails, blog..)
  • issue tracking
  • time tracking (user, project, tasks)
  • central user based login over the wikifarm
  • search facility over wikifarm
  • [ ] wysiwyg (it's easier for many end user) wikiwyg doesn't work yet [ok]spell check - firefox

my pmwiki topics

  • PITS, ToDo (project management and time tracking)
  • forms
  • incoming mails (issues, questions ...)
  • authentication concept for wikifarm (authuser)
  • generation of notes and midi

my aims

  • promotion of pmwiki & Open Source software in the area Basel (Switzerland/Germany)
  • project & collaboration platform

My contributions:

Page names:  Profiles.PatrickOgay

Cookbook /
AbcMusic-Talk  Talk page for Abc music notation.
AuthUser  PmWiki built-in user authentication system using user names and passwords (Stable)
Bundle4Blog  How to use PmWiki as a blogging engine.
MultiLanguage-Talk  Talk page for MultiLanguage.
PmWikiDraw  Java drawing recipe based on TWikiDraw
UploadPicCompression  Compress uploaded image files
UserAuthDevel  User-based authorization Development Page
00308  improvements to edit form (Closed - added for 2.0.beta44)
PmWiki /
Categories-Talk  Discussion of Categories
Profiles /
Site /
AllRecentChangesPerAuthor  All pages changed by Author
Skins /
ABitModern  PmWiki port of the template of the same name
BeeblebroxNetGila  Based on gila by haran, for a more modern version of this skin, see Skins.Maguila
Notebook-NT-Talk  Talk page for Notebook-NT.
SomethingCorporate  crossbrowser CSS layout from oswd
Test /