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What sort of markup would I need for the <menu> tag?

According to w3schools, it looks like this:

    <menu type="toolbar">
    <li><command onclick="alert('Good morning world')">
    Good morning!</command></li>
    <li><command onclick="alert('Good evening world')">
    Good evening!</command></li>

I'd like to use this for my PageActions

Edit: seems as though <command> is not working in either Chrome or Firefox (haven't tried others). Will devolve to using lists:

    <menu type="toolbox">
    <li><a href="url1">command1</a></li>
    <li><a href="url2">command2</a></li>

So, how should I do this markup? Something like:

     (:menu type=toolbox:)
     (:menuitem:) [[url1|command1]]
     (:menuitem:) [[url2|command2]]

you'd need to add 'menu' to the list of tag keywords in the Markup definition, excerpt: ...|header|footer|nav|menu|....
Then you can use (:menu type=toolbox:) and (:menuend:) to get the html5 tags. I don't know what kind of html (:menuitem:) in your example above should produce. HansB June 30, 2011, at 07:55 AM

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