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Summary: Talk page for Monobook.
Maintainer: Dfaure
Users: +1 (View / Edit)

This space is for User-contributed commentary and notes. Please include your name and a date along with your comment.

Vertical spacing of list items differs from paragraphs, see Vspace OliverBetz

Why do CSS tool tips in the sidebar get truncated at the right edge of the sidebar? Can that be fixed? -- RandyB July 01, 2010, at 08:13 PM

Is it possible to use fontsizer in monobook skin? We do have problems with high display resolution and can't fix it. The font sizes are too small. --lesn October 25, 2006, at 09:34 AM

FontSizer is only working properly in Gemini (own experience) --lesn October 25, 2006, at 09:49 AM

A small detail (and may not even relate to Monobook itself, I don't know) but Firefox renders the frame markup as a one line high box of the correct width, behind the pic, anchored to the bottom. IE renders correctly as a frame around the pic. rframe and lframe work as expected in Fx and IE Des February 25, 2007, at 09:11 AM

  • Comment:

I've made some alterations to the skin's stylesheet, so it looks more like the original MediaWiki Monobook. I put them all into a single local.css (download here: monobook_plus.zip). Just extract it and put into pmwiki/pub/css/ dir. If you already have your own local.css there, you can just append the contents of this one to it.

In order to make the search block look more like the MediaWiki one, you should also do the following changes to monobook.tmpl:

22:        <div class='pageleftbody' id='sidesearch'>
23:          <form name='searchform' action='{$ScriptUrl}/$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'>
24:            <input type='hidden' name='pagename' value='$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'/>
25:            <a href='{$ScriptUrl}/$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'>$[Search]</a>:<br/>

change to:

22:        <div class='pageleftbodycaption'>$[Search]</div>
23:        <div class='pageleftbody' id='sidesearch'>
24:          <form name='searchform' action='{$ScriptUrl}/$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'>
25:            <input type='hidden' name='pagename' value='$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'/>

Few lines should be also added to config.php in pmwiki/local/:

 $SkinPartFmt['wikititle'] = "{\$Titlespaced} &#x2014; $WikiTitle";

# Edit page
 if ($action == 'edit') {
   SDVA($InputTags['e_textarea'], array( 'class' => 'edittextarea' ));
   SDVA($InputTags['e_changesummary'], array( 'size' => '125', 'maxlength' => '255' ));
   SDVA($InputTags['e_author'], array( 'size' => '20', 'maxlength' => '30' ));
   SDVA($InputTags['e_savebutton'], array( ':html' => "<input type='submit' style='font-weight:bold;' \$InputFormArgs />", 
'value' => XL('Save'), 'class' => 'editbutton' ));
   SDVA($InputTags['e_previewbutton'], array(  'value' => XL('Preview'), 'class' => 'editbutton' ));
   SDVA($InputTags['e_cancelbutton'], array( 'class' => 'editbutton' ));

# Redirect
 $PageRedirectFmt = "<p style='margin-left: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em; font-size: 11px; color: #7d7d7d;'>($[Redirected from] 
<a rel='nofollow' href='{\$PageUrl}?action=edit'>{\$FullName}</a>)</p>\$HTMLVSpace\n";

-- Daur March 08, 2007, at 12:42 PM
The Output from 'Print' is always in a serif font
Can this be changed to sans serif?
-- Daydream March 08, 2007, at 11:49AM
Daur, edit the following file in your pmWiki Installation: "/pub/skins/print/print.css"

And in the body declaration change "serif" to "sans-serif" or whatever font you prefer.

Save and refresh. All should be good now.

Is there any way of getting rid of the pmwiki logo and putting your own there?

cheers, promsan

Please refer to InitialSetupTasks --Dfaure July 13, 2009, at 01:59 AM

Can you offer any hints at all as to what has changed? I am devoted to this skin, and made a couple of tweaks to suit my graphics, and accommodate one other recipe. I can see some appearance changes that clash, and any indication about the new version changes will help me locate and fix my problems, since it is two three years since the last version. I'm afraid I forget most of what I learnt about the skin back then. No problem if not, I will muddle through, just a bit slower. Des February 19, 2010, at 09:23 PM

Mainly, I managed to provide titles (customizable) on the sidebar section just as does the original skin. You may have a look on it there. --Dfaure February 20, 2010, at 01:31 AM

Thanks, I understand and can follow now. I was initially confused by the appearance of the word "Navigation" - because I had experimented with a similar change a while ago. I thought it had somehow returned itself. Des February 20, 2010, at 05:10 PM

I put a page together that had an lframe with about 10 lines, then an rframe with about 5 lines. The footer in monobook overlaid both of these frames. I asked a question on the mailing list and DaveG responded that a "clear block" was needed. <div style="clear:both"></div>

This is easily corrected in markup by using a hard line break. I use this in monobook all the time, to force paragraphs to begin below lframes and rframes, rather than having the text wrap.

Simply place the standard line break markup: [[<<]] after the relevant frame, and the page will continue normally below it. Des April 09, 2010, at 09:50 PM

Is there a chance for a new skin Vector looks like the new Wikipedia theme. I would appreciate this, but I'm not able to develop it...ErekL November 22, 2011, at 04:29 AM

This now exists: Vector. Said Achmiz August 15, 2017, at 2:27 PM

Is this skin compatible with PHP 5.5 (preg_replace_callback deprecation warning)?

For me, the most recent official version (2009-02-23) was not, but removing the three e in the ends of '/\\(:no...:\\)/ei (i.e., /ei => /i) in monobook.php:147-149 so far worked well for me. However, I have almost no idea of what I was doing there, so use this fix at your own risk! --RZ, December 09, 2014, at 07:34 PM

I released new version compatible with PHP-5.5 --anomen January 14, 2016, at 04:33 PM

  • compatibility issue with pmwiki2.2.138. the markup extension for (noleft), (nosidebar), (notabs), (noprint) calling Markup_e raise a deprecated create_function in pmwiki.php. until you desperately need those functions, you can comment that section out to get it quickly working again. Petr Smely March 24, 2021, at 21:58 MET

Talk page for Monobook (users).