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  • Note that there are specific requirements to have an equivalent rendering. For example that HTMLDoc supports hexadecimal color but not color names like PmWiki does. Consequently when one renders a page only colors with hex values like bgcolor=#C0C0C0 will work whereas bgcolor=silver will only display a white background. Also HTML symbols will require their proper code, for example will not work whereas € will. For more details see HTMLDoc documentation and release notes. Utopiah March 14, 2011, at 08:20 AM
  • Watch the "--quiet" option with older versions of HTMLDOC. I use 1.8.7, where this option is implicit; requiring you to call "--verbose" instead. The wrong option leads to the system sending its help message, which does not create a PDF. BenWilson May 02, 2007, at 09:44 AM
  • I obtain the PDF file, but with php extension! This way users have to rename manually files after saving. I obtatin always pmwiki.php .
    MassimilianoVessi 24 Sept 2007
You could add this after line 46 in generatepdf.php :
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$pagename.pdf");
Nicolas Poulain 26 April 2008
  • I have downloaded the software (htmldoc) in 2 different versions (both complete and exe files). Unfortunately, neither one is recognized (the install wasn't because I had to purchase a license and the complete package didn't respond to any queries). Is there something in the works that will convert our PMWiki files into pdf? -Chris (August 25, 2008)
    • Refer to instructions above regarding installation under Windows.

Hi - Great recipe. Only one tiny issue. When you have wiki markup '====' ==== it doesn't produce a thick solid line but 4 = signs. Also is it possible for it to honour markup. Ie open resultant pdf in a new window.

Thanks Nigel

I've hit on another way to generate a Pdf. It isn't a cookbook recipe, but rather a peculiar and specific combination of MsWord and PmWiki Fixflow. But, it's absolutely great; perfect to create printable books with backgrounds, illustrations, etc. on MsWord defined pages sizes. Here it goes; Make a Fixflow page with table markup. When you've inserted your text and pictures, right menu click on select all and paste into a blank MsWord file. The result will be the text divided into the correct sizes with the table repeated on each page. YOU CANNOT SAVE THIS FILE, UNFORTUNATELY, but it must be made every time you want to make a Pdf. So, before you go on, you must do any editing, such as removing the SideBar page that appears at the end of the MsWord page, and removing the PageTopMenu page stuff, or other things you don't want to appear in the Pdf. At this time you may add page background, page color, and other MsWord style attributes. When done with MsWord editing, Save as or export to Pdf using MsWord save or export options. That's it! You have a Pdf that is perfectly formatted for printing. It combines PmWiki flexibility with MsWord backgrounds and Pdf utilities. Here's a link to the PmWiki version of a little book I wrote: \http:\//princetonweb\.org\/Neighbors/pmwiki.php?n=Novels.TheKingOfTheFrogs Here's a link to the same work copied into MsWord from the output and edited and converted to Pdf in MsWord: \http:\//\/all-categories\/Pdf/downloads/KingOfTheFrogs.pdf

Note: you will need to correct (unescape) the links by removing the backslashes to reach the pages cited.

Also note: This method only seems to work when you style the text using the >>style<< markup, such as is found on \http:\//\/pmwiki\/index.php?n=\PmWiki.WikiStyles Should you use ! markup at the head of the sentences next to the left-hand side of the text eding box, MsWord formatting will override, and you won't get the text-image division feature to work, at least without a terrible struggle in MsWord. Also, I am using the extended styles recipe, or \http:\//\\/wiki\/Cookbook-V1\/ExtendedWikiStylesCSS1 I'm not sure if pmwiki font style, as used here, works without extended styles. Jagtig

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