Hi! I discovered PmWiki some time back in 2006 and fell in love with it immediately. Thanks to a great and helpful community, I soon learned how it worked and even began tinkering with php a bit. The more I learned, the more I loved it, and all the while, PmWiki just kept getting better.

Over the months, and with the help of others, I managed to hobble together several recipes for use with PmWiki, my gift back to the PmWiki community that had been so helpful to me, answering countless questions and giving suggestions here and there. These are some of the recipes I've authored or contributed to:

Many of these recipes involved cutting edge concepts: ZAP introduced customizing actions through a forms processor. MemberMgmt was a new approach to handling users and groups. Hg hinted at the power of page hierarchies. TablesPlus was an experiment in making powerful markups also simple. The Markup Expressions recipe used a model for instant plugin functionality. And SectionList showed data formatting could be handled at different levels.

Several other concepts also impressed themselves upon me. One, recipes which made it possible to edit skins right within the wiki (SkinAlternative and CSSInWikiPages), and two, a recipe demonstrating a more "intuitive" approach to markups (LiteralWhiteSpace). And PmWiki's new page variables began to make it obvious complex page formats really weren't necessary. Actually, during my time at PmWiki, I saw a LOT of powerful ideas floating around.

Eventually (around 2008) I began to realize, that these concepts could be synthesized, and used systemically, to build a radical and powerful new kind of wiki.

The results, now known as BoltWire, can be seen here:

Much as I have loved PmWiki, and I am deeply grateful to the community's gracious help (especially the ever noble Pm), I find it just too tricky to keep riding two horses. So with some sadness I left the community that had been my home for nearly a year, to venture off into the sunset alone, on one horse.

Thanks to everyone for their help along the way.