Using PmWiki since July 2008 as the data representation for my past project Seedea on idea management but mostly on my personal wiki is fabien.benetou.fr with a dedicated PmWiki notes page

What bring me to PmWiki was its flexibility.

I have also integrated

  • a WebXR interface
  • memory reminder or read books
  • visualization of edits per page
  • few others things I can't remember right now

In a broader scale I'm interested in:

  • WebXR
  • computational epistemology
    • scientometrics
    • epistemetrics
  • creativity
  • cognitive science

Some of the pages I edited here:

PS : I hang out in the PmWiki IRC channel (irc://chat.freenode.net/pmwiki) pretty rarely but Im always in the ##pim channel.

In 2012 I wanted to integrate to my pmWiki instance:

  • a visual interface (probably Ajax based)
  • analysis tools
    • currently using scripts to parse httpd logs and do simple statistics, cf Numbers
  • a PmWiki offline/online adapter (online minimal packaging for offline use)
    • currently using crontab with daily compressed archives
    • localhost is used to update the path accordingly
    • considering using Mercurial to clone locally
      • useful to track configuration changes
  • an admin validated cookbooks and skins activated system
    • it would basically allow to select any validate (for security reasons) items from Cookbook:Cookbook and Skins:Skins
      • then download, unpack at the right location, update the configuration file, display a test page
    • this would be mostly useful for newcomer and users without ssh or ftp access


Quick recipe to handle mouseOver that a friend needed to help remember complex Chinese character.

  • syntax code : {{H:Test de mouse over|Content}}
  • local/config.php code : Markup("mouseover", "inline", "/{{H:(.*?)\\|(.*?)}}/", "<span title=\"$1\">$2</span>");

Inspired from http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Help:Mouse-over