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2009-12-12: When using Bloge with the standalone server recipe I get an error that pwwiki can't write the file. But when checking the directory blog, I see written a file like blog.-a title, without any date before the title as expected. Do you see a possibility to get this recipe working together with the standalone server recipe as in Thanks for your work and contribution to the pmwiki community maschla

Peter Kay 2009-10-17: I have a few questions/comments about the comments:

  1. It'd be nice to have a "delete" button (or option for one) next to a comment if one has administrative (or edit) permissions.
  2. If you don't have edit permissions, and attempt to directly view a comment (e.g.,, you get redirected back to the Blog, but at the top of the page is a link (redirected from link to [[]]. Very strange because we don't have edit access. Any idea why this happens?
  3. And one thing about the URL approve. Out of the box, the "Permalink" link isn't actually a link as it's not approved by default. This was very confusing, until I realized what was happening.

Thanks for the recipe; this does make getting the blog up and running in Pmwiki pretty straightforward.


Good point... To add a delete link add This to your site --Aargau3

MatthiasGünther 2009-09-30: Hello I have serveral questions:

  1. How can I add the possibilites for the users of my Blog to comment my entries with an additional field for there homepage
  2. How can I display the date of an blog-entry explicit instead for the relative time: for example 30.09.2009 instead of 4 weeks ago
  3. The RSS-Feed works fine and is it possible to include an RSS-feed for all the comments of the blog instead of the RSS-feed for the comments of one single blog-entry?

Keep up the good work with this good recipe!

MatthiasGünther 2009-08-31: Hello, is it possible to introduce a variable to disarm the feed in your browser for entries? The $Bloge['comment-feeds'] = FALSE; works fine but can you make something like $Bloge['entrie-feeds'] = FALSE;? Thanks!

Is $EnableBlogeFeeds = FALSE; what you're looking for? That'll disable all the feeds, entries and comments. Or do you want to have comment feeds enabled while keeping entry feeds disabled? That's not really possible atm, but I can fix that if there's a need for it. —Eemeli Aro August 31, 2009, at 05:21 AM

MatthiasGünther 2009-08-31: Hello, no I don't want to disable all feeds. Let me explain my concernc. I have a blog-entry with the name Blog.Test and I have the following settings in my config.php:

$EnableDrafts = 1;
$EnableBlogeUrlApprove = 0;
$EnableBlogeFeeds = TRUE;

Now I can click on the rss-button in the browser and get

  1. Subscribe to 'Blog Posts (RSS2)' - [doesn't work well]
  2. Subscribe to 'Comments to this post (RSS2)' - works perfect

With the following settings:

$EnableDrafts = 1;
$EnableBlogeUrlApprove = 0;
$Bloge['comment-feeds'] = FALSE;
$EnableBlogeFeeds = TRUE;

I can click on the rss-button in the browser and just get

  1. Subscribe to 'Blog Posts (RSS2)' - [doesn't work well]

So can I disable these 'Blog Posts (RSS2)' and just maintain 'Comments to this post (RSS2)' in the rss-subscription in the browser window?

Aah. That "doesn't work well" is indeed true, as there's a bug in how the default URL for the post feed is generated. It's fixed in this version: bloge-2009-08-31.phpΔ which you can use instead of the bloge.php that comes in the zip file (I'll update that sometime in the next few days). Alternatively you could add the following in your config file after including the buggy bloge.php:

$Bloge['feeds'] = array(
  'atom' => PageVar('Blog.Blog','$PageUrl').'?action=atom',
  'rss' => PageVar('Blog.Blog','$PageUrl').'?action=rss'

If that works for you, do you still want to be able to enable just the comment feeds? In any case I'll probably enable that as well in the next actual release of Bloge-core. —Eemeli Aro August 31, 2009, at 02:02 PM

MatthiasGünther 2009-08-31: Now it just works perfect. I have some other little issues which I will post here some other time. Thanks for your competent help.

SteP 2009-08-27: Lots and lots to digest and learn. A very nicely compiled compendium of PmWiki/blogging knowledge, thank you.
Can blog comments be protected with the Captcha cookbook? My goal is to get the captcha to show up for anonymous comment edits, but no captcha at all (no interference) should show up for logged in users. Is this possible with this bundle? Getting to that point with BlogIt, at its current beta stage of development, was difficult, and I still have some open issues.

To get captchas for anonymous Bloge comments, download the recipe and add the following to your config file (may need to be after including AuthUser):

if (empty($AuthId) && ($action=='pmform')) $EnablePostCaptchaRequired = TRUE;

If you wish, you can enable that just for blog posts by adding it to the end of local/Blog.php.

You'll also need to add the captcha field to the comment posting form, which is the #commentform section near the end of Blog.Templates. The way it's done on the test site is by changing

(:input textarea msg rows=10 cols=40:)\\
(:input submit name=post value="$[Add comment]":)


(:input textarea msg rows=10 cols=40:)(:if ! authid:)
Enter value: {$Captcha} (:input captcha:)(:ifend:)\\
(:input submit name=post value="$[Add comment]":)

And that's it. Anonymous users are shown the captcha field and need to fill it to post a comment, authorised users never see it and don't need it to post comments. Editing pages, blog posts or comments is in no way affected. Should I add this to the bundle by default, with a toggle $EnableBlogeCommentCaptcha? —Eemeli Aro August 28, 2009, at 03:55 AM

Actually, ignore the above if you're using version 2009-08-28 or later, as in that case you should instead just set $EnableBlogeCaptcha = 1;. —Eemeli Aro August 28, 2009, at 05:09 PM

SteP 2009-08-27: Aside note: the ShortUrl link on is broken.

Really? Can you re-check this and say specifically which link doesn't work? —Eemeli Aro August 28, 2009, at 03:55 AM
SteP 2009-08-31 Thanks for the captcha stuff. The ShortUrl link is broken. Excerpt from the page:
This site has a pretty default configuration, but with Bloge-LinkbackClient, Bloge-LinkbackServer and ShortUrl enabled.

Aargau3 2009-10-22
Why when I put a link in my blog posting for an image, .jpg or .gif, all I get is the text and not picture?
** Never mind - I found your recipe for UrlApprove. That fixed my problem.
---- PKHG 2009-12-16 I would like an exception for the picture in the upper left corner. In the wiki the Picture occurs in the BLOG it is the http... (Bloge-UrlApprove not installed, yet)

Justin 2010-02-19 I would like to add a Facebook-like option for users to post something to my "wall" of blog posts. The idea is that I can modify a NewPost form so that they are essentially just posting a blog post, only they don't see the entire form, just the Title and Text fields. The rest of the fields I can have filled with some default value, such as "now" for the time field. Make sense? Any thoughts?

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