In December 2008 I searched for a small and simple Wiki for internal documentation and decided to use PmWiki.

Since then I'm swapping from loving it to hating it. And funny it is: The reasons why I love it are the ones I hate it for:

  • It's file based.
  • Seemed to have a lot of useful cookbooks.
  • No complicated plugin-system, just include_once your script.
  • It's easy to link any markup you want into the markup table and to redirect existing markup to any replacement code you need.

I like the configurability and extensibility on various levels, via PHP, via css, by including pages in pages with conditional markup, by using PageTextVariables - but it's hard not to forget which customizations I applied in which template or did I do that in a php script and where did I define this variable and who is responsible for that effect for heavens sake! (Can't write the documentation of changes I apply as fast as I make them.)

Don't know how long I'll stay with PmWiki. But as long as I do I'll return improvements / discoveries / comments back to PmWiki.

In September 2009 I updated XAMPP, got PHP 5.3 and PmWiki stopped working properly (see e.g. PITS:01141).

Gave it another try by upgrading to PmWiki 2.2.7 but things became even worse.
Since at the moment I don't have the nerves and the time to explore what's going wrong I ceased from using PmWiki.


Recipe Page Version # Summary
HandleSourceInSkin 2009-03-01 Redirect action=source to display the unformatted markup within your skin
MarkupToUnstyled 2009-03-01 Converts PmWiki markup into unstyled text
SignalWhenMarkup 2019-01-26 Tells you whether your markup is evaluated within (:markup:) code
SlimTableOfContents 2009-02-26 Simple or Numbered Table of Contents, Compatible with SectionEdit Recipe

thanx to HansB for the above pagelist fmt

FullName? {=$:Version} {=$:Summary}