This is the profile site of Erek L. I'm PmWiki user since 2007 and have integrated PmWiki in several intranet sites. The most interesting from my point of view was a department site within the project of developing the German Ehealth card, where test documentation and specifications has been managed.

My personal PmWiki site has actually 1.247 wiki pages, the whole site contains 15,4 GByte. I use it mainly for IT project documentations, and I would say, that PmWiki is absolut perfect for this job. It fullfills all my requirements, that are

  • easy to use
  • easy to administer
  • content persistence in flat text files, no database, which makes content transfer easy
  • perfect integration in Apache httpd Webserver

I live in the north of Germany in Schleswig-Holstein, 6 kilometers far away from the baltic sea.