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Data Security Administration

  • RandyB, 2009-03-07: Consider letting the admin specify which columns of the table to show. For example, the admin might want to show when people last logged in, but not where they went or what they did. To take it further, you could show different information to different users based on whether the user is logged in or has specified permissions.
    Take a shot now and see how it works. I think I've given adequate control over both the format as well as limiting the available fields. (I made a bunch of changes right before releasing and may have missed some of the necessary default over-riding and etc. So let me know if you run into any problems...)
  • Tyrus, 2009-06-12:I am getting an error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/content/l/a/n/lanoble1/html/wiki/cookbook/whoswhere.php on line 116
    Sorry, I forgot to include PHP5 in the pre-requisites. I've corrected that in the documentation now. Unfortunately if you are using PHP4 this recipe will not work.
  • Forceflow, 2009-07-12:

I added your script to a AuthUser-using pmwiki site I'm working on. Unfortunately, it would not display the user names (even if the users were properly logged in). I then pasted together some code from other scripts (User Last Action, Totalcounter), so it uses the session to get the AuthId. It works for me now. Check the attached recipe. whoswhere_authidfix.phpΔ

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