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There were a few quirks in the latest version related to PHP 5.5. The updated script below definitely works now. As an additional upgrade I replaced the outdated dependency to LatexMathML with MathJax. Now the script works with all browsers and not just Mozilla.

Changes for PHP5.5

As it is not supported by PHP5.5, I changed few lines in LaTeXMathML.php .

// This line gives you LaTeX $$ $$ display equations in the center
// as it does with LaTeX.
Markup_e('$$', '<{$',

  "Keep('<div align=\"center\">\$\displaystyle{'.\$m[1].'}\$</div>')");

// This line gives you $ $ equations in line. You can then use
// \displaystyle as normal to get pretty print equations inline.
Markup_e('$', 'directives',


Jvamp 12, december 2015

Note, the PSS() calls are no longer needed inside Markup_e(), I've removed them above. --Petko December 12, 2015, at 05:30 AM

Duncan 15 Dec 2016

I have reports from some users that the inline links $ .. $ don't display; might this be a Java settings issue?

Here's the page in question [(approve links) edit diff]

Browser used is Safari, but I use Safari too without issue, so I don't think it can be the browser

Achoo, 02 July 2008: Thanks for the great job! However, while the markup $ .. $ for inline mode works fine, I can't manage to make the display mode $$ .. $$ to work. Any ideas/clues? (note: when I unzip the attachment it gives the date of 2006 instead of 2007, is it possible that the old version is uploaded by mistake?)

Well, I'm SO happy it works! I don't mind that the $$...$$ doesn't work in any way whatsoever!
They're not as pretty as the ones shown... really cramped and titchy like mimetex... bit of downer. promsan ...actually I do... I got the smooth and lovely fonts running, but only inline {$...$}; so I've rigged up jsMath... which produces the centred fonts but so far only in rougharse mimetex - no delicious PDF-smooth integral signs yet! promsan

RvdB, 27 feb 2009: The markup code for the $$..$$ seems to be wrong. I have replaced Markup('$$', '<{$', with Markup('$$', '<$', and now i get a centered equation in the div with align=center attribute (probably a typo, or the $ directive was orignally intended to be {$). But alas, the \displaystyle wrapper doesn't seem to work; i still get the inline style for the equations, in my case sub en super scripts for the integral limits.

Brian C. Becker, 20 August, 2009: For $$ to work properly (equation centered on its own line), add this line to the end of LaTeXMathML.php. If you would like to use LaTeX's usual \begin{equation}...\end{equation} as well, you can add the second line as well:

Markup("working$$", "_begin", "/\\$\\$(.*?)\\$\\$/", "<div align=\"center\">\$$1\$</div>");
Markup("nlequation", "_begin", "/^\\\begin{equation}\s*(.*?)\s*\\\end{equation}/m", "<div align=\"center\">\$$1\$</div>");

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