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Hello overtones I registered at and uploaded a public pdf (the url is [(approve links) edit diff]). I didn't see a way how I can get the information about id and key of the document to embed my pdf. How exactly are the ROI patterns working? An example would be nice
MatthiasGünther November 07, 2010, 05:00 PM

hi Matthias! thanks checking out the recipe. the id is the numeric part of the url for your page: 41473340. the key, however, only appears in the embed-code provided from Scribd. the easiest way to get the appropriate id & key is to simply click the "Share & Embed" button (at the bottom of the document page) > embed > standard HTML -- and then copy & paste it into your pmwiki page. the ROEPattern will automatically extract the id & key from the embed code. if for whatever reason you want to grab the key a different way, instead of "standard HTML" choose " format", which presents it as: [scribd id=41473340 key=key-25geubdbiif05vg3aoz8 mode=list]. in anycase, copy-pasting the embed code works on my wiki. do you think there's a better way to explain this on the Scribd recipe page? a working example on my site exists here:
overtones99 November 08, 2010, at 03:39 AM

Hello there, I followed your instructions and it is now working. Maybe you can add a short example in the explanation of the recipe which they that you get the key if you click on EMBED ([(approve links) edit diff]) and take 25geubdbiif05vg3aoz8 as the key.
MatthiasGünther November 12, 02:27 PM

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