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Hi, I'm using the current titledictindex, a customized version of triad skin and utf-8 with the german xlpage on the 2.2.138 version of pmwiki as an offline standalone installation. It's great, but the letters at the head of the dictindex-pagelist seem to be unable to use the special letters of the utf-8, especially umlauts and acute accents. I checked that the fonts in use are able to show them and that the utf-8 is activated in the config as well as in the triadskin template file. My programing skills are very limited and I don't know what to change to make the dictindex show the letters.

Arti 25 April 2021

I have updated the recipe which should now work with UTF-8, although I have not tested it extensively. It appears to show lowercase letters in UTF-8 if the first letter of the page title is lowercase. Please report if you notice any other problems. --Petko April 26, 2021, at 04:40 PM

The last two versions create a conflict with AllGroupHeader and ActionMenu, i.e. the anchor-links (#dictindexheader and #A, #B, #C...) don't work. Also in my whole site no anchor with one letter (#x, #y, #z) works anymore. Is it possible to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Frank 23 August 2017 at 02:00 AM

Hi, when you say that one-letter anchors don't work in your whole site, do you mean that they don't work even on pages where there aren't any "fmt=dictindex" pagelists? If so, then this sounds like it's not caused by this recipe... it doesn't do anything at all to a page unless the page contains a dictindex-style pagelist.

Said Achmiz August 23, 2017, at 04:56 PM

Hi Achmiz. I am sorry, I was just about to delete my comment above. Yesterday night the tiredness messed up with my mind, during the tests I did not notice that I had left two fmt=dictindex pagelists in SideBar... obvious effects.

Frank 24 August 2017 at 05:00 AM

Q) Is it possible to alphabetize to a foreign alphabet (I need cyrillic). Thanks. LFS
A) 23 Jan 2008: I replaced line in cookbook: $pletter = substr($item['name'],0,1); with

 $pletter = preg_replace('#^(?:[\x00-\x7F]|[\xC0-\xFF][\x80-\xBF]+){0,0}'.

Q) It could be possible that the dictindex show pages with spaces. For example for this page: "PageForExample", it should show "Page For Example", Thanks.

A) This question has already been asked and answered on this page. Read below for solution, third block from the bottom of the list.

Q) Where do the $FPLDictIndex...Fmt variables go?

menachem January 19, 2005, at 12:04 AM

Q) Is it possible to display $Title and $CurrentTime (the editing date) in the list result?

Han, 12 februari 2005 at 16.31 CET

Noted this option ceased to return any values after upgrading to beta 34

Des, 23 April 2005 at 23:55
Now fixed for beta33 and later. --Pm
Apologies: I failed to mention I had installed extdictindex.php. dictindex.php is working fine in beta35.
Des, 25 April 2005 at 19:55
I'll see if I can combine the two. --Pm

I replaced $Name by $Titlespaced in the dictindex.php to get nice and easy to read page titles - "My Way To Happiness" just looks better than "MyWayToHappiness" to humans ;-) How about adding an option to let the admin choose the type of display?

DoubleSteve June 13, 2005, at 05:45 PM

  • Just add the following before the include_once entry for dictindex in config.php to over-ride the default setting

$FPLDictIndexIFmt="<dd><a href='\$PageUrl'>\$Titlespaced</a></dd>";

(Des Jan 25, 2006)

Is there a way to get the title displayed (and sorted after), that is set within the files? Klonk July 7, 2005 ... found it myself, see above.

With dictIndex (:publish:) doesn't work

is there a wayt to get title with group ? (group/title - so index link should be taken from group, and title list sort by title) for example

- she 2, feb, 2011

titledictindex.php was working correctly with pmwiki version 2.1.27 but not anymore with beta 2.20.57 - suddenly entries with for instance a p are within m indexed.

David Browning 10 July 2009 Errrr, the dictindex.php file is actually a .htaccess file - confusing!

Is it possible to sort based on a PTV rather than title? - Dave Cooke

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