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Can you change the ":ei ?" FidelioEspoir 6/5/16

Done, thanks. --Petko May 06, 2016, at 03:42 AM Thanks !

Thanx for this recipe.
But don't forget to add the (:includesection:) markup to the $SaveAttrPatterns.
Otherwise the included pages/sections might add their links to the targets of the page where you inserted the (:includesection:) markup. That's probaly not what you want.
To avoid that place the following additional line in local/config.php

SDV($SaveAttrPatterns['/\\(:includesection\\s+(\\S.*?):\\)/i'], ' ');

Tontyna February 28, 2009, at 10:05 AM

Thanks, added. --Petko February 28, 2009, at 01:58 PM

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