Name:       James Tankersley Jr 
Email: jim_tank [snail] hotmail [period] com
Web Site: [(approve links) edit diff]]]
Location: Middleton, Wisconsin

I am a fan of highly accessible networking technologies and I am very impressed with the PmWiki open source project. It has been a priviledge to be able to contribute to this effort.

My Contributions

Cookbook /
ExcelPaste  Copy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages (Stable)
ExcelPaste-Talk  Talk page for ExcelPaste.
PerGroupSubDirectories  Subdivide wiki.d into subdirectories according to page group
SectionEdit-Talk  Talk page for SectionEdit.
SwitchToSSLMode  How to force PmWiki to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) (Beta)
Tabtable-jt  Support embedded line feeds, trim spaces and add prior patch (make first row a header) (tested 2007/08/15)
00888  The Excel table paste zip file seems to be empty. (Closed (Files were re-uploaded.))
Profiles /